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Posted Thursday December 27, 2012, About: As of Thursday morning, no new talks scheduled
That's the funniest thing the NHL thread has produced in quite a long time...
Posted Sunday December 16, 2012, About: Mets, Jays now discussing R.A. Dickey mega-deal
Agreement in principal just announced pending RA signing an extension with Blue Jays.
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: Dickey frustrated, Mets 'not happy' how it came up
Seems like the Mets are handling this worse than R.A. is. If they don't want him to talk about his contract then either keep him from events where there are press, or sign him! R.A. is a class guy, and the Mets are looking more and more like a classless organization.
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: Final offer from Mets to Wright
Ah, that should read English Dictionary, damn typing.
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: Final offer from Mets to Wright
You idiot, he's not 35 he's 29. You should get your facts straight along with picking up an English dictionally and maybe learn a little sentence structure. Just because it sounds good in your crazy head doesn't mean it looks good on paper. I can't imagine what a conversation with you would be like, but I cringe at the prospect...
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: NY Mets give David Wright richest contract in franchise history
As fans we often berate players who chase the money during free agency and lament the "good old days" when players were loyal to the teams that drafted, developed and got them to The Show. Now the Mets have rewarded David Wright for his loyalty to them by adding an extra year to what likely should have been a 6 year contract at most, and Wright has demonstrated his loyalty to the Mets by staying with the team for what will likely be the rest of his playing career. As a Mets fan of many years, I applaud this move. Whether or not more significant moves come before spring training isn't what's important. Certainly more will follow next winter and I can wait while prospects and young talent develop and the Mets become a team, not a collection of players. The Mets will be competitive over the next 3 years, getting better each year. Let the young major league talent grow, be willing to have patience to let players become a team. It will be rewarded. It isn't always teams with the best talent that win, it is teams that play for each other, that have chemistry in the locker room. You can't develop that if players are constantly coming and going.
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: Dodgers in on R.A. Dickey trade talks
With the uncertainty of Dickey's age and past performance (just 1 really good year, but the last 3 years pretty darn good) the Mets likely won't get anything more than 2 or 3 prospects, one of which might be ready for the bigs this year. No reason to trade him if they don't like the offers. On the other hand, if he even comes close to last years' performance, and the Mets aren't contending in 2013, he becomes a trade deadline target and the Mets can expect the pot to be sweetened considerably. His option has been exercised so there's really nothing R.A. can do except pitch for his next contract this year. Of course if he has a lackluster year then it's a lose-lose situation in that the Mets would get nothing for him when he walks and R.A. would certainly have left some money on the table. So the real question in my mind is, who is the better gambler? I'd bet on R.A. to have another good year and get traded at the deadline.
Posted Thursday November 29, 2012, About: Wright's megadeal hits snag
David Wright had some very productive years when he had good players around him, something he's been lacking the last couple. So basing the decision on "20 homers and 80 rbi's" not being worth $18 mil/year for 7 just isn't logical. Wright seems like a pretty stand-up guy, and seems loyal to the organization. I think it's probably more important to him to field a quality team than to take a large sum of money just to finish in 4th place. However, it's not his job to take less money than he feels he's worth so the team can go out and fix what's broken. David doesn't own or manage the team. It's up to the Mets organization to do what it takes to get some quality players around David to become competitive. If he feels like that's being accomplished, I think he stays. If not, then he leaves. But if he leaves, then next year he's playing for his next contract and that should mean a big year for him. I love David as a player, and will follow his career wherever he goes, but as a Mets fan for 45 years I'd be very sorry to see the best third baseman the Mets have ever had not finish his career with them.
Posted Wednesday November 21, 2012, About: With four teams chasing, Berkman waits for big offer
He said he is 'wide-open' as far as timetable to make a decision. "I'm waiting to be blown .....

