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Posted Saturday December 08, 2012, About: Details emerge in Brent accident
I agree. And Mr. Dallas...this is NOT about being a pantywaist. It's about having the courage to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! It's your defeatist attitude that is the "pantywaist,"
Posted Saturday December 08, 2012, About: Report: Owners told players Donald Fehr could be 'a deal breaker'
Being from Minnesota, the love of hockey gets into your blood, and even I am ready to wash my hands of the NHL after this debacle. At this point, the NHL needs to blow it up and start over, or a rival league ala the old WHL needs to be created to replace it. 4 work stoppages during Bettman's tenure is ridiculous and unacceptable.
Posted Saturday December 08, 2012, About: Details emerge in Brent accident
Maybe if the drunk driving laws had a more teeth, especially in the punishment department, we might see a some movement. But, it all starts in changing the culture that glorifies alcohol consumption and it's connection to sports. It also comes with changing a culture that glorifies professional athletes and giving that sense of entitlement that abets them in ignoring the laws already on the books. It's a tough and difficult task, to be sure, but it HAS to be done.
Mr. Dallas' callous comments are a perfect example of the lack of empathy that has pervaded our society these days. The fact is that this event IS a tragedy. Maybe not to him, but to the months old baby that now has lost both father AND mother, to the families of shooter and victim who now have unanswered questions that will never truly be answered on top of their grief, to the teammates who will wonder if there was some way they could've reached out to prevent this. All I can say is shame on you, Mr. Dallas, and my deepest sympathies go out to those who are hurting in the shadow of these...yes...TRAGIC events.
Posted Saturday December 01, 2012, About: NFL tells Panthers to travel as planned to Kansas City
Sorry, but this joke is not remotely funny given the tragic events today.
Posted Thursday November 15, 2012, About: Depleted T-Wolves looking at Pietrus, Howard
I have to admit that I have been impressed with the Wolves' hustle and drive despite the rash of injuries. This is a team that believes in Adelman's systems and themselves. They also are a much more intelligent bunch than the lunkheads that rode the bench last year. While I find the D League speculation interesting, for the short term, they do need to hang on until Love and Rubio return. This is a team with some promise that is definitely going through a rough patch.
Posted Saturday October 06, 2012, About: Jerry Jones responds to Joe Theismann's rips
I can't stand the Cowboys either, but I definitely agree with Apple here, as well as Theismann here. While Romo is a pretty solid QB much of the time, he has never shown the savvy, talent and character needed to get his team over the hump as it were. It also doesn't help when he is saddled by an egomaniac of an owner whose insistence at being his own GM has led to dubious personnel decisions, as well as mediocrity on the field. As long as Jones continues the way he has, it may be a long time before Dallas sees the Super Bowl again.
Posted Tuesday October 02, 2012, About: Dark days ahead for NHL as talks end with no progress
This is just awful. Bettman is no doubt the WORST commissioner of a professional sports league ever.
Posted Saturday September 29, 2012, About: NFL unlikely to return to LA before 2014
There is one problem with the Bills to Toronto scenario. They tried to hold a couple "home" games in Toronto a couple seasons ago, and the attendance was rather less than what they hoped for to justify the move at present. It may still happen, but the possibility is not a sure one.
Posted Saturday September 29, 2012, About: NFL unlikely to return to LA before 2014
In fact, the Vikes just announced that the architect who designed the stadiums in Indianapolis and Dallas will be designing the new stadium which will replace the Metrodome.
Posted Saturday September 29, 2012, About: NFL unlikely to return to LA before 2014
You better take the Vikings off the table. They are getting their new stadium in Minnesota with groundbreaking next spring and scheduled to open in 2016.
While I have agree that the move had to be made, I will definitely give Nishioka credit for realizing his own culpability and the class with which he made his exit. I wish him good luck in his future endeavors.
Posted Wednesday August 01, 2012, About: Reinsdorf would contract two MLB teams
Actually, They were stopped by the Metropolitan Sports Commission in Minnesota. The Twins were also on that list to contract and the MSC successfully sued the Twins and MLB to honor the Metrodome lease, which still had a couple seasons left. That eventually gave the team and the state the time get the deal for what is now Target Field done. However, the removal of the Twins from the contraction pool left only the Expos as a target and MLB didn't NOT want to eliminate them and leave an off number of teams to schedule.
Posted Saturday July 21, 2012, About: Love: 'Bad blood' in Minnesota
Not to mention that deadbeat Darko, who the Wolves amnestied out.
Posted Wednesday July 18, 2012, About: NHL comeback intrigues Modano
After the Wild signed Parise and Suter, Modano tweeted asking if he "could come up there and play." Thought he was joking, but now..... LOL
Posted Wednesday July 11, 2012, About: Nash singing 'No, Canada'
Speaking as a Wild fan, I'm not crazy about the Christmas jerseys either. If the color scheme on those were reversed, it would look MUCH better. I do like their alternates with the team name in that elegant cursive, and that was the jersey used in the press conference introducing Parise and Suter to the media.
Posted Wednesday July 11, 2012, About: Nash singing 'No, Canada'
Detroit definitely took a hit when they failed to land either Parise or Suter in free agency. Many experts were sure that the Red Wings would land them and they are facing a downward trend if they don't get some fresh talent soon.
Posted Wednesday July 11, 2012, About: Two teams in L.A., one beginning in '13?
The Vikings just picked the new stadium commission and this year is design work with construction to start next spring. They will play at the Metrodome through 2014. Then play one season at TCF Bank Stadium in 2015, with the new stadium opening in time for the 2016 season. The Vikes have committed to a 30 year lease at the new facility.
Posted Friday July 06, 2012, About: Scorned Poile stunned by Suter
Agreed. But don't forget that Suter had other reasons in that he did want to play close to family as well. He's a Wisconsin boy whose wife is from Minnesota.
Posted Friday July 06, 2012, About: Parise and Suter a package deal?
Ummm...actually you did not. True, you agree with the basic fact that Wild is more relevant, but I just provided more detail explaining the reasons why.
Posted Thursday July 05, 2012, About: Parise and Suter a package deal?
It also signals that the Wild will actually be relevant in the league with some legit marquee stars to help improve and promote the product beyond the team's rabid fan base in Minny. For years, the team has longed to get a Winter Classic to highlight Minnesota's hockey culture, and due to a dull product and non-competitive team, have been unable to get considered. These signings definitely are positive steps in that direction.
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