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Posted Thursday January 02, 2014, About: Vikings player rips Josh Freeman
I agree with the previous posters regarding this post. It takes time to learn a system. Plus, he just came from a traumatic experience with the Bucs and that can weigh heavy too. Let's see how it goes in the off-season first, then we can talk about his grip on the system.

Oh, and I absolutely HATE anonymous quotes. If I was a reporter, I wouldn't accept them because I can make anonymous quotes up without interviewing anyone.
Posted Thursday December 19, 2013, About: Celtics, Rockets involved in serious talks for Omer Asik
This trade is a good short-term win for Boston and a better long-term deal for Houston. It's a win-win for everyone. Houston gets a pretty good Forward that is a good scorer and rebounder. The bonus is Lee, who is also a service-able scorer. And all of this for a defensive threat that can rebound.

My thoughts are that Asik's price is too high because if you look at his numbers (5.4 PPG with 7 rebounds), he's not worth all of what the Celtics are giving up- including that draft pick. But I guess they are looking to package him again at the end of the season.

Oh, and I saw someone saying that they want Millsap, but the Hawks aren't stupid. There's no way that they would trade 12 PPG and 7 RPG for 5.4 PPG and 7 RPG. Especially when you already have a center in Al Horford that's averaging almost 14 PPG and 8 RPG! In short, the Hawks isn't going to give up their PF who's giving better production for a center in order to move their center, who's also giving better production than the guy they are trading for. And to pay the freight for the pleasure of losing points, too? You gotta be kidding me!!!
Posted Wednesday December 18, 2013, About: ... but Hawks, Celtics, Cavaliers, 76ers lead pack
The Hawks are not going to trade Millsap for Asik. Period. Right now, Horford is having a very strong year at center. He's one of the top centers in the league right now. And Millsap is having a very strong showing, as well! Why would they give this up to get a slow guy that's not a threat to put up scoring numbers? The system works with Horford at center. Look for the Celtics, though. They are rebuilding and can actually make Asik a starter.
Danny Ferry convinced the Nets that Joe Johnson was worth the insane amount of money that the Hawks were paying him. That alone makes Ferry tantamount to the Wizard in the eyes of Atlanta fans. and he did it so quickly! Man, folks hit the nightclubs after that deal!

And then he turned around and got rid of Williams and that bloated contract! Atlanta fans were screaming with joy!

And what did we get? We went to the playoffs and have a lot of money in the bank. Plus, we got an opportunity to audition Josh Smith and Jeff Teague and know what we got. We have the money to get not just one, but two big free agents and we can build a high caliber team quickly!

But here's what I'm thinking: I'm not 100% sure if the Hawks will go in the direction of either Howard or Paul. As a matter of fact, I think that if you get one, you must get the other. Why? Because with what you have now, you can run-and-gun. Jeff Teague loves to push it. Al Horford is probably one of the only center with really good handles. He likes to push it up too! But if you get CP3, your days of pushing it up fast are gone. And Howard can't flat out run like that. So this offseason will be the most exciting for the Hawks in a long time.
This adage about how he did a decent job with what he had is garbage! All you lost is Joe Johnson. Remember him, Brooklyn? Yeah, we had to lose the guy who's nickname should be 'Playoff Butta!' Why? Because that's when he always melts down and we had enough of that in Atlanta... especially for the dollars that we paid him!

But Drew still had a perennial All-Star Center in Al Horford. You had Josh Smith, if you can convince him that he's not at the 2. And you had a spark in Teague at Point. You should be able to run people outta gyms! But you couldn't coach em up! And that's why we're looking for a new coach.

However, if you like the coaching that the Knicks are having, go get Drew. But you better make sure that you have the TEAM the Knicks have.
Posted Friday February 22, 2013, About: Report: Josh Smith 'highly unlikely' to re-sign with Hawks
What NBA are you guys looking at? The Hawks consistently make the playoffs and will again this season. They don't need to make a trade to make the playoffs. They just don't want to pay Josh Smith Max money.

Oh, and the Cavs have this kid that they can build around. Perhaps you heard of him: Kyrie Irving? And the Lakers are bad, but they aren't out of the playoff hunt. Plus, they are loaded. They just need a coach.
Posted Friday February 22, 2013, About: Report: Josh Smith 'highly unlikely' to re-sign with Hawks
They can allow Josh Smith to walk away for nothing because when he does walk, The Hawks has more cap space to get as much as three max players! They really didn't need to trade to get something because they get something if and when Josh Smith walks away.

Let me be the first to say that the Atlanta Hawks is going to be a major player in the Dwight Howard trade talks for next season.
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: Hawks struggling to land prime assets for Smith
The Hawks may just let J. Smith go in July if they can't upgrade. Actually, the Bucks is the only team that the Hawks may want to build with because of the talent they have in the front-court. The Hawks are Guard-Rich, so the last thing they want to see is yet another guard.

But if they don't get what they want, they'll just ride with him, let Josh Smith audition for another team for the remainder of the season and part ways.
Posted Sunday February 17, 2013, About: Bucks quietly interested in Josh Smith
The Bucks have zero chance of signing J. Smith. Why? Because who are you going to package? Another point guard? The Hawks already have too many good guards.

I see Smith for a big man. And one with strong upside. And that's something that the Bucks don't have.
Posted Wednesday October 10, 2012, About: New QB joins the MVP conversation
I'm a big Falcons fan, but I'm also realistic. Matt Ryan is doing very well, but before you are an MVP, you gotta win a playoff game. The last time we won a playoff game, Mike Vick was quarterback and I see success in postseason victories, not regular season victories.

