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Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: Bowden rips FSU
Agreed. Man, I love Bobby. I love those Deion Sanders, Ampl Lee, Charlie Ward teams from back in the day. But schools are businesses too. Bobby should know that; because success and money is the bottom line, Bobby should have known that it was his time to go REGARDLESs of whether he wanted to go or not. I guess I understand his venting, but it is also a little irritating that he can't see he can't do much more for FSU as a coach. As other people have said on this thing, Jimbo is now getting the top players again, they were losing all of them to Florida, Miami, Georgia, and Bama. Much love for Bobby, but if I was president of FSU, I would have fired him too. Mack Brown, Jim Tressel and all the other successfuly coaches right now are so welcomed at their respective schools. But Bc of their success, they always have to keep winning, bc soon as they start losing, they will be booted out too. And they should be...Bc its a business.
Posted Monday August 02, 2010, About: Wolverines, Rodriguez open with questions
It tells me that Carr was a good coach. in fact, most UMers miss carr, want to see RR out of there. But my point is a little different. The reason is bc its all about fit. Spread schemes require different type of athletes, and the kids Carr had (chad henne, hart etc) would not be the ideal players in the RR system. The players he had at WV are the type of kids he needs for his system. RR runs a straight spread as opposed to just having a spread component in a more pro style offense (eg ohio state and T PRYOR). UM is a lot more similar to that Chip Kelly-Oregon veer option \ sprint spread sets, very fast QB and highly agile option tailbacks.. Michigan and Carr had some of the best players for that style of play(just look at how many are on NFL rosters), but if you take that entire Rose Bowl team Carr had, put them in WV under RR's system, they would not win 5 games. The schematics would be all wrong, bad fit. Same on the flip, Slaton and Pat white are GREAT, but if they played in Carr's offense, they would not have been goood. no disrespect to Carr's players, my "get rid of carr players" is the ghetto way of just saying phase out the older system-
Posted Monday August 02, 2010, About: Wolverines, Rodriguez open with questions
I agree and disagree. A lot will depend on the hearings, but I think that UM can win 8 games. They are my sleeper team for the year. They got good recruiting the last few years, and Robinson or Tate would be seasoned enuff to be an effective spread QB. Tate started all last year so he might be a little better, but Robinson, from what I hear from people who visit the practices, got a pretty good understanding of the O. UM will be pretty good this year, no BCS, but they will be one of the top 3-4 teams in the big 10. but a lot will depend on the hearings for RR to keep the job. Another reason why UM will no automatically rush him out of there is because RR has 3 classes of spread type players. It took that long to rid of the Lloyd car pro-style players. If they fire RR, it will be a 2 year transition unless they replace RR with another spread type coach. But after RR, i think UM would rather go back to a traditional type of coach

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