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Posted Friday December 28, 2012, About: Tim Tebow ... scapegoat
If you look at his last 3 games in the regular season and even the playoff game save one play he was awful. He isn't a pro QB. He has shown no improvement and won't. Great college QB but there is a long list of QBs that where great in college but not in the pros.
Posted Thursday December 27, 2012, About: Tim Tebow ... scapegoat
I have never been a fan of Tebow's and I think he is an awful NFL QB but I loved how he put the media in their place. Like him or not he isn't a bad person and this is an atheist saying this. I wouldn't want him on my team but he can move in next door any day. People are just looking for ways to attack his character but in the end you will just end up making yourself look bad.

If the Jets didn't realize the circus that came with Tebow that is their own fault as well.
Posted Thursday December 27, 2012, About: New amateur MMA regulations drop number of events in Kentucky
You don't think that a decline in club and amateur fights isn't a important to the health of the sport? Of course not you can't even spell the word "and" correctly.
Posted Thursday December 27, 2012, About: Sonnen: Marquez had second puberty before Pacquiao fight
Of course no one talks about how Pac had been fading and looking not nearly the fighter he was. Marquez always had KO power. Of course he added muscle mass since his days as a featherweight, he moved up in weight. Pac got careless and paid for it. Stop accusing every athlete unless you have real proof. Just worry about yourself and the tiny purses you make.
Posted Wednesday December 26, 2012, About: Will the Senior Bowl replace the Pro Bowl?
I have been saying for years to get rid of the game and just do an awards show. There you can announce the MVP and other seasonal awards and announce all stars and all pros there as well. During the day just do a skills competition and have areas where the players could be accessible to fans. The game is awful.
Posted Saturday December 22, 2012, About: Nick Saban: Alabama won't run away from Manti Te'o
I don't see the game being that close. ND needed a lot of luck along the way to get where they are. Bama is far more solid of a team all around. ND played a good schedule but Bama is a different animal than they have seen.
Posted Saturday October 13, 2012, About: Jake Shields Announces Suspension
Laughable? He was busted. If it was pot or something harmless they would have said as they always do with that. It is far worse to the public eye to be caught with steroids with all the recent news with that. You can pull the wool over your eyes but he was caught.

Now to demonize him would be a bit extreme. They all do it or at least a real high percentage. Probably guys we are all fans of do it as well. Don't think for a minute it wasn't some kind of a PED. These guys know everything that go in their body and only the true lazy ones have some recreational drug in them when testing is close like Chavez Jr just did.
Posted Saturday September 22, 2012, About: Brett Favre not ruling out return to Lambeau Field
Most of the fans will welcome him back. I am pass him going to Minnesota. It happens. It was better he went to play there than stay in Green Bay so I don't hold it against him. I don't forgive the fans who where cheering against the Packers and now want back on the bandwagon.
Posted Sunday May 27, 2012, About: Pavlik to return in June
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Pavlik to return in June
The critics said the same things when Sugar Ray retired and when Oscar retired and a bunch of other times as well. Sorry not true. New stars always come along and there are new ones coming up now as well.

If boxing is dead than MMA is more dead. Jones is their biggest star at the moment and he sells half as much as Pac or Floyd. His PPV sales are close to what Cotto does. There are still more transcendent stars in boxing than in MMA. If you ask the casual sports fan to name boxers or MMA fighters they will name more Boxers. Mayweather, Pac, Hopkins and Cotto are as big if not bigger than anyone in MMA.

Also don't forget that Boxing is global. In Europe they sell out soccer stadiums, in Mexico it is the 2nd biggest sport next to soccer same with a lot of South America.

Sorry but people have been saying boxing is dying since the before we where both alive and it is nonsense. Kessler vs Bute this weekend will have a sold out arena. Not dead in the least and the facts back me up.
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Namath on Tebow trade: Publicity stunt
He knows better than anyone.
Posted Wednesday March 21, 2012, About: Jets source: We are players in Tebow race
Just keep this circus out of Green Bay.
Posted Monday March 12, 2012, About: Source: Tebow could be traded to...
Haven't had a blackout in awhile but that is only because they tarp off a bunch of seats. I am not saying he goes to JAX, I don't think he does, but to say they don't need to do better on ticket sales is not accurate at all.
Posted Monday March 12, 2012, About: Source: Tebow could be traded to...
If they have a chance to get Manning Tebow's two years of popularity won't mean a damn thing. It is about winning and anyone who knows anything about football knows Tebow's success is short lived just like the success of the wild cat was. Elway wants a pocket passer and if you can get possibly the best one ever or at least one of the best you do it.

You know what else brings excitement to a fan base and money to management? Winning and competing for a Super Bowl. If the Broncos get Manning they will have a 3 year window to bring a title home, that is better then Tebow will ever do.
Posted Thursday February 23, 2012, About: Pujols objects to Angels marketing push
Well Albert you singed this huge contract now you want to limit them from marketing the move to help pay for it? Not your place. Nicknames get recycled all the time. "The Man" has probably been reused more than once as well. Just like "Rocket" or "Kid" have been used over and over or in boxing "Sugar", "Ghost" or "Baby Face".
Posted Thursday February 23, 2012, About: Pujols objects to Angels marketing push
Is there anyone the writers haven't speculated on? If you are good in any sport eventually you will be thrown in with this bunch.
Posted Thursday February 16, 2012, About: Tebow returns to drawing board with throwing motion
This guy has so far to go that Denver is simply wasting their time trying to groom him into a passing QB. They are better off starting over from scratch or going after Peyton Manning and drafting a young guy to learn from him. Tebow is not the answer.
Posted Tuesday February 07, 2012, About: No sign of quit in Coughlin
Why is this even in question? This guy doesn't get respect yet he now has 2 Super Bowls. Sure he isn't young but he doesn't seem to be slipping at all. They will want him fired in NY before 2013 however.
Posted Monday February 06, 2012, About: Pacquiao: I want Mayweather next
Both are giving ridiculous demands. Pac went to him and said he would do the fight if the split was 50-50 and Mayweather refused. If he accepted Pac would have come up with something else and Floyd would have refused. If you haven't seen the cycle yet than you need to open your eyes.

Both fighters are ducking the other. Both are ever changing their demands and one only mentions the other to promote their upcoming fight.
Posted Monday February 06, 2012, About: Pacquiao: I want Mayweather next
If Manny can ask most of his opponents since moving up to come in at a catch weight than he should have no problem doing additional drug testing. Testing that should be required anyways. Sorry but that is a lame excuse.

Both guys ask their opponents to do something extra but there is a difference behind the reasoning. Better drug testing simply ensures a level playing field. Asking someone to come in at a lighter weight or have a rehydration clause in the contract is one fighter looking for an advantage over another.

Both are to blame for the fight not happening and to take sides is just ridiculous. The drug testing didn't prevent anything. Both are using excuses to not do the fight.
Posted Monday February 06, 2012, About: Education of Jimmer includes ... little education
Playing him won't help much either. He is the type of player that he was in college. You just can't get away with it here in the NBA. A 6'2" shooting guard doesn't even get a 2nd look but since he was so popular he gets a chance.
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