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No player, no matter how popular, will ever make what Jordan does in endorsements. Owners will always make more money than players. It still does not change the fact that Lebron made a good business decision for himself. Better co-workers, better city, lower taxes, bigger stage and he is more marketable now than in Cleveland. He still has every major endorsement he had in Cleveland and picked up more once he got to Miami. He may not be as likeable but i'm sure he is not losing sleep over that.
The Heat traded for Lebron and Bosh as well. That's how the Cavs and Raptors got all those extra draft picks. Not to mention cash. You should know the details of your own argument.
Posted Sunday December 09, 2012, About: Is NCAA out to get the Miami?
All investigations have limits. The NCAA is not looking for crimes, if there are allegations they investigate. It's not their job to create allegations. If that were the case all they would have to do is install an invesigator at every school and then every football team in the country would be on probation. Instead they let the schools "self report" allegations, kinda like the police asking bank robbers to turn themselves in before they investigate robberies.
Posted Monday November 26, 2012, About: UCLA looking broken
A loss to Cal Poly is not good at any time of the year. Besides, it's not just the loss its how they lost that is a problem. Howlands calling card is supposed to be defense, fundamentals and hard work. We have not seen any of that the past two years and it looks like nothing is changing. UCLA gets all americans that do nothing once they get on campus, then they blossum once they get to the NBA.
Posted Sunday November 25, 2012, About: Lane Kiffin's chaotic play-calling criticized
1st, I will give Notre Dame credit for the win. We would love to move on but Kifin is still the coach. It's not just this game but all season, look at the Arizona and Oregon State games. Kiffin has no imagination when it comes to offense or play calling. Losing scholarships is no excuse, he has the pick of the litter when it comes to the top recruits in the nation at every position. He has done nothing to prove he should be a head coach at this level.
Posted Thursday November 22, 2012, About: Maryland legend Len Elmore rips Terps' rumored Big Ten move
Stupid comment, he made decisions for himself while the president and AD are making decisions for the university, the alumni, the athletes and many others. They are throwing tradition and rivalries away. I will give them credit for saying this is about money and not trying to make up some crazy excuse like the others did. This move will mean no natural rivalries, more travel (including higher travel budgets) and lower fan interest. As a Marylad fan who would you rather see Maryland play against Duke, UNC, NC State and Ga Tech or Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa. It makes it harder for fans to travel to road games but since this is all about TV money they dont really care about that.
Posted Thursday November 22, 2012, About: Maryland legend Len Elmore rips Terps' rumored Big Ten move
Are you really this ignorant? I know people writ things to get a rise out of others, but really??? But for uneducated idiots like you, Elmore is a former All American at Maryland, a long time ACC analyst, heads his own law firm that knows more about this subject than you can ever pretend to know. Why don't yo try to contribute something to the conversation instead of making ignorant jokes.
Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: Miami's wasted free-agent swings
The usual terms are, great locker room guy, student of the game, great practice guy, veteran leadership and so on.
Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: Time to bring Francona back to Boston
Billy Martin in his currant state would still be an improvement over Valentine this year. His style was not made for this team or organization. They are already blowing up the roster, you might as well blow up the coaching staff as well. But you gotta give it to Valentine, his exits are always spectacular.
Posted Tuesday September 04, 2012, About: With the first pick in the 2013 NBA draft ...
Just what you are looking for in the #1 pick and franchise center, needs add some weight, learn a couple of offensive moves, and answer the intensity questions", sounds more like Shawn Bradley than Dwight Howard. This guy makes Anthony Davis look like the incredible hulk.
Posted Friday August 31, 2012, About: The next 'Face of the Spurs'
He is a good scorer, he played the role given to him last year. And a star for the Spurs does not have to be Durant in OKC because as long as Pop is there they will always have be built around a system instead of a star. But c'mon Pop he Leonarcd played 2 years at SDSU not 1.
Posted Wednesday August 29, 2012, About: Does Philbin know what he's doing?
Everybody thought Charlie Weiss, Josh McDaniel, Todd Haley and others were going to be good/great head coaches because they all came from a winning background. How'd that workout? Some people are better coordinators than coaches. Philbin has to be able to command their respect and one mistake he made was sitting down and talking to players about Chad Johnson getting cut. The world knew he was on a short leash so no explanation was needed.
