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Posted Thursday April 19, 2012, About: John Elway is a petty, petty little man.......
Ha Ha Savannah Swagga (the original Cleaveland T-Roll) or whatever his current name is has been banned and deleted once again. He did get to 100 comments this time, an all-time record.
Posted Monday March 26, 2012, About: John Elway is a petty, petty little man.......
I'd come at you to your face but I don't like to get that close to another man's balls which is usually where your face is found.
Posted Monday March 26, 2012, About: John Elway is a petty, petty little man.......
F-You you stupid A-s-s. You know nothing about sports but plenty about animal husbandry.
Correction. The biggest and (most certainly) dumbest troll on FN, the Pathetique Cleaveland Troll.
It is hard for him to make himself look like other than he is.
Oh Pathetic Cleveland Troll. So Sad.
So you found your way out from under that rock where you have been hiding!?
You are still a boffoon, Cleve Troll. Are you going to sic K-pound in me, you gutless coward?
Posted Friday September 30, 2011, About: Wut Wut? BOOM BOOM Wut Wut? BOOM BOOM
Agreed that Swagga is very very stupid. But one would think someone as stupid as he would be unable to operate a keyboard and yet he does. If you were here during the glory days and then demise of Cavaliers and Lebron you would be able to see the similarities among Swagga and the various banned usernames I cite. And would have witnessed the "birth" of k-pound as a defender of whatever username Swagga was using at the time. After the summer of Lebron K-pound disappeared only to reappear whenever a Swagga-like reincarnation of the Cleveland Troll pops up. They are the same stupid ( really stupid is a compliment) person. I know. It's no theory.
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Heat Roster is looking good now haters!!
Part of your comment I think is a given. That by the end of the season they will be clicking. Amid all the bad press LBJ is getting, there is still the fact that he has great basketball intelligence and I think he will learn to exploit Dwadw and Bosh's talent as a point forward. Early on they will win their share on pure talent (Miami has already assembled a supporting cast the easily rival the Cavs of the last two years). The Lakers have improved their depth greatly so they still have to be the favorites. Can't wait for the season to begin.

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