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Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Mets still seeking starters
Yikes...relying on Colon and Wheeler for a whole season is not a recipe for success. Considering what happened to Harvey too....

I'm not sure what the front office's reputation is like (I haven't heard good things), but I would imagine three to five years worth of last place and some good, pitching heavy drafts can change this team into a contender. FA position players are easy enough to come by.
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Phillies zeroing in on Gaudin?
You are all kinds of stupid.
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Browns expected to release Jason Campbell
He can play in the league. Back-up fits best for now but given a true chance, I think he's capable of being a #1. Seems like some other guys get the chance, just don't have the talent.

It's a shame b/c he may have been priced out of the league now too.
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Broncos to wear orange jerseys at Super Bowl XLVIII
espn did a piece when the Lakers played the Celtics about how jersey colors can increase the overall pleasure of watching a game and make it more stimulating to the viewer.

The study found that the combination of green/white vs. purple/yellow was the most stimulating combination of colors.

I think team colors are more than just pleasing to the eye but a sign of pride. Yeah it reeks of "fashion police" but go tell a Redskins fan to wear green or blue. I'm glad the Broncos are wearing orange. No other team in the NFL wears orange anymore (except the Bengals but when are they going to get to a Super Bowl).
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Raