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Posted Tuesday May 24, 2011, About: New Member
This place is pretty good, I pop in every now and then on the TDs, message boards etc. Not too often. Follow the O's games on the gamecasts though.

The ad spam that shows up in comment threads is annoying, but other than that this place isn't too bad.
Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: Super Bowl Predictions
I definitely think the ravens have a great chance of making the super bowl. With that being said, the bengals are right on our tails. If TO and Chad create problems for the bengals though, they shouldn't be a problem to get past. I am still worried about the jets and the dolphins in the afc, even the colts. I feel the colts are gradually moving back into the pack as opposed to the head of the pack. The Jets, even with Revis, are dangerous. The only thing that can hold them back is Sanchez regressing, which is a possibility.

AFC Top 5 Teams I have in order: Jets, Ravens, Dolphins, Colts, Bengals. Followed closely by the texans and then the chargers. The chargers have too many holdouts right now, too much drama. Merriman, V. Jackson, and O'Neill are all holding out, and they are keys to the team on both sides of the football.

The Texans need to figure out their running back situation. once they do that, they could beat out the colts in the division.

NFC Top 5 Teams in Order: Packers, Saints, Panthers, 49ers, Vikings. Followed by the cowboys, giants, falcons.

Too many questions after the first 2 teams for me. The Panthers will be good. The vikings would have been #3 yesterday, but now with Sidney Rice out for the first 8 weeks and Percy Harvin and his headaches...they are a question. I have some confidence in alex smith now that he has a good offense around him. Gore, Crabtree and V. Davis are a strong supporting cast.

I see Green Bay beating whoever comes out of the AFC in the Super Bowl.
Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: THAT TRADE SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.
This assembling of star power comes down to the fact of the NBA's image. What is the NBA without Lebron, Kobe, Wade, Dwight and Shaq? The NBA is built on it's stars, not it's games.

In the MLB or NFL, the players and superstars are part of the recipe, but they aren't the main pieces. yes, Pujols and Jeter certainly bring in some revenue and are superstars in the MLB, but the fact of the matter is the NBA has given their superstars too much power, too much sway.

Lebron and Wade and Kobe all have acknowledged before (if I remember correctly) that they have direct hands in management, who to go out and try and trade for, etc. With that being said, they held more power in their respective organizations last year than any baseball player or football player can today.

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