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My Biggest disappointment: I agree with Marlins Fan, it will be the Texas Rangers. Their run is done.
My Biggest surprise: I am going with my team, the Kansas City Royals. We finally got a full starting pitching rotation. We should be a least near .500 this year.
Posted Saturday March 02, 2013, About: Me versus you. In a debate. About sports. Dig?
I am Chipper fan.
Posted Monday December 31, 2012, About: NHL: Contraction or European Expansion?
I like the Europe division, but not 32 teams. Another idea, have some teams have two home cities. They would play half their home games in one city, and the other half in another city. Remeber the Green Bay Packer use to play half their games in Milwaukee.
Posted Monday November 05, 2012, About: 10 Word TD: What is the most boring sport?
I enjoy bowling every now and then. I will never try anthing as lame as curling.
Sorry you are not the first to deal with this question. This is why a player has to wait several years after his career is over before he is eligible to elected to the HOF. So we have to wait several years after Jeter retires before we can compare him to Rose.
Posted Friday October 05, 2012, About: Biggest surprise and biggest disappointment of the MLB season
The biggest surprise team is the O's. There are a lot of baseball that can not understand how they did it.
The biggest disappointment is the Red Soxs. They were out of playoff picture by the trade deadline in July. Who predicted that in March?
( Can't believe I agree 100% with a Yankee Fan.)
Posted Thursday August 16, 2012, About: Which team would you invest in?
As long there is baseball, the Yankees will always be contenders. (Darn evil empire.)
Posted Tuesday August 14, 2012, About: Bolt vs Phelps
In China, Bolt had already started to slow down and STILL broke the world record.
Posted Tuesday August 14, 2012, About: Bolt vs Phelps
Phelps got medals in 3 different olympics. Bolt only got medals in 2. Lets wait and see what Bolt does in Rio, before we have this discussion.
Posted Thursday August 09, 2012, About: Bonds and the Hall... yea or nay?
What Rose did is just as bad as the Black Sox scandal.
Posted Thursday August 09, 2012, About: Bonds and the Hall... yea or nay?
I do not understand why people want Rose in the HOF, but do not want Bonds in.
I am on the fence on this issue. I think that the NCAA was rushed into a decision on penalties by the media and many people like Pentangeli. Especially since Peterno is longer here to speak for himself.
I want to see phelps run the 100m on the track. Or to keep it in the pool, lets see his form off the diving board.
The winner of the decathlon is consider the world's greatest athlete. This includes 10 different track and field events. If person wins the decathlon multiple times then I would consider that person the greatest olympian of all time. Maybe there should be a decathlon equilvalent for swimmers.

Then there is the tri-althon. This is three marathons back-to back- to back. If a person that wins this event multiple,then I might consider that person the greatest olympian of all time.

Bottomline: I would like to see a person win medal multiple genre of sports and in multiple olympics , before award someone the title of the greatest olympian of all time. Michael Phelps is just the greatest swimmer of all time.
Posted Tuesday July 24, 2012, About: ichiro 1st ballot HOF???
I think Ichiro should be in the HOF, but might not ever get in. Ichiro's game or strengths is not what American baseball fans like to see. Plus he played on the west coast with no playoff appearances. So his only national highlight play in career was the All-Star game inside the park homerun.
Posted Sunday December 04, 2011, About: NLF is better than college football (NBA Grue Tourney)
I agree with the (Un)Offical. The is no guarantee that WR would have caught the ball. Any pass more than 15 yards you have either a good scoring opportunity, or changed the field position of the game. All that decided on a penalty on a ball that may or may not have been caught. Play football, do not depend on a penalty to bail you out.
Posted Sunday December 04, 2011, About: Put down the SEC flavored Kool-Aid, folks!!!
<--------------------------100% Agree. However, I would rather have a playoff.
I have no problem of the Marlins rebranding their name and logo. It might help to attract more Latin Americans to the sport; and more new fans in general.
To describe the new logo and uniforms as rainbow brite colors is WRONG. The old Houston Astros already have that title.
Posted Sunday November 06, 2011, About: This is Joe Paterno's final season
I agree. Joe Pa is just holding the title of head coach.
Posted Sunday June 26, 2011, About: Baseball Team With the Brightest Future?
I am sticking with the KC Royals on this one. 1.The Royals have one the best (if not the best) farm systems in MLB. We are just now seeing some of the talent come to majors, like Aaron Crow, Jarod Dyson, Eric Housmer, and others. 2. The rest of the AL central teams have a bunch of over priced, aging veterans.
Posted Saturday April 23, 2011, About: Kobe Bryant is not a top 5 player in the NBA.
Confucius is just another Kobe hater. Vote Ogre.

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