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Posted Sunday March 02, 2014, About: Deion Sanders: Every NFL team I played for had gay player
Did anybody notice how much Bobby Petrino's mistress looks like Jim Nabors aka Gomer Pyle USMC? So that means Coach Petrino is gay. Or pretty gay anyway.
Posted Thursday January 09, 2014, About: Notre Dame's next star quarterback
Tony Rice was great.
Posted Thursday December 19, 2013, About: Jon Gruden may be interested in Texas job
He hasn't coached for several years. The spoon-fed quarterback tutorials on TV aren't the same as getting down with recruiting, keeping kids in line who are away from home the first time, scouting more than a dozen teams intensively, keeping contacts going with high school coaches all over the great state of Texas, and so forth. Plus his phony fake good old boy accent. I think Texas fans would soon be gagging.
Posted Wednesday December 18, 2013, About: Beavers land transferring Cal QB
Tedford should have played Kline as a true freshman instead of the inept qb he stuck with. Goff may have beaten him out anyway this year, but Kline would have all that experience now. He got rooked out of an entire season by the coach who recruited him. **** didn't have anything to do with any of it, so shouldn't be blamed. Goff is probably the best pro qb prospect in the nation RIGHT NOW. Makes throws that make Winston and the other superstars look like the college kids they are.
Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: No surprise for ex-Incognito teammate
At a deviant sex club, Marquis de Sade stuff, the most disgusting kind. His messages show how very interested he is in that kind of thing. Now he has all the time in the world to get into it.
Posted Saturday July 27, 2013, About: Notre Dame delays date of Temple game in Philadelphia
Luck is part of the game, and the Irish had it. Something disgraceful about that? They were a good team; Alabama was a great team. Not ND's fault they were invited to play; what team wouldn't accept?
Posted Tuesday July 23, 2013, About: Johnny Manziel turns off at least one NFL scout
@ 84 The Longhorns will do it by voodoo; just like everyone else, they're sick of hearing about him making a fool of himself.
Posted Tuesday July 23, 2013, About: Johnny Manziel turns off at least one NFL scout
Plus he'll still be shell-shocked from the shellacking he's going to get from Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Texas, and LSU this season. Maybe Auburn will knock him silly, too.
Uh, study. Volunteer. Cultivate friendships.
Posted Sunday April 28, 2013, About: Johnny Manziel, A.J. McCarron to vacation together
What a scolding! One thing's for sure, I'll never read something into anything again. After that, I just wish AJ and Johnny a bonne voyage.
Posted Sunday April 28, 2013, About: Johnny Manziel, A.J. McCarron to vacation together
All those suspicions their frustrated girlfriends have--true!
Posted Monday April 01, 2013, About: Ex-Notre Dame QB Kiel visits Cincinnati
The blind dates Manti Te'o set up for him never showed and if you can't trust the team captain . . .
Posted Thursday March 07, 2013, About: Don't forget about Bobby Petrino
Better to hire a man who tried to keep the woman out of trouble than what Oregon has done, promoted to Offensive Coordinator a coward who hid in a closet while the woman he'd just been in bed with is getting assaulted by her jealous (and psycho/criminal) ex. He doesn't deserve to be a Duck because in truth he's chicken-you-know-what.
Posted Sunday February 17, 2013, About: Top 2014 UT recruit still firm after Mack Brown draws line
Not true. When he was drooling and moaning about Texas' right to be in the Rose Bowl several years ago, he had a goofy look on his face.
Posted Thursday November 29, 2012, About: Luther Campbell tweet: 'Golden to UT'
Honey Boo Boo will be the last word about this.
Posted Tuesday November 13, 2012, About: Patterson not talking about Arkansas speculation
Call it the SECede 3 - Colorado, Tennessee, and New York. It would make as much sense as most BCS conferences. Funny enough, the one that still makes sense IS the SEC.
Posted Wednesday October 31, 2012, About: QB carousel spinning at Stanford?
Just checking in.
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: Leach on seniors: 'Dead corpses'
If I were one of those senior corpses and still cared about my place on the team, I'd use the comments as sign that the coach is still watching me, that I still have a chance to get his attention by hard work and alert play. Continue the season from this day forward on a high note--it's not too late.
Posted Friday September 14, 2012, About: Pelini facing heat at Nebraska
I haven't been there but I believe you. Great programs have great fans, and they are hospitable, partly because they share love of the game pure and simple. You can find that at Notre Dame, at the Coliseum, in Tuscaloosa, Austin...
Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: Irish QB has a long way to go
Rees and Calabrese, the GotUrBak2, suck (and suck and suck and suck).
Posted Sunday July 22, 2012, About: Does any network want Craig James?
Not necessarily. I see a reality series spinoff: Craig (James) and Bruce (Jenner) raising Craig's twenty-something boy, giving him advice for his first job--blame the boss
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