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Posted Saturday June 22, 2013, About: Report: Robinson Cano, Yankees far apart in contract talks
Put him in a bigger ball park and his HR stats will plummet!
Posted Saturday October 22, 2011, About: Twins near decision on Nathan?
Twins need to get rid of Bill Smith...
Posted Thursday January 27, 2011, About: Vlad's market slims, includes O's
I would take Vlad over Manny any day of the week...
Posted Sunday January 23, 2011, About: Cashman may walk away from Yankees
Yankees suck! I hope they miss the playoffs in 2011 and for many years to come!
Posted Sunday December 19, 2010, About: Will Yankees turn to King Felix?
Who cares about the Yankees...they suck. If baseball had a salary cap, the Yankees would not have won a world series in the last 35 years and Jeter would be an average ball player.
Posted Monday November 22, 2010, About: Jeter's agent baffled by Yankees' tactics
Maybe he should just retire NOW...
Posted Tuesday October 12, 2010, About: Crawford looking at $100 million deal?
There is a need for a salary cap in baseball so that teams who make stupid decisions and overpay get penalized by having fewer resources to expend on other players.
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Jeter 'worth' $5 million a year?
Jeter should retire along with Posada and Pettite. They can join Bernie Williams and help him count George's money.
Posted Thursday September 30, 2010, About: Morneau to return after all?
If Morneau is able to come back it will likley be as a pinch hitter and late inning defensive replacement.
Posted Thursday September 16, 2010, About: Gardenhire a lock as manager of the year?
The MOY is based on the regular season and Gardy is very deserving especially after losing Nathan for the whole season and Morneau since July 7. The magic number is 10! Go Twins!
Posted Sunday September 05, 2010, About: Should Yankees drop Jeter?
I think the Yankees are fools to give him more than $5 million per year on any extension but $100 million for four years, that is insane! However, if they want to burn some more cash to reduce resources that they will give to Carl Crawford and any other free agent they be it.
Posted Thursday August 19, 2010, About: Guillen rant takes aim at critics
Going to the game tonight to witness the three game sweep at Target Field. It will be very interesting to hear Ozzie after this happens! Go Twns!
Posted Monday August 16, 2010, About: Gardenhire willing to trade no-hitter for boos
Bring on the White Sux...

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