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Posted Sunday June 17, 2012, About: Is Epstein Cubs' savior or snake-oil salesman?
Red Sox ownership wanted to build a brand, Theo wanted to build a team. I wish we could have sent the ownership to the Cubs and kept Theo.
Posted Monday February 27, 2012, About: Tebow toast of Oscar parties
Because he acts like a quarterback, I get it.
Posted Monday February 27, 2012, About: Rave Rangers reviews for Yu
But can he throw a gyroball?
Posted Wednesday January 04, 2012, About: Why Ichiro was 'desperate' in 2011
Some of you guys really don't get this joke?? I LOL'ed.
Posted Thursday December 08, 2011, About: Bobby V fans flames on Red Sox-Yankees
Says the sad Cubs fans whose team didn't land him.
Posted Monday August 22, 2011, About: Broncos ready to cut Tebow?
Well, this "article" affirms the only proper course of action.

Posted Sunday August 14, 2011, About: Source: Patriots will cut Ochocinco or Haynesworh
I heard Belichick is going to cut Brady, to send a message.
Posted Thursday August 11, 2011, About: Manning may miss entire camp
Peyton's all about timing, so even if he makes the field, he'll be out of sync with the receivers. I expect them to lose a few games that normally they'd win, because the Colts are the type of team that really benefits from practice and training camp. Peyton did drag them along last year admirably though... Just think Indy is taking on water.
Posted Monday July 25, 2011, About: Did Shaq cover up darker side?
Is the Miami Herald upset Shaq called left Bosh out of the Big Two? Or that he won them a championship?
Posted Friday December 17, 2010, About: Nurse heckles Islanders at hospital visit
You talkin' about Wisniewski complaining about people telling him the obvious?
Posted Thursday December 02, 2010, About: Red Sox meet with Crawford
"The Red Sox may be about to make some news." Well, if they haven't yet, what are we talking about?
Posted Thursday December 02, 2010, About: Cleveland fans could make James a laughingstock
Oh, like how LBJ farted every time he touched the ball in the playoffs?
Posted Saturday November 27, 2010, About: Heat coach ignores rumors
I wouldn't trade places with Eric Spoelstra. He's in a no-win situation. The scapegoat if they lose, but it'll be the superstars that take credit for the wins.
Posted Saturday November 13, 2010, About: Heat fans freaking out at 5-4
Weren't the Heat supposed to be one of the 4 best teams?
Posted Tuesday November 09, 2010, About: Floyd Mayweather slapped with restraining order
In Soviet Russia, restraining order slaps you. In Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather slaps you. Why you gotta be so slappable?
Posted Friday October 22, 2010, About: Tigers to chase Adam Dunn?
They could take the money and spend it wisely on a number of other players who could help them, but I guess the Tigers need some flashy names to appease the fanbase.
Posted Friday October 22, 2010, About: Derrick Rose's new secret weapon
Eating! Brilliant!
Posted Friday October 22, 2010, About: Moss unlikely to return to Vikings?
This article could have been two sentences without the conjunction. Gotta pace yourself with hard-hitting journalism like this!
Posted Friday October 22, 2010, About: Ex-Cowboy critical of Phillips
Let's be fair. Winning all the time is hard. If you win just a little bit, it makes those few wins all the sweeter. Wade Phillips should be Coach of the Year... I mean, Coach of the Gear. He's got equipment management material all over him.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Why Yankee Stadium fan had beef with A-Rod
If the stalker were in the above photo, he'd be the fifth craziest person pictured.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Inside Waltrip's Hall of Fame snub
Maybe his campaign won't go anywhere until some hayseed yells, "Boogity boogity boogity!"
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