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Posted Saturday March 22, 2014, About: Poor defense behind Heat's slump
The NBA has been fixed for a long time. I remember Shaq elbowing his way to the basket, and getting foul calls in his favor every time. The Lakers should thank Stern for their Threepeat with Shaq and Kobe.
Posted Friday February 21, 2014, About: Tiger Woods off to worst start in career
Tiger Woods must be off those PEDs. His body mass looked very unnatural until now (natural bodybuilders have lean muscles).
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Richie Incognito deletes Twitter account
Incognito should have not treated his teammate that way. Not a team player. His bullish attitude may cost him his career in the NFL.
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Toronto FC signs Julio Cesar
Brother, you turned down some Serie A teams cause you wouldn't take less salary. Now go play in Maple Syrup country.
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Carmelo Anthony willing to take less money from Knicks
Melo, one of the most overrated players in the history of the NBA. Who cares where he goes? Unless he has KD or LeBron on his team, he ain't getting no rings...
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Orioles willing to lose draft pick for starting pitcher
You let Jim Johnson, your 50 save closer go. Smells like 5th place this year...
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Dwight Howard: I have to believe I'm NBA's best player
Dwight Coward doesn't have a post game, mid-range shot or shoot free throws. Yeah, you da best in the league...(sic).
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: 6'8" LeBron guarding 5'9" Nate? Yep
I think it would behove the Bulls if Rose did not come back in the next round (if they were to beat Miami). D. Rose would need time to get into game shape - time that the Bulls don't have. Practice ain't the real thing.....
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Jackson not looking to coach, at least not in Brooklyn
Phil Jackson to the Heat? I don't see him going to any lower tier team like the Nets. Phil knows his success is as much due to his amazing assistant staff as is to his amazing talent (Michael, Kobe and Shaq). That kind of talent does not come along too often.
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Chris Weidman promises to bring Silva back to Earth
Chris's mamma won't recognize him once Silva is done with his face.
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Billups aims for at least two more seasons
Billups is well-cooked, and done.
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: 6'8" LeBron guarding 5'9" Nate? Yep
Miami Heat will win this series in 6. Derrick Rose, you should have come back (speaking as a past Bulls/MJ fan).
Posted Wednesday May 08, 2013, About: Can frustrated Roberts avoid 60-day DL?
Brian Roberts is done. Retire, dude. Tendons take longer to heal as you grow older (I speak from experience).
Posted Saturday May 04, 2013, About: LeBron James wins historic 4th MVP trophy
I agree with this comment. However, LeBron has been Jordanesque only the past couple of seasons. The other MVPs were more individual achievement, than that of a player carrying his team to the promised land (which Jordan did everytime...).
Posted Thursday November 08, 2012, About: Look out, Lakers -- Kobe's mad again
Shaq's sidekick is mad? I thought he wanted to be better than MJ?
Kobe, it ain't always like you want, ya spoiled kid.
Posted Thursday September 06, 2012, About: Conflicting reports on Nets signing Blatche
Make up your mind, Blatche!
Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: Bobcats considering McGrady
I suppose the Bobcats will be filming a remake of "Return of the Living Dead". Only that would explain such a signing.
Posted Monday July 30, 2012, About: Texans scrambling after Johnson setback
A pulled groin before the season is inexcusable. I am rehabbing one now, and can understand that this fool did not condition himself as he should have during the offseason.
Posted Wednesday July 18, 2012, About: O'Neal didn't believe he belonged in Boston
I hope O'Neal joins the Lakers. He can put on display his signature shot (hook shot while limping on one leg).
Posted Wednesday July 18, 2012, About: Ortiz 'in a lot of pain'
Hey Ortiz, you should know the routine by now. Inject the PEDs, and you will be fine.
Posted Tuesday May 01, 2012, About: Don't blame schedule for Rose, Shumpert ACLs
D-Rose just ain't gonna be the same anymore. He played like a SG, with the body of a PG. He's gonna have to stay on the perimeter more and look for open shots/an open man.
For an example, look at Baron Davis, he is a cripple now.

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