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Posted Tuesday June 14, 2011, About: Greatest rebounder in NBA history
JJ Barea!
Posted Friday December 24, 2010, About: Buster Olney's top 10 rotations... Angels not in it???
I doubted Oakland's staff as well, but they have some pretty good arms in their rotation.

Dallas Braden, 3.50 ERA, 30 starts
Brett Anderson, 2.80 ERA, 19 starts
Trevor Cahill, 2.90 ERA, 30 starts
Gio Gonzalez, 3.23 ERA, 33 starts
Rich Harden, 5.58 ERA, 18 starts

Obviously Harden is a question, but this looks like a strong rotation to me. Granted, I am no expert and don't particularly follow baseball...they may be number 3. They certainly deserve to be on the list, I think top 5.
One point I feel needs mentioning is that a lot of the bigger teams have turned down Boise State for a neutral field or game at Boise State.

I faintly remember a few big-time SEC teams refusing to a while ago, even on a neutral site.
Posted Wednesday September 08, 2010, About: The Great Boise Debate
The problem is, BSU was ranked #3 PRESEASON. Assuming they go undefeated and either Alabama or Ohio State don't, there could be a week where even though one of the top 2 teams loses a game, they don't move a spot down.

If BSU started at #10 and went undefeated, they could get shoved out of the way easy and finish the season at #4-6. But they started at #3, if they go undefeated this season they should be in the NC game. This climb has occurred over years, they have finally earned it.

I just hope they don't lose that spot when Kellen Moore leaves, hopefully they have some talent in the cupboards and can keep them stocked.
Posted Friday August 20, 2010, About: The Ravens will make it to the Superbowl this year.
I think we will definitely make the Superbowl. Granted, I am a ravens fan, but I am surprised DJ went with the "Cincy is better" counter argument. I can't agree with that, at all, especially with how Carson Palmer finished up last year.

Cincy's D needs to place just as good as they did last year, and I don't see that happening. They will be good, but I don't think the D-line will hold up as well.
My only TD (I believe with DJ) I had that problem. Using firefox?
I can't see how you think people hate the raiders dj...hate Al Davis, yes. But I can't think of one person I know who hates the raiders. Voting left, Raiders will do better.

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