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Posted Wednesday April 09, 2014, About: Another blow to keeping Harbaugh
That's the problem - no coach with a real clue is going to be willing to work with him, except maybe a re-tread looking to get back into a HC job. Kubiak, Morris, little Shanahan, maybe Munchak.
Posted Friday March 21, 2014, About: Schaub targeted by Oakland
He is a decent QB overall. I said it last year - most of his interceptions came on the same type of play - checking down to a RB/receiver outside on a flat route, and the CB jumped the pass. Fix his confidence, tell him throw those away instead, and he will be a serviceable QB for another 2-3 years. To me he is like an Alex Smith kind of QB.
Posted Thursday March 20, 2014, About: Raji returns with only $500K guaranteed
Raji outweighed him by a Pastrami sandwich (it was after halftime).
Posted Thursday March 20, 2014, About: Jets want Vick to push Geno
Can anyone think of an incumbent QB (or team) that this strategy has worked for recently?
Posted Thursday March 13, 2014, About: Best QB in the draft? Why not, says McCarron
That's a bit like asking a guy "Did you stop beating your wife yet?". How is he supposed to answer that doesn't make him sound bad?
Posted Wednesday March 12, 2014, About: Decker spotted on flight from Denver to Newark
For 9 Million a year I would play for the Jets with a clown nose and wig on if they wanted me to.
Posted Wednesday March 12, 2014, About: Vick's last chance
If Vick waits until after the draft, he will be lucky to find anyone willing to sign him for more than a 1 year backup contract. Anyone willing to take chances on him as a starter is also going to be willing to take a chance on a (cheaper) rookie.
Posted Monday March 10, 2014, About: Charlie Strong wants to renew UT-Texas A&M rivalry
Depends on the rivalry, I would say. If it is a good one, in the long run a rivalry can help both schools out more than the (typically) rare National Championship. Michigan and Ohio State know that they are going to have a national stage at least once a year, as do USC/Notre Dame, Army/Navy (both routinely terrible teams lately), and several others.
Posted Monday March 10, 2014, About: Former Pats QB (not named Mallett) on Texans radar
I'm not saying they shouldn't go for a veteran, I just don't think Hoyer or Mallet are the right guys for the job. Neither one is statistically better than two of Houston's current QBs, and I don't know that either of them brings enough to the table to make it worth taking a chance on them.
Posted Monday March 10, 2014, About: Former Pats QB (not named Mallett) on Texans radar
Makes no sense for them to trade for a questionable or unproven QB. They would be better picking the best player available at #1, and then picking a QB with the #1 spot in round 2. Same chance of success with the QB (50/50), but less risk than trading away draft picks and paying a veteran QB salary. To put it another way, I think the fan base would tolerate a 2nd round draft bust much better than a trade for a "veteran" QB that ends up being no better than the 3 already on the roster.
Posted Friday March 07, 2014, About: Pats, Wilfork headed for trouble
I heard rumor that Buffalo has a guy they are willing to trade. Comes with 6 figure price tag, though...
Posted Wednesday February 05, 2014, About: Can Rams fans keep the team?
The better question here might be "Do Rams fans want to keep the team?"
Jeff Fisher coaching. Owner trying to pit fans against city and vice versa. NFL team threatening to move cities. Something familiar about all this...
Posted Wednesday February 05, 2014, About: O'Brien isn't sold on Manziel
If they play their picks right, I think they could get Clowney, and still get a viable option at QB early in the 2nd round. Trade Schaub to Cleveland or Oakland for a 2nd rounder somewhere this year or next year, and let Keenum and Yates play 2014 while the new guy learns the ropes.
Posted Tuesday January 28, 2014, About: Why the Texans won't take Johnny Football
*1-2 years
Posted Tuesday January 28, 2014, About: Why the Texans won't take Johnny Football
They might have been able to get that for him back when drafted QBs were expected to sit on the bench for -2 years, but at this point everyone is expecting the first 3-4 QBs in the draft to start on day 1, with relatively the same success as a veteran QB would have on a new team. Plus, it is cheaper now to take a risk on a rookie than on a veteran who has taken quite a beating lately.
Posted Friday January 03, 2014, About: Why Chicago had to sign Cutler
If I had to take my chances between Cutler at ~15M/year, and drafting a QB early in round 1, I would look to the draft. I'm not sold that Cutler is the guy who is going to push anyone over the cuff into the playoffs. If I just need a "decent" QB, then I like my chances in the draft (at a lot lower cost) just as much as my chances with Cutler.
Posted Thursday December 19, 2013, About: Bears ready to answer the $16M question?
I would be ok with them drafting Clowney, but I think they would be better off picking up a QB at the start of the 2nd round than they would be picking up Cutler. If they're going to deal with attitude problems anyhow, Manziel will probably still be available at that point.
Posted Thursday December 12, 2013, About: Bears likely to let Cutler walk
I can only pray, if there is a god in heaven, that the Texans do not pick up Cutler. Unless he puts himself on the table <$10M/year (and maybe even if he does that), they are better off taking a chance on a QB with the first pick in the second round, or trade down to a late pick in the first and get an additional 2nd or two.
Posted Thursday December 12, 2013, About: Kiffin unsure he can turn Cowboys around
"Voluntary layoff" - a great way to reduce your overhead at the cost of most of your technical expertise as well. We had one a few years ago, and then everyone was surprised at how bad our engineering support got right afterward...
Posted Thursday December 12, 2013, About: Ben Tate not sure he wants to return to Texans next year
Keep in mind that we don't really know how much of Tate's success is due to Kubiak's zone blocking schemes. He probably realizes that this is his best chance for a bigger check, so he's not going to commit to any team until he sees how much the $ amount is.
Posted Wednesday November 20, 2013, About: Jaguars reclaim No. 1 pick
Maybe the Texans can line him up opposite JJ Watt and just hope to score enough on defense to offset the lack of QB.
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