But the Atlanta Falcons is a complete team. The team is loaded, especially on offense. Look at the running game pieces. Look at the quarterback. Look at the receivers. Look at the Offensive Line.

I tell you this: The person that should win an award is Thomas Dimitroff. He put a monster of a team together.
Posted Friday September 14, 2012, About: Eagles secretly readying Foles?
Wow! One bad game and it's the end of the world for Vick, huh? This overreaction is getting silly. Let him have two bad games first.
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: NFL in L.A. no sure thing ... yet
Rams will stay in St. Louis until St. Louis decides they leave. Go ask the Cards. The fans weren't happy with the product and the fans themselves rallied to ensure that they took the Cardinals out of St. Louis.

I remember that vividly. People were openly challenging folks as to why they would want to attend the games. It kind of made me sad, because I had friends on that team. But even before they left, St. Louis fans were speculating on their NEXT team.
Posted Saturday February 11, 2012, About: Josh Smith: All-Star snub political
But you can't deny that Josh Smith is playing better than both Luol Deng and Chris Bosh. Plus, Josh Smith has out-played Joe Johnson, too. And even though the Bulls and Heat may have better records, the Hawks' record is nothing to slouch about.

Josh Smith staying home is a snub and it does seem political. But they also shut out the Nuggets, who are second in the West.
Posted Monday January 30, 2012, About: Falcons may lose important pieces
This thread ends at 8. Wow.
Posted Tuesday January 03, 2012, About: Colts house-cleaning shocks Manning
Manning will be just fine if he's traded. I don't think he's married to Indy. The reason why people wanted to play for the Colts was because with Manning, they know that they'll make the playoffs.

I don't think the same could be said about Luck this early. If I was an O-lineman, receiver, running back, etc... I would want Manning to be my quarterback. It may be that way with Luck as early as his second year, but Manning's a proven commodity. I can stamp my ticket with him.
Posted Friday December 30, 2011, About: Hawks risk jumping into mix for Howard
The Hawks didn't have Josh Smith on the block. Dwight Howard and Josh Smith played basketball together in their youth- when they both played for the Atlanta Celtics in AAU. Josh Smith was in enticement. Plus, Dwight Howard's from Atlanta, so that was another big enticement.

But the Hawks needs to be sold first. No real big-name player will come to Atlanta while the ownership is still up in the air.
Posted Tuesday December 20, 2011, About: Polian won't guarantee Peyton's return
I don't understand how you can't get this but let's keep this simple, OK?

Peyton Manning will have his arm after this. His neck will get better. His brain will still function and he will be able to step into throws. In short, Manning will be OK for a few more years. It's a neck injury, not an arm or brain injury.

But Andrew Luck? This kid isn't the best quarterback in the NCAA and his stock is slipping. The guy looks more and more like a bust. You don't trade away your franchise on an NCAA quarterback who's stock is slipping, can't win the Heisman because another quarterback won it instead, and who looks like he shouldn't play the first day of an NFL season.

Logic? The Indianapolis Colts is built on the work of Peyton Manning. Let Peyton suck for a year or let him snap his neck again before you start walking away from your franchise. And don't do it to pick up Andrew Luck. That's just too weird and crazy for words.
Posted Tuesday December 20, 2011, About: Polian won't guarantee Peyton's return
As a Falcons fan, I'll trade Matt Ryan and all my backups for Peyton Manning. All day long! If the Colts release Peyton Manning, I will like to drive to Indianapolis and take Polian's picture- right as he announces his decision. I will blow it up on my wall as the DUMBEST EXECUTIVE IN ANY BUSINESS ON THE HISTORY OF PLANET EARTH!!!

I mean, Windows 2012 is glitchy, so Microsoft should trade it away and start selling long-lasting electric car batteries. I mean, it's a sure thing that the person who creates a car battery that can drive 80 MPH for 5 hours straight and recharge in less than 10 minutes will be the richest person on Earth, right? But right now it's UNPROVEN!!!! (dummy)
Posted Friday December 09, 2011, About: Bobby V fans flames on Red Sox-Yankees
Bobby V with the Red Sox is FANTASTIC for MLB. He will be the guy that the Yankees fans loves to hate. That only makes money for MLB.
Posted Friday December 02, 2011, About: Colts should move on from Manning
So, I've read the entire article and didn't read any of the comments. Here are my thoughts:


First of all, they assume that they will get Luck. Uh, Andrew Luck isn't questionably the best quarterback in the draft! And Luck, while being pretty good, will not get you a ring for years! Winning is the only thing that matters in the NFL. Ask Tebow!

Secondly, the Colts fanbase will not return to see Luck go through his growing pains. They will, however, go back to see the gel that is Peyton Manning. Paying Peyton isn't a bad financial deal because the upside is that he makes more money than his contract. He built everything that is the Indianapolis Colts. That's HIS team!

And lastly, you simply cannot release one of, if not THE best quarterbacks in the NFL RIGHT NOW- and a living, walking future Hall-of-Famer because of one injury... only to pick up an unproven kid from college that's looking more and more like a bust. You will be the laughingstock of all NFL history!

I tell you the truth- I'm a Steelers and Falcons fan. You can have any of their starting QBs AND RBs for Peyton in 2012.
Posted Friday December 02, 2011, About: Spagnuolo thanks fans for booing (sort of)
In St. Louis, booing is that last straw before something far worse: Simply not showing up. As Bidwell of the Cardinals. St. Louis basically ran them out of town by actually boycotting the Cardinals.
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