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Posted Tuesday May 28, 2013, About: Rutgers AD denies accusations, won't resign
How does one "forget"
a. Having an entire team turn against you
b. Having an entire team send a letter saying you were a horrible person
c. Having a meeting with that team AND the AD where you quit and walked out

Really? How does one forget something like that?
Posted Tuesday February 21, 2012, About: Re: Manny ... Nothing to see here
he will need to find a way to over come age, loss of power and bat speed. maybe he could take some "Supplements" to help fight aging. A good vitamin program should solve his problems.
Posted Thursday January 12, 2012, About: Manny wants to be a role model
Take PEDS, you should be banned for life.
Posted Wednesday September 07, 2011, About: Riley in familiar spot: Title or bust
From Cleveland but without the LeBron hate. I don't want him back because he has not learned how to perform in the championship part of the season at the pro level. He could not get it done in Cleveland in the past and his most recent performance has shown he is the same immature sulking player who chokes when it matters. Nothing personal, just the facts. Maybe some day he will get it right and learn the mental side of how to perform in championship games. maybe...
Posted Friday January 28, 2011, About: Cavs shopping Mo, Antawn?
Hmmm, Indians all over again, promise competitiveness and then build a cheap payroll farm club and pretend it is a pro team.
Posted Friday December 17, 2010, About: Smith out indefinitely, career in limbo
I will be interested to see if he returns. I had mosaicplasty seven years ago and while the procedure removed the pain, the knee is just not the same. I could not imagine playing pro football after mosaicplasty. However, they did not specify the size of the mosaicplasty or location. I wish him the best.
Posted Sunday October 10, 2010, About: Sterger to cooperate with Favre investigation
Sterger is at best a third rate wanna be who used augmentation to spur her 15 minutes of fame. Listen to her videos, her old interviews... seriously she is a hack with big boobs which are fake. Come on guys, we can do better than drool over a manipulative glory ****.
Posted Tuesday August 17, 2010, About: Manny on the move?
A washed up cheat, he should be shunned by any team with a shred of dignity. Oh yeah, this is pro baseball so there will probably be a bidding war.
Posted Wednesday August 04, 2010, About: Dodgers erasing Mannywood era
Manny cheated and hit homers. Manny stopped cheating and stunk. Athletes caught cheating with PEDs should be banned for life and all their records removed.

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