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Scalabrine in line to join Bulls ... as a coach
Scalabrine's situation should be studied by every non star in the league. He was in the league for 11 years and made over 20 million. This from a player that had almost no real NBA skills or atleticism. At least Matt Bonner could shoot 3's. There were 100's of players that were better than him every year and would have been payed less money but they didn't know how to work the system.
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Should Bears cut Brian Urlacher?
But do the studies show how much money the teams save by not having to pay for lawn maintenance? No replacing sod, no cutting, no watering for years. And we all know what the NFL will do to keep a few extra dollars in their pocket. Grass is safer but the new field turf is a thousand times better than the old artificial turf which was basically thin carpet on top of cement.
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Concern in St. Louis over Bradford
Sorry, it's been more than a couple of passes this offseason. This is year 3 for Bradford and he is not getting any better. The 1st half of his rookie year he was doing pretty good until other teams noticed the Rams were only throwing 5 yard passes and not even trying to go deep. The 2nd half of his rookie year was not that good. Last year he didn't play that well and then was hurt. The line about the organization not doing much to help him could be applied to most young QB failures. Raiders didn't help Russell (not that it would have changed much) Texans didn't help Carr, Lions didn't help Harrington, Browns didn't help any QB since Kosar and so on. Bradford has an elite RB and had decent to good WR's, more than most failed QB's can say.
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Concern in St. Louis over Bradford
Thats the exact same plan they used to get out of L.A. in the 1st place.
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Drummond was 'a beast' at Las Vegas camp
You should know that Tim Grgurich's camp is not for high school kids. He teaches them the NBA game as opposed to them relying on what they were taught (or not taught in most cases) in high school or college. They are paired wih players of their position and just go at it. This the same that is done in Chicago with Tim Grover and in LA with Athletes Performance and i'm sure other places. Plus this kid hasn't played ball in months so he needs to play as much as possible since training camp opens soon. You never want to be the one used as an example of how not to be in shape for the NBA.
Posted Wednesday August 22, 2012, About: Cuban blasts Kidd: 'No chance' of jersey honor
It's business when teams trade or cut a player, but god forbid a player helps your team win its only championship, fulfills his contract and then goes for the most money possible and most likely last contract in free agency instead of taking a home team discount. I'm sure Brendan Hayward thought he was going to be getting paid(notice i didn't say play) in Dallas. And why would he be mad at Finley? Finley was waived by Dallas thats how he ended in San Antonio.
I love all these self righteous comments. He cheated and got caught but to say his whole contract is bogus you have to show when he started juicing. There are many admitted cheaters in the hall of fame and no one is saying they should be removed. Steroids are not the only cheating in baseball but a 50 game ban for 1st time offenders but a 2 to 5 game ban for corked bats or using a foreign substance on a ball by pitchers. MLB is just as guilty as the players since the whole "steroid era" can be traced back to the wildly celebrated Bash Brothers in Oakland and continued with the Mcguire/Sosa home run derby. For years Sammy couldnt hit 50 HR's in a little league park and Mcguire said in interviews he used creatine and then we all know what happened. It was not a secret, but it brought people to the games and a whole new level of excitement for baseball. The press knew as well. Players get banned but did the teams give money back to the fans? Didn't think so.
Posted Saturday August 18, 2012, About: Will Ibaka's OKC deal leave Harden odd man out?
You think he is going to get 2 to 3 mil LESS than Ibaka? Get real, he may give OKC a discount but not that much of one. Batum got 46 million, and Harden will be in even more demand next year unless he just tanks it. He's a scorer, very good outside shooter, gets to the free throw line, handles the ball and gets assists. There will be teams that offer 12 and 13 million, he will not turn his back on 16 million or more.
Posted Friday August 17, 2012, About: Can Afflalo handle a bigger role?
Shhhhh, are you trying to make this guy fall into full depression? You are obviously in denial, fighting to be the 9th placed team in an 8 team playoff the next 2 or 3 years (thats the best they can hope for) will not be fun. If you don't troll the internet or listen to sports talk radio it's easy to avoid all the drama. If you watched the games Howard didn't mail it in the past year and a half. Harrington is as bad as advertised and Afflalo is a good player but not a scorer or focal point of an offense.
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