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Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: NHL Expansion (Kansas City & Seattle)
There are some things that should never have been: The Colts should never have left Baltimore; the Rams should never have left Los Angeles (I hope there's a special 'hair salon' in Hades that was reserved just for YOU, Georgia Frontiere); Giants (baseball) should never have left New York; the Expos should never have been allowed by Bud "The Slug" Selig to leave Montreal ...

... and the Jets and Nordiques both should never have left Canada. Barry Shenkarow and Marcel Aubut should both be imprisoned for the shameful way Winnipeg and Quebec were ushered out of the NHL.

Hey Barry and Marcel, I hear there's a barbershop opening soon, directly "south" ... Say "hello" to your fellow scumbag, Georgia, when you both eventually get there ... How Aubut in particular became the President of the Canadian Olympic Committee is BEYOND WORDS ... Maybe he's planning on selling and relocating the Canadian Olympic Hockey Teams ... to France ... for a tidy profit based on using "Other People's Money"?

It wouldn't be the first time ... right, Quebec?
Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: Brett Favre Arrives in Minnesota. Finally
He will - probably either a trip to the Super Bowl, or the Infirmary, whichever comes first.

In other news: The sky is still blue, the sun came up today and there are still fifty United States of America. To wit, Brett Favre missing most of training camp and still coming back to play is equally as predictable.

Next year, though, I'm betting Puerto Rico becomes an official US state, the 51st ... its more likely to happen than "Ole Mississippi" actually staying retired ...
Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: Bills in Toronto? Still Laughing Now, ROGERS?
The "papering" of the stadium thing is true: Some folks got into the upper bowl at Rogers Centre for less than what they'd have to pay for a Toronto Argonauts game. It's also true about tailgate parties: Rogers Centre is smack-dab in the middle of the Harbourfront Area of Toronto, and thus there just isn't an acceptable-size parking lot to speak of that could host such a thing - were it even legal to do in the first place (which in Canada, it isn't).

In retrospect, I guess getting close to 40,000 paying customers for a pre-season game (especially two full seasons into the 'experiment') would be considered positive news for any future NFL plans in Toronto. The regular season game here features the Bills and Chicago: and the Bears have a HUGE fanbase in Southern Ontario, too. It will be interesting to see how many good-ole' Canuckleheads pony up their dough when that game rolls around on the schedule. Then perhaps a more objective assessment of the mid-term success or failure for this Bills in Toronto enterprise can be better realized.

As far as being bitter towards Rogers Corp. as a whole, Ripper: I defy you to ask any Rogers customer, anyway and in any department, if they're "wound up" about Teddy's "tragic demise" (as you so eloquently called it) and I'm pretty certain the response would be universal: "ROGERS SUCKS!" There's a lot of bad blood there: The Rogers family is as "beloved" in all of Canada as, say, the Stepiens, Modells and LeBron are in Cleveland and, probably worse, the Irsays are in Baltimore ...
Posted Friday August 20, 2010, About: Bills in Toronto? Still Laughing Now, ROGERS?
Point well taken - but do the Patriots charge $275.00 - and up - for PRE-SEASON games?

It also just occurred to me: If Toronto was (properly) represented in the National Football League with a franchise of its own, it would be the THIRD largest, current NFL market. That is assuming Los Angeles doesn't land a franchise before one was moved to Toronto ...

... and with Canada being a hotbed of NFL fandom, a Toronto franchise actually has the potential to be a marketing juggernaut - both in merchandise and National television exposure alone. I don't think its a secret that the only thing keeping the Blue Jays in Canada right now (apart from the fact that Carpetbagger Jeffrey Loria already owns the Marlins, and can't officially screw an entire country out of a professional baseball franchise) is the national exposure and following the Jays enjoy from coast to coast ... It would be the same for an NFL franchise in Toronto.

I know what you're thinking: That might not be true, look at the Raptors - but the NFL is WAY more popular in Canada than the NBA is (and probably always will be) ...

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