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Posted Wednesday February 26, 2014, About: Magic number for Trout deal
Mike Trout is now officially a millionaire since he does get a 1 year extension for a million. It looks like his new contract will pay him slightly under $30 million per year. His first two years were fantastic. I am interested to see how he will play this year if he remains healthy. Everybody knew he was going to be paid a massive contract. I am curious to see how if can play at this level or even better than just the small sample we have seen so far. Elite players are getting paid huge salaries and who knows what type of money he could get offered at 26 if he plays at this level. Enjoy the money and no pressure from what analysts are saying is a once in a generation talent!
Posted Thursday February 20, 2014, About: Panthers bleeding $100K a day
I am not sure how this will play out. The Panthers make a decent profit from their arena, but team itself is losing a lot of money. Those numbers sound worse than the Coyotes the last few years. I have pondered since this recent realignment if the league could get balanced? I could see if the Panthers have issues like this by the end of next year, the Miami region may not have a NHL team. Florida has not been a very successful NHL team as once the year 2000 hit it started going downhill as they missed playoffs every year but 2012.

The solution is to entertain the idea to move this team to Seattle. I am quite sure there will be a new arena built as the city desperately wants an NBA team back there too. They have WHL history and you can have a region rivalry with Vancouver. The best thing is then both conferences are at 15 apiece so the schedule will be more balanced.

I still want to see a team in Quebec City but that will be expansion whenever that happens. I guess the second spot would be another Toronto team, Portland, Kansas City, Houston, or if a new arena is built then Milwaukee.
Posted Wednesday February 19, 2014, About: Lakers, Mavs maneuvering for Love
I have to laugh at the Lakers or Mavericks pursuit for Love before the deadline tomorrow. What do both teams have to entice the Timberwolves to trade Kevin to one of those teams besides expiring contracts? Both teams have really no young upcoming assets who are establishing in potential solid starters? Minnesota wants to make the playoffs after 10 years out of it. Here are two ideas if Love was to move into the western conference.

What about another team in California but being in the north end? You could entertain an idea of Love and Barea plus a second round pick for Lee, Barnes, and Thompson possibly. At least Minnesota gets some young assets who could contribute right away. Then with Love being with the Warriors he could benefit having teammates like Igoudala and Curry with him. I have the ultimate wild card idea.

This would be an offseason idea for a deal. If the Clippers do not go well in the playoffs and want to really shake things up here is an idea. Griffin straight up for Love. Only a year apart in age and are premier players. Love goes to LA and actually gets to play in the better team currently at Staples Center. Griffin may not enjoy going to a fringe team in Minny but he could put up massive numbers with a pass first PG in Rubio. Just some scenarios. The only way the Lakers ad Mavericks get Love is through free agency. Just wait in line like others with cap space in 2015!
Posted Sunday February 24, 2013, About: NHL, NHLPA talking 2013-14 realignment
I agree with realignment and all. Winnipeg has to be moved out west and I would be okay with Columbus switching to the east. These grand experimental ideas will never work until the NHL figures one thing out. Is Phoenix staying or moving to another market. If they go to Seattle then they stay in the west. If they move to Quebec City then you have to move them to the east. Until they can solve this Phoenix saga that has gone on for one too many years, I would at most have a temporary realignment in place for the NHL.
Posted Saturday January 26, 2013, About: Rays officials: MLB has lost faith in Tampa Bay
These are my choices for relocation and if the state of Florida wants to have at least one successful MLB team they need to relocate Mr. Loria out of ownership since he may be the most brutal owner in North American pro sports!

Charlotte is my first choice as they have a large population and strong corporate sponsorship. They are not close to any existing MLB team so territory rights be fine. I think the area would support a team quickly. Raleigh could even work in the state even Charlotte did not fit.

Nashville is my second choice as they have a decent size population and is a popular entertainment city. I have heard a few country music stars like Tim McGraw would even be a part owner. I think the city would fill the seats and you would always have singers there.

Virginia Beach would be my third choice. The metro area of that part of Virginia has been discussed for a MLB team for at least 20 years. There is no pro team in lower Virginia. It is a big market but there could be territory issues. I could see this region getting a pro team.

