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Posted Tuesday February 04, 2014, About: Manning's arm will continue to ... get stronger
I think the Broncos' year was last year and Champ Bailey messed it up for them. This year they were still the class of the AFC, but the NFC was much stronger. At least, the elite teams were. Next year the AFC will be more competitive with another year under Luck's belt for the Colts, the Chiefs have another draft and year under Reid, and the Patriots receivers will be more in tune with Brady who will also get Gronk back. You get so few chances in this league and Bailey ruined the first last year and the whole team laid an egg in this one. I don't see the Broncos making the Super Bowl again. I think that window has closed.
Posted Thursday September 15, 2011, About: Marlins could chase Pujols
The fact it's a bold move is exactly why it won't happen.
Posted Tuesday August 09, 2011, About: Howard calls out Amway Center crowds
Two points: the previous posters are right: it's wrong, plain and simple, because when you use a language incorrectly you are using a language incorrectly, period; and yes, it is a big part of what's wrong with this country because you don't see abbreviations being used by the same countries kicking our collective butts economically because they have a discipline in all things Americans haven't had since World War II. Second point: the previous posters are right: intelligence has nothing to do with it. It's much more simple than that -- it's laziness. Sure, we can talk about it being the way kids text and communicate today, but if you ask them once they get past the whole "everyone does it" speech they give you they'll admit it's faster and easier to type cuz (which they also lazy out on since it's really 'cuz), or bcuz than because. That's not kids molding a language for the future. That's kids who are lazy and have been allowed to get away with murder growing up thinking they can take whatever shortcuts they want because they can't be bothered to do something the right way. After all, kids have such frantically-paced lives that they have to resort to any tiny shortcuts they can like abbreviating everything they text because there just aren't enough hours in the day to socialize, watch YouTube and play video games.
Posted Monday June 27, 2011, About: T.O. considering retirement
Nonono. Cuz it's different when it's America, don't you know.
Posted Monday June 27, 2011, About: T.O. considering retirement
Exactly. All political parties want government regulations. The difference with the big two is Democrats focus on business (environmental, labor, etc.) and Republicans focus on individual (abortion, gay marriage, etc.)
Posted Monday June 27, 2011, About: T.O. considering retirement
Like all Republicans, she hates government intervention in anything except the stuff where she wants government intervention.
Posted Monday June 27, 2011, About: T.O. considering retirement
How do you "shatter" a ligament? I've heard of tearing, ripping, bruising, and rupturing, but I'm pretty sure you can't "shatter" soft tissue.
Posted Friday June 17, 2011, About: Former MLB commish: Cuban 'a real problem' in NBA
I'm more than a little baffled by this hatred of Fay Vincent. It's a well-known fact Vincent was fired only because he wanted to realign baseball based on geography. In fact, let's look at what Vincent did or wanted to do in his time as commissioner:

1. He banned Pete Rose, didn't want to reinstate him and considered him to be a greedy gambling pig.

2. He wanted to realign baseball's divisions to fit geography.

3. He wanted to move the Expos out of Montreal.

4. He thought baseball needed to contract rather than add new teams (which owners wanted to do at the time to increase revenue through entry fees).

5. Publicly contradicted the owners (his bosses) by stressing the importance of labor peace in regards to the game's overall health.

Let's see what baseball has done since Vincent was fired:

1. Has kept Pete Rose banned because everyone now considers him to be a greedy gambling pig.

2. Realigned baseball's division to better fit geography.

3. Moved the Expos to Washington

4. Tried to contract (but was blocked by the Player's Association and hasn't added any new teams.

5. Signed multiple labor agreements early while publicly acknowledging the importance of labor peace in regards to the game's overall health.

Tell me again how the owners got rid of him for being bad for the game?
Posted Saturday June 11, 2011, About: MLB analyst calls Wrigley Field 'a dump'
The irony here is clearly this was posted to create "outrage" that a baseball landmark was called a dump when in reality everyone agrees and no one cares.
Posted Monday June 06, 2011, About: Hershiser joins team looking to purchase Dodgers
Um, Steve Garvey needs name recognition? With Dodger fans?? Really???
Posted Friday May 13, 2011, About: Harper the best prospect ever?
So are most 18-year-olds boys in case you've forgotten. Odds are you were as well.

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