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Posted Friday November 29, 2013, About: Should Jason Kidd be punished for intentional spill?
He should not be fined, this time; BUT a warning should be given.
Posted Sunday September 08, 2013, About: Report: NCAA may give athletes more transfer freedom
I was thinking the exact same thing. Are the players transferring to follow the coach, or they going to a third school? You may have to limit the number of players that are allowed to transfer; you can't have the whole team allowed to transfer just because the coach left. Also, if a senior wants to transfer because the coach left and is allowed to, then that player should not be forced to sit out for a year.
Posted Saturday August 24, 2013, About: Maria Sharapova withdraws from US Open
Give me some Sugarpova.
Posted Saturday February 16, 2013, About: Zack Greinke looked at helicopter commute to Dodgers Stadium
Read the entire article before you post. At the end it said that Greinke has a 'social anxiety disorder'. While he was with the Royals, he almost gave up his career because of it. That is why I was suprised to he went to LA. I thought he would stay with small market teams.
Posted Thursday February 14, 2013, About: Texas AD taking shots at Mizzou?
Texas: You got more money than any other school in the Big XII ( both the old Big XII and the watered down new Big XII) and you STILL can not win games. Then want to bad mouth another school? If any other school in the Big XII had Texas money, they would have more wins than Texas (both current and former members). Based on your record, many of them do, without Texas size money.
Posted Monday February 04, 2013, About: Declining Teixeira admits he's overpaid
Hey Mark Teixeira, come play for the Royals, and you won't have the problem of being overpaid.
Posted Monday February 04, 2013, About: Jim Harbaugh rips refs for non-call in Super Bowl
Jim rather play sore loser, rather than congratulate his brother.
Posted Saturday January 12, 2013, About: UConn AD denies Catholic 7, Big West rumors
The Catholic 7 could be good men's basketball conference
Posted Saturday January 12, 2013, About: Vanessa and Kobe Bryant call off divorce
Kobe must have played some Al Green.
Posted Tuesday January 08, 2013, About: A-Rod's doctor surprised 'he was able to play at all'
I am a Yankee hater, but this story makes me say "WOW" or "duh-mazing" (from Two Broke Girls). Hats off to A-Rod.
Posted Monday December 31, 2012, About: Crennel fired in Kansas City, but Scott Pioli will stay
The 2-14 Chiefs have FIVE Pro Bowlers on the team. That may save Pioli job.
Posted Friday December 14, 2012, About: Would the Pirates ever do what the Royals did?
During the All-Star game, Kansas City showed that it IS a baseball town. We have been starving for a team we can cheer for; since 1985.
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: James Shields is not an ace pitcher worth a top prospect
All the Royals need are two good pictures and they would contend for the AL Central title. They could either be two good Starting Pictures, or one great ace starting picture and a good closer. If it was not for two entended losing streaks in 2012, then they would have been a .500 team.
Posted Friday November 23, 2012, About: Nation's most underrated player
I agree. You have consider the competition he has played against. However, still very impressive.
Posted Saturday November 10, 2012, About: Chiefs deny meeting with Marty Schottenheimer
I would like to see Marty as the Chiefs GM.
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: Pro Bowl on the chopping block
IDEA: How about moving the Pro Bowl to the preseason? Having last year's all stars kick off the next year's preseason. Maybe even replacing the Hall of Fame game with the Pro Bowl?
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: Bill Self says college athletes should be paid
My plan is to have all college athletes to get paid for all post season games. The bigger the post season game, the more the athletes get paid for it. It is the post season games that generate the most money.
Posted Friday October 19, 2012, About: Greinke's decision holding up the Angels
Greinke wants to play for a contender, but prefer a small market team. He is just waiting to see if St. Louis or Detroit will make him an offer after the post season.
I agree 100%
Posted Friday October 12, 2012, About: Troy Aikman blasts Cowboys fans
Troy maybe right. What are Cowboy fans known for?
Posted Friday October 05, 2012, About: Schottenheimer for Chiefs GM: WWMD?
I would take getting into the post season constantly any time. Winning in the post season usually comes down to match ups and who is playing hot. If you get in constantly, then odds will fall in your favor eventually.
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