Montreal is my fourth choice and it is probably a long shot. I know attendance was poor over the last years the Expos were there. However if you got a new stadium and an ownership group who were willing to keep developed talent there instead of letting them all leave the city could market a competitive team. Plus our dollar has been on par with the USA for a while.
Posted Saturday January 26, 2013, About: Rays officials: MLB has lost faith in Tampa Bay
The Rays need a stadium in Tampa not in Saint Petersburg if they want to gain more attendance. The stadium is just a concrete dome that may have less character thaose n the demolished Kingdome. I am not sure if Florida is a big baseball market. Even in competitive times the team may be lucky to draw 20,000 in late September games. The first ten years of the Devil Rays Tampa had to be fair brutal squads. Over the last five years they have fielded a strong team with young talent that have developed into star players. If they were to move with their current roster a new city would inherit a very solid team. There are markets that could possibly support a MLB team such as Vancouver, Las Vegas, Portland, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City and maybe Omaha but those are cities more in the west. I could see Orlando, Indianapolis, Buffalo being ideas since they are more in the east to properly tie to the AL East but those are not my choices. Next post will be my selections if TB Rays were to relocate.
Posted Monday January 21, 2013, About: Kings sale would bring Sonics to Seattle next season
I am happy the NBA will be back in Seattle, even though it means that the fans of Sacramento gets slapped in the face out of it. The Supersonics which most likely will be the new name could be good within a few years with the new wealthy ownership. Expect to see Payton's number retired within the first year. Hopefully this new ownership is better than the Maloof brothers. They just wanted out of the city and of course they would take that offer of $500 million plus to uproot the team. It was the only pro team the state capital ever had and probably ever will.

I may be going off topic here but the NHL and NBA and way different. The Coyotes remain in Phoenix despite they have a new arena but their attendance sags. The team never made a profit ever while the Kings for most of the nineties had the best attendance in the NBA. It was one of the bright spots of the NBA around 1997-2002 when they had good teams. They packed the place when they were bad and only had Mitch Richmond as a star player. Bettman will go against moving a team when it is losing a lot of money while Stern will give a team one year max before wanting to sell it to a new market.

Before he retires in regards to new markets taking old teams away I would be concerned for the Bobcats, Grizzlies, Pacers, Bucks, Jazz, Raptors are some teams I could think of.
Posted Saturday April 14, 2012, About: Failed arena puts Anaheim in Kings sights
Personally I think the Maloof brothers may be on the verge of bankrupty protection. The only reason why I think they are talking about Anaheim is the Ducks owner of the NHL will pay for the tenants fee playing at the Honda Center. That arena is only 5 years newers than what was called the Arco Arena. Plus can the Kings really gather interest away from the Lakers and an improved Clippers team? I think it would be a bad move.

I remember when the city council approved of the arena deal back in late February I presumed the team was staying in Sacramento. It is the only pro team they have in the state capital. If they had to move Seattle is my first choice. Maybe the Maloofs want the team in Las Vegas since they have ties but there is not really a suitable arena for a pro sports team. If they move in California why not San Diego or even San Jose? Kansas City I know wants an NHL or NBA team in their fairly new arena but is there an investor(s)? Bottom line is the Kings would be in worse shape moving to Anaheim. Vancouver, British Columbia has more merit to this stupid story!
Posted Tuesday December 06, 2011, About: Realignment vote over before it started
From lookiing at what the new realigned divisions will be by next year by earliest, I actually like the new format. The western conferense based teams have more of a flight friendly schedule. Especially how the formated central or whatever division will be named. Detroit was not going to move east because the NHL still wants two original six teams in one conference.

Here is my BIG problem with the realignment and my solution to make it more fair come playoff time. The playoff format will like what it was during the 80's with divisional rivalries during playoffs. Back then there was only 21 teams and you had to be REALLY BAD to miss the playoffs. Now there is 30 and I think a massive issue is it fair to award the fourth place team in one division who has three points less than the fifth place winner in the other division of the same conference? No way I believe that is fair so I would do the following.

If the top four teams in each conference have the 8 best records in their conference than that is good. If one team has the five teams in a division that has the 8 best records in their conference this is how it could play out. Have the fifth place team face the top ranked team of the other division that had 3 playoff teams in it. That way you still that 2 vs. 3 in the 3 playoff teams in one division. For the division that had 5 teams in it then have the traditional 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 seeds. I am even okay if the 6 place team has a better record than the 3rd place team in the conference making the postseason or the extremely rare scenerio the 7 place team has a better record than the 2nd place team of the other division. After all there were pundits out there would said under this system the NHL currently has the top 16 records should be seeded in the first round. However that is more complicated due to travel. At least the system I proposed is more geographical for travel and TV scheduling.