Is he allowed to say that?
Posted Wednesday November 21, 2012, About: Wright put off by Mets offers
Well for one thing he's 29, not 35. He's a very good 3rd baseman who would definitely help a contender. As a Met fan I'd like to see him stay but it's a business and fans want a winner too. That's why Sandy does what he does and I do what I do...
Posted Friday September 02, 2011, About: Stamkos not interested in leaving Tampa
Ditto, I can taste that cheesesteak all the way in Florida???.
Posted Thursday September 01, 2011, About: 'Very unlikely' Savard plays again
How long did it take for Luongo to heal that sunburn from the red light at the Stanley Cup?How's that?

Fn legendary man, wish I'd thought of saying it. Go Bruins in 2011-2012, and we'll miss Marc Savard, no question. When healthy he was a stellar playmaker and a fantastic passer of the puck. He was what the PP needed this year, not Kaberle.
Posted Friday June 17, 2011, About: Luongo-for-Lecavalier?
Lest we forget, Tim Thomas didn't play in the playoffs last year, Rask did. Get your Boston hockey facts straight.
Posted Saturday May 14, 2011, About: Mets dealt 'huge' loss
Ike is a big part of offense and defense for the Mets, so yes, it is a big loss, even if just for 2 weeks. Have not seen the play where the injury occurred but depending on circumstances (height of the pop-up, etc) there might not have been time to make a call, just don't know. These things happen to teams that play excellent fundamental baseball too, not just the Mets, so stop acting like your teams don't suffer the same bad plays from time to time. The Mets are 13-7 in their last 20, which is a good roll by anyone's standards (except maybe some of the boneheads that post here) and losing a player like Davis can cause that momentum to shift the other way. Let's hope it's just 2 weeks and the Mets can continue to have guys step up while he's out. IMO the Mets still play occasionally like they feel the pressure of needing to win, they somehow need to relax and play the game, forget the pressure the fans place on them. They are 18-20 with several players underperforming, notably some pitchers, and if they can approach last years' pitching performance they will be a lot better than some of you morons think.
Posted Tuesday May 10, 2011, About: Julien calls hit on Bergeron 'borderline'
I thought the hit on Bergeron was wrong because it was a blow to the head and not a body check. It wasn't incidental as the Flyer clearly targeted him. There was an article a few days back about whether coaches were implicitly telling players to target other players with a concussion history, and Bergeron has a well-documented one, and the Flyers were down 3-0 at the time and what did they have to lose? It's the "if we're going down we're taking you with us" mentality. Bad sportsmanship at best, and has no place in any sport. Hopefully the West series going 7 will give Patrice some additional time to heal and get back on the ice. If not, time for Seguin to step up and show why he was a #2 pick. Leave the other lines intact, why damage all 4 lines by making changes? Throw the kid into the mix and let him show his stuff. Nothing stopping the Bruins this year.
Posted Sunday May 08, 2011, About: Flyers don't think better team won
Loved the comment from the Bruins announcer when Lucic scored his second goal. He said "Summer is coming to Philadelphia"!! It was awesome to hear that. This might be our year. Only 8 more wins needed.
Posted Sunday May 01, 2011, About: Julien still on hot seat
You could not be further from reality. Stop looking at the play in super slo mo and look at it in normal speed. It's clear that Halpern looked right at Ference and then looked back at the puck even though he had to know a collision was imminent. Ference is under no obligation to move out of the players way. He didn't throw a shoulder, he didn't even look at Halpern. Halpern ran smack into him and flopped, then gave an incredible performance of a man being injured, even dazed. How do we know it was a performance, an act? Because he was back on the bench 4 minutes later and back in the game shortly after that. Ference didn't seek out the contact but he also doesn't need to avoid it either. Habs fans should be ashamed of their team performance, but if they're lucky it might get nominated for a best actor emmy.
Posted Friday December 17, 2010, About: Giants offend Series MVP with low-ball offer?
Your comment was offensive Edgar. Hope you enjoyed your time in the Bigs, because it's over.
Posted Tuesday October 26, 2010, About: Dolphins victims of home cooking?
That just means the refs missed two calls, first calling a touchdown when there clearly wasn't one, then missing the fumble and who recovered. So the refs should get a free pass? It's a bad situation all the way around.

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