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Posted Thursday April 03, 2014, About: Only One Compelling Story at Final Bore: Frank Kaminsky
Who doesn't like a 7 footer that can shoot the three?
Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014, About: Birds of Feather? Not Larry & Mr.Bluejay
It's hype to compare McDermott with Bird. In reality McDermott is very much like Chris Mullin was at St. John's and could have a similar pro career.
Posted Friday February 14, 2014, About: With Warmest Regards Heading Into Baseball Season
Meanwhile over here in Calif. we'd welcome any snow or rain. The reservoirs look like kiddie-pools. Either way, in just a few days, Pitchers and Catchers Report, one of the best phrases ever.
Posted Tuesday February 04, 2014, About: Seahawks Finally 'Kiss the Sky' in SB.48
Have never before seen a picture of Hendrix with a guitar other than a Fender Strat.
Posted Tuesday February 04, 2014, About: Superbowl Was A Dud
But with all the pot smoking in WA and CO, no one in those states noticed the cold.
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Peyton Mannings Legacy
He's already the second best QB of all time, and even if he wins this super bowl, he'll still be the second best ever.
Joe Montana (4-0) in super bowls will remain as the best ever.
Posted Wednesday January 15, 2014, About: NFL14 Conf-Clash: "Greed is Good?"
"the Vandals & Visigoths had broken through, swarming the Coliseum and turning it into a Sodom & Gomorrah of economic orgy."

That is classic!
Posted Thursday January 02, 2014, About: Uniform Numbers.
Posted Thursday January 02, 2014, About: Uniform Numbers.
24 Willie May
7 Mickey Mantle (or John Elway)
9 Ted Williams
Posted Monday December 16, 2013, About: Sportsman of the Year - No one
Thanks for the vote, but it still ended up going to Peyton Manning. Here's hoping he makes it to the Super Bowl...but then loses to the 49ers.
Posted Monday December 09, 2013, About: Sacramento's Mike Malone said team has no dicipline
Time for Vanadive to clean house from top to bottom, all coaches, all players. Then build a PRIVATELY FUNDED arena.
Posted Tuesday November 26, 2013, About: Bold Prediction - Changes Coming to BCS Standings
Michigan State vs. Stanford would be an epic battle of strength vs. strength.
Clemson is way overrated. Alabama would beat them by 40+
An undefeated Ohio State absolutely would deserve to be in the BCS game. They may even win it, if they get the chance.
Posted Tuesday October 29, 2013, About: Things I'd like to see in 2014.
Kate Upton on Jeopardy
Posted Thursday October 24, 2013, About: 10 Athletes You Must Invite to Your Halloween Party
Ted Williams is a good invite. Headless ballplayers are a cool Halloween idea.
Posted Thursday October 17, 2013, About: Best Sounding Nicknames in History of Sports
Donny Baseball takes a back seat to Teddy Ballgame every time.
Posted Tuesday September 10, 2013, About: Chip Kelly Is the "Bohemian Rhapsody" of Football
Really hope Kelly's old team, the Oregon Ducks meet up with Alabama at the end of the season. I believe the Ducks, carrying on Kelly's philosophy will be too fast for the Tide to keep up with. THAT will change the entire game as every coach (except perhaps Nick Saban) will follow Kelly's lead.
Posted Thursday August 08, 2013, About: The 10 Best Football Words of All Time
The Purple People Eaters were Alan Page (he's the lawyer, actually a Minn. Supreme Court justice), Carl Eller, Jim Marshall and Gary Larsen (not the guy who drew the Far Side).
Posted Monday July 29, 2013, About: Joe DiMaggio Shouldn't Be Anyone's Hero
Haven't read Cramer's book but I do know DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were married after he retired from baseball. Addtionally, it's not surprising that DiMaggio didn't have input, he died in 1999 and was sick with lung cancer since 1998.
Posted Friday July 26, 2013, About: Should NFL care if Broncos star Von Miller smokes Pot?
"I was going to get a job, but then I got high." -song lyrics.

"I was going to rush the quarterback, but then I got high"- Von Miller.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: A Game-Changing Baseball Catch With My Son
Great column on parenting.
Posted Monday April 01, 2013, About: A Father, a Son and Baseball's Opening Day
Great sentiments.
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