One last point in my mini blog is 14 vs 16 teams in each conference. When I looked at it the first thought I had is the reason why the east only has 14 and the west has 16 is this would be a easy transfer if or when the Coyotes leave Phoenix. I would believe they would be taken away from the newly formatted pacific division and moving to the northeast. The NHL said they really do not want to own the team after this season. So an owner or group of owners will have to buy the team to have them stay in Arizona.

I have been to that arena as I watched the Canucks play there. I am going to watch the Rangers next Saturday down there and I really think it is a nice looking arena. The fans do have some passion and seem to know hockey fairly well. The game I was at was about 90% capacity when I was there. The problem is having only a little over 10,000 people at each game does not help and that reason is the team can not never make a profit.

I said what I feel needs to be done to make the playoff format more fair under the realignment.
Posted Monday February 21, 2011, About: KJ: Kings are still Sacramento's team
The Kings chances of staying in Sacramento may not be good. However, moving the team to Anaheim makes little sense. If the Los Angeles metro area only had one NBA team it makes sense. But having a team in the area to compete with the Lakers first and foremost and the remains to the Clippers, keeping the team in the state capital makes more sense. If they have to move the team within state maybe San Diego would be better. Then again, who knows what they have for an arena and it could be outdated.

Other cities in the west that could be relocations could be Seattle, Kansas City, St Louis, and I think Las Vegas. If the Kings move I think it will be Las Vegas. The Maloofs made their forture through Las Vegas and the mayor wants a pro sports team. Plus I think the city could support an NBA team. I remember for years Sacramento was one of the most difficult places to get tickets for an NBA game. They always sold out and that was not even during the Webber era. When Richmond was their go to guy, the team always sold out games. I think Kevin Johnson being a former NBA player himself probably realizes how important it is to keep NBA in the state capital.

KJ was my favorite player during the 90's....but nobody probably cares about that!
Posted Monday February 21, 2011, About: Available in Florida? Everyone
There are a few players listed that could help out teams. I know that the Panthers are trying to move McCabe. He is still a decent defensemen but his contract may be difficult to move. Some team looking for a starting goaltender that could go deep in the playoffs would be interested in Vokoun. He is still quite good and he is a free agent after this year. Weiss is an interesting choice. He is maybe their best forward, which is not saying a whole lot for Florida. However, he could do well for a team with a better cast of forwards.

Another player I heard that could be available that is not on the list is Booth. When healthy he is good for about 30 goals a year. I hope the team knows what they are doing if they can get good talent and prospects in return. The Panthers just do not seem to draft all that well the last few years. Plus this team has not seen the playoffs since way back in 2000. If the team does not improve within 3 years I could see this team relocating.
Posted Sunday January 30, 2011, About: Inside Bengals' plans to pacify Palmer
I am looking at that statement about what the Bengals hope to do for Palmer and how Palmer is frustrated. There is one thing that I did not notice in there which is the underlying factor of why Palmer did state he would be open to be traded. That would be WINNING. The Bengals played good in 2009 and had the typical nosedive this year. Palmer did not have the best of years and there could have been distractions around him. Owens and Ochocinco have a lot of talent but I would say they can be very irritating.

His division is not easy either when you have the AFC representitive in the Superbowl, the Steelers. The Ravens have been a strong team over the last few years. The Browns are not even a pushover anymore as they beat a few top notch teams. Possibly the best Cincinnati will do in 2011 (if there is a season or a shortened one) would be 9-7. That is not even a guarenteed playoff spot. I think the team should really look at what they can do for the upcoming draft and free agency on how it implicates there future with Carson Palmer.
Posted Tuesday December 21, 2010, About: Rip quitting on Pistons, on way out?
I thought Rip has been on his way out of Detroit for at least three seasons now. He is always mentioned as trade bait. I guess his salary will be difficult to move and I am not sure how many years he has on his contract. Who knows if Hamilton has 'quit' on the Pistons. I think they have to realize this is not a good team right now and are in the process of rebuilding. He is not the player he was about four years ago. However, he is still one of the better pure shooters still in the NBA. Somebody might take him, but it will probably be a package deal.
Posted Thursday November 25, 2010, About: Jeter's only payday hope? The Red Sox
Could you imagine if Jeter went to the Red Sox? I just do not see that happening. I think there is a 99.9% chance he will be with the Yankees next year. I know the Yankee fans and himself wants to have his 3,000 hit in a Yankees uniform. In fact, I do not think any Yankee has had 3,000 hits in that uniform. If he went to Boston, I could see New York hating him. Would Red Sox fans embrace him? A lot of people in New England may respect him, but they certainly dispise him over the years. Stranger things have happened I guess!
Posted Thursday November 25, 2010, About: Bowe guarantees Chiefs title
Super Bowl? How about making the playoffs first. If they can win the AFC West I will be impressed. I still think the Chargers will win that division. I do have to give the Chiefs credit as I only thought they would win 5 this year. They have surpassed that. Bowe would have been more smart to say we will win a Super Bowl within 4 years as an example. He has been real good for Kansas City as he always seems to get a TD or 2 per game. Cassel has a legitimate target down field. However, I just do not see KC being this years champions.
Posted Thursday November 25, 2010, About: Riley waiting for McMillan?
I had a feeling the 'heat' would be on Spoelstra. I just did not think already in November this discussion would come up. The Heat will not win 70 games like some people thought. I am not even sure they are a 60 win team either. They should win 50 or more. I thought Rivers was contemplating retiring after last season. I do not think he will go to Miami. McMillan could and he is also a good coach. He has been in the northwest all of his NBA career with Seattle and now Portland. Would he want to leave? Both options are better than an aging Riley.
Posted Thursday November 25, 2010, About: 'Soft' Oilers to bring up hard-working AHLers?
I think that is is a good idea to bring up some of these AHL players up. Let's face it, the Oilers playoff drought should continue after this season. They should be guarenteed a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft. Why not try some of the prospects? If some of them play well they have a chance to be on the Oilers for most of this season. The way they played against the Coyotes was poor. Ironically the Oilers are the only game tonight as well against the Avalanche this time. They cannot play that bad again, can they?!
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Gruden linked to Browns job?
I know last offseason a few teams were inquiring if Gruden would like to coach again. I guess he enjoys being a commentator for ESPN and he may still want to do it following this season. A lot of people in the Cleveland area and beyond were surprised that the Browns kept Mangini for this season. Since Holmgren is there they thought he was going to hand pick his own coach. Gruden could be a good fit for the Browns as he has been a proven coach with his past teams. Expect other teams to go after Gruden if he is interested in returning to the sidelines.
Posted Sunday October 17, 2010, About: Panthers shopping Smith?
I did not even realize this Tuesday is the NFL trade deadline. Out of the four team league sports in North America the NFL trade dealine gets the least amount of coverage. Funny because the NFL gets saturated in the media otherwise! With the Panthers not going anywhere this year, maybe trading Smith is a good idea. He is still a solid receiver and could help a contending team lacking a #1 receiver or if he wants to pair up with a #1 receiver on another team. I think if Steve Smith is used right, he could really benefit being on a new team.
Posted Sunday October 17, 2010, About: Nats, Tigers to chase Lee?
It looks like Lee is the prize pitching free agent for the offseason. It is obvious the Yankees want Lee as they always want one the top free agents every year! I think if the Rangers can beat the Yankees (I hope they do) he may have to look at the Rangers as a real option. They have a good team and I think with their youth they may even be better next year. Nationals have money to spend and have some good young players. I still think they are two years away from making noise. Tigers could also be intriging if you had Lee I would say Detroit would be the AL Central favorites when you have him and Verlander in the rotation.

On a side note I was reading some of the comments of what happens to a players reputation if you sign with the Yankees. Personally I find it somewhat annoying when Yankees get all of these great players. There are other teams out there who have money and are contenders as well. If these players were never Yankee fans growing up the Yankees may be not your first option. If you grew up a Yankees fan, then I see it as a natural choice. If there is one thing I can say about the Yankees is this may be the only North American team over the last 15 years that expect to win a championship. That is why players do go to the Yankees is for national attention, a high salary, and a solid chance to win a World Series.
Posted Saturday October 16, 2010, About: Boeheim: Carmelo wants place he can win
Hopefully Anthony is not holding out to join the Lakers or the Heat because they can win right now but they have no cap space! I think that Carmelo will go to a team in the Eastern conference, but he could be traded to a western conference team. I would think the Nuggets would only want to face Anthony at a max of two games a year. Teams like the Hornets and Clippers have cap space but are they really contenders? I think he will probably end up with either the Knicks or Nets. I think Denver would be wise to trade him within two weeks because this speculation of where he goes is going to be a burden on the Nuggets.
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