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Posted Thursday February 28, 2013, About: Arrested players dismissed at Alabama
Yep. Four down, only six more to go after the over-signing!
Posted Thursday February 21, 2013, About: UNC has Big Ten offer on table?
"Sharing" the market doesn't really matter for the B10 - as long as it has enough support to get the BTN on in the area, it profits. GT and FSU, plus the existing B1G alums in the South, would be enough to get the BTN on in FL and GA (esp the Atlanta market).

"Owning" NC and VA is not worth as much as having a strong presence in NC, VA, GA, and FL. It's just not. Plus, you can't ignore having a recruiting foothold in the South's two most talented states. It would be very short-sighted of the B1G to try to "lock up" two states (ignoring the fact that UVA wouldn't lock up VA) rather than establish strong footholds in four large states.
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: UNC receives offer to join Big Ten
I think three mega conferences is more likely than four. That works pretty good for a 4-team playoff, with 3 conference champs and a wild card, and 128 teams is too many for the big boys. No way, for example, that the Pac 12 brings in teams like Boise St. just to reach 32 teams.
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: UNC has Big Ten offer on table?
It's cool. Because of Richt, I'll let it slip. ;)

FSU may not look like those others right now, but most people don't realize/remember the Buckman Act of 1905 forced FSU to become a women's college for over 40 years. That greatly affected its academic standing, and we're still recovering from it. We missed out on a couple generations of doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and engineers for alumni (and the donations that come with those alumni). Heck, our med school is only about a decade old, still has no research hospital - but our business and law schools have caught up in quality (COB has several top-notch programs, our law graduates have often led the state on the bar in recent years).

We're also moving in the right direction, have been for a while now. We were recently declared the most efficient public university in the nation, getting the most bang for the least bucks. If the B1G schools are willing to envision where FSU will be in another 20 years, I think the academic concerns would vanish.
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: UNC has Big Ten offer on table?
I'm well aware of that. And FSU + B1G alumni will get the BTN on in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, etc. more easily than UM would. FSU would deliver the state.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: UNC has Big Ten offer on table?
That link doesn't seem to be working. Let's try this:

[url]http://www.wtsp.com/news/article/273799/4/University-of-Miami-thanks-fan s-for-showingall-300-of-them[/url]
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: UNC has Big Ten offer on table?
Have to disagree on UM delivering a larger market share. They are in a big city, but no one bothers to go to their games. Here (and notice that this is when the football team makes its big entrance):

[url]http://www.wtsp.com/images/640/360/2/assetpool/images/120915074643_Hurri canes-stadium.jpg[/url]

The combo of FSU and B1G alumni in the state would get the BTN on all over the state, and FSU draws very well nationally.

Plus, the B1G is a big, state university conference. I think NW is the only exception (Purdue, too, but they're at least a big school). UM, Duke, Vandy and BC are all small private schools. GT is, too, but it's the only GA team the B1G has a shot at (and GA's a valuable state, high in population and talent).

FSU (with those other three) would solidify the B1G as THE conference. Opting to stay out of FL would be a mistake in the long term, IMO. And, honestly, UNC, UVA, GT and (insert 4th) probably won't do much to raise the B1G's football profile (neither did MD and RU). FSU would help shore up that side, and prevent things from getting too watered down.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: UNC has Big Ten offer on table?
I'm hoping these teams get B1G invites:


No need to take pot shots at FSU's "bad" academics (not AAU, but there are reasons for that). Fact is, we would bring one of the two biggest states the BTN has a shot at: FL (and it's not looking like UT is coming to bring TX).

This would bring the B1G into the South, where the population is shifting and where a lot of the FB talent lies. These four schools keep the contiguous footprint, and FSU's president recently released a plan for bringing the school into the Top 25 public universities.

That would still only be 18 schools, leaving two slots open to get to 20. Duke, if necessary as a partner for UNC, but personally I'd approach UT and ND. But there are plenty of other options at that point.
Posted Wednesday January 30, 2013, About: Oregon, Virginia to play in 2013, 2016
Probably true. Also, I poorly phrased that ("high profile WINS") - I should've said BCS/AQ wins. So, Duke shouldn't schedule Stanford (a common top 10 team these days), but 1-11 Colorado. Duke COULD win that game, and if they do it's at least a P12 opponent. Of course, Duke could also lose that game, but at least it's still a BCS opponent and not W&M or Richmond.
Posted Tuesday January 29, 2013, About: Oregon, Virginia to play in 2013, 2016
Bad move on Virginia's part. The ACC's bad reputation comes from lots of OOC losses, so what does 4-8 UVA do? It schedules a top 5 team! Of the FIVE top 10 opponents the ACC has scheduled for the first two weeks of 2013, the ACC team will be the underdog in all five. Only Clemson vs. UGA has a realistic shot of winning (but probably won't).

One of the many reasons the ACC looks so bad is that a team like Duke schedules Stanford, BC schedules USC, and of course 6-6 VT schedules two-time NC winners Bama. At least schedule teams on your own level! The ACC needs some high profile WINS, not more losses.
No, we're not melting down. As it says above, Coley didn't call the plays. He was basically there for recruiting purposes. I think his family is in Miami, anyway, so I don't begrudge him moving down there to be closer to them. I can wish him luck for 11 games of the year. Just not all 12, LOL.
Posted Tuesday January 15, 2013, About: ACC considering 24-hour TV network
ND brings a little bit to the ACC's tv deal: olympic sports (minus hockey), and 5 FB games every two years (the games ND will play at ACC stadiums). But ND's deal with NBC for its own home FB games is completely separate.

Overall, I'm not sure how much (or if) ND's partial membership will affect the ACC's tv contracts. I suppose if nothing else changed, the excess games could be aired on an ACCN (should one come about). But that's not a ton of live content. Certainly not enough to carry a network. We'd be trying to live off tons of replays, and I don't think that will work very well.

The ACC will either need to cut Raycom/ESPN into the ACCN profits, or purchase content back from Raycom/ESPN. Either way, we'll see less money than we otherwise would.
Posted Monday January 14, 2013, About: ACC considering 24-hour TV network
However, I don't expect much to come of this. The ACC dropped the ball in the last round of TV contracts, giving almost EVERYTHING to ESPN. Now, it doesn't own enough content for a viable network. It will either have to cut ESPN and Raycom in, or buy back content. Both options decrease profitability.

Plus, the current contracts are for 15 years. Hard to see this being a big deal for the next decade and a half, at least in terms of $$$ for the ACC.
Posted Monday January 14, 2013, About: ACC considering 24-hour TV network
Look up the attendance records. The ACC (on announced ticket sales, if not butts in the seat) CG is behind only the SEC CG in the last two years (only ones for P12 and B10):

Conf - 2011 attend - 2012 attend
1. SEC: 74k, 75k
2. ACC: 73k, 64k
3. B10: 64k, 41k
4. P12: 59k, 31k

The ACC is also #3 in FB viewership, and #2 in bball viewership. It's the best overall conference, with 3-4 teams typically in the final Director's Cup standings, and the best academic/undergraduate conference, with 7 schools in the Top 50 (the most of any major conference).

Oh, and it has the largest population in its footprint, about 10 million more than the next most populous footprint (the SEC, with TX, FL and GA) and the second most 4-5* rated athletes.

The ACC is a great conference. Just not in FB right now.
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: FSU DE Brandon Jenkins to enter 2013 NFL Draft
The sad thing for us is it looks like we're losing all three for next year. Yikes. We have those studs signed last year, but they're really young.
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: How does Maryland's ACC departure affect Notre Dame?
I don't think FSU would head to the B12 alone, or maybe not with just one other team. So the ACC would likely get slammed with the loss of 4-6 programs, depending on whether the B12 went to 14 or 16.

For 14, I'd say: FSU, Clem, and two of GT, VT, NCSt, UM (or, one of those + Louisville)

For 16, I'd say: FSU, Clem and four of GT, VT, NCSt, UM, Pitt, Louis.

Of course, if ND wanted to come over, they would obviously replace any of those schools easily.
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: How does Maryland's ACC departure affect Notre Dame?
Yes, ND is supposed to be bound by the buyout, according to the info released when they joined.
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: How does Maryland's ACC departure affect Notre Dame?
No, it is a typo, but not referring to bball. There is a missing "not." That makes the most sense with the context of the preceding and following sentences. It should read:

"Football and television markets drive these moves. Louisville and UConn NOT are powerhouse football programs. It would probably be advantageous for the ACC to wait for a better option but that could jeopardize their future."
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: Gators QB Jeff Driskel will play on Saturday vs. FSU
Brissett may have been unimpressive in Saturday's game, but has Driskel been impressive at any point?

I am not saying we blow this game open. Our offense has been a bit inconsistent as well, and both Ds can smother the opponent. A couple bad plays on O or ST for us and UF could easily win this game. But I'd be shocked if either of their QBs was primarily responsible for winning the game.
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: FSU DE Brandon Jenkins to enter 2013 NFL Draft
Maybe now, but Jenkins was considered our best defensive player coming into the year.
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: Should ACC add UConn or Louisville?
I hope so. I'm just not sure where we could land.

SEC: perfect fit, but they probably want "new markets"

B12: most likely, but probably the worst destination. No telling what will happen after the current GOR runs out. I could see UT/OU/OkSt/maybe TT getting invited to the Pac at some point. The Pac, if it expands, has no options other than B12 teams.

B1G: highly unlikely, as they like AAU schools and the geography would be weird. But, as I've read elsewhere, adding FSU and GT would bring in two huge southern states for markets (and lots of B1G alumni live in FL) and recruiting. GT is AAU, and FSU would probably be willing to try to get there soonish (in academic terms, this could be a couple decades).
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