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Posted Wednesday June 22, 2011, About: Wrigley in 'brutal shape'
Most of the residents who live near Wrigley (except for my uncle) would absolutely love it if Wrigley was torn down and rebuilt elsewhere.
Posted Friday June 17, 2011, About: Knight issues challenge to Irving
So a point guard who wasn't a physical freak BEFORE a serious foot injury (Irving will have to wear a special shoe, right?) and a big man who played in Turkey are now a recipe for win? I guess saying no to Amar'e because you want to hold onto Hickson is also a recipe for win. Maybe the two will be good NBA players, but I think it's a stretch to label the two as "can't miss" prospects.
Posted Friday June 17, 2011, About: Knight issues challenge to Irving
I think it would concern most execs that Irving didn't even play any ACC competition, where coaches and players might've had a better strategy on how to slow him down, especially the second or even third time around. His best game (vs. MSU) came against one of the more disappointing teams during the 2010-11 season. I hope Cleveland drafts both Irving AND the TOTALLY UNPROVEN Enes Kanter, and Cavs fans continue to focus all of their energy on LeBron because they realize that the front office screwed them once again.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: D'Antoni takes shot at Rondo
While I agree with D'Antoni, he should've used that time to complain about how the Knicks virtually gutted their roster for a hired gun and aging PG. He also might want to--if he's still employed--find an assistant who specializes in defense, because, usually, playing some semblance of defense helps win games. Man, am I glad he didn't end up being the Bulls HC.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Brewers forcing Cubs to pay Pujols?
If I'm Hendry, I offer Pujols something similar to this ($35 mil per, though) and hope he bites. I don't think he will though, because he obviously feels he's been underpaid and I'm pretty sure he wants this to be his last contract.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Brewers forcing Cubs to pay Pujols?
If Pujols were in his prime (27 instead of 32), 10yrs/$300 mil wouldn't be such a bad idea for the Cubs. But he's not, and despite the fact the Cubs will have $ to play with after 2011, that contract would be one hell of an albatross, especially when he nears his mid-, upper-30's. However, Hendry overpaid for Fukudome, Soriano, Zambrano, Dempster, and even Grabow, so if Pujols hits the market and asks for no more than $30mil per year (especially if he asks for 8 yrs instead of 10, like I think he will), Hendry will jump on the chance to sign him. Oh, happy day?
Posted Tuesday April 12, 2011, About: Kane's mullet includes racing stripes
Racing stripes are found on cars. Kane has lines shaved into the sides of his head. I know hockey isn't the most "hip" sport, but c'mon...
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: Could Cubs land Prince Fielder?
Can Prince be the ace of the pitching staff? Steal bases? Shore up the crappy defense? Prince is good for the occasional bomb/confrontation, but I wouldn't want to see the Cubs empty their wallet for Fielder. I'm not sold on Pujols for $30M+/year, either. However, we're talking about the Cubs here. Soriano, Dempster, Fukudome, Zambrano, Bradley, and even Grabow should thank Hendry for being so kind.
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: La Russa blows his top after another loss
Agreed. I'm sure that members of the sports media look at people like Skip Bayless and want to make names for themselves, too. I call most members of the media nowadays "glorified bloggers".
Posted Sunday March 27, 2011, About: Silva blasts Cubs
Yeah...I wouldn't compare the Cubs to the Bengals and Browns. The Bengals and Browns are perennial basement-dwellers now, while the Cubs have enjoyed at least moderate success since '03. 7 years doesn't erase a century of futility, but I think the Cubs are more "Lovable Underachievers" than "Lovable Losers" now. Also, the Steelers have annually been one of the best teams in the NFL, while the Cards aren't even the best in the NL. The Central is weak, and the Cards have been mostly above-average, which has led to their "dominance". The Cards in the East or West might not fare so well. I'm a Cubs fan, and was "eh" on the Garza trade and Pena signing. They gave up too much for someone who isn't Greinke or Adrian Gonzalez, and improvement from Pena could be symbolized by him hitting .197 this year. I'll be happy if the Cubs are contenders by 2015.
Posted Thursday March 03, 2011, About: Reds broadcaster: Cubs aren't contenders
The Cubs/Cards rivalry is much, much, much more intense than Cubs/WSox. Cubs/Sox isn't close. The WSox aren't even on the average Cubs fan's radar unless Ozzie is acting like an ass again. The WSox and their fans WISH they were rivals of the Cubs. "The difference between Cubs fans and White Sox fans is Cubs fans hate White Sox fans, and White Sox fans hate the Cubs."--Jerry Reinsdorf
Posted Thursday March 03, 2011, About: Who started Cubs fight?
Posted Thursday March 03, 2011, About: Who started Cubs fight?
Yeah...except those '70s A's were good.
Posted Saturday February 26, 2011, About: Bulls tried to land Mayo
You're right. What baseball team I'm a fan of has everything to do with the sensibility of my basketball opinion. Damn "Cubs"...
Posted Saturday February 26, 2011, About: Bulls tried to land Mayo
This wouldn't have been that bad of a deal because the Bulls wouldn't have been trading lottery picks or picks where you could find a significant contributor in the draft. Brewer has been good, but Mayo is certainly an uprage, even though Mayo has had a down year. If the Bulls were getting the Mayo of 08-09, 09-10, this deal would've been even better. Even without making a move, I like this Bulls team to come out of the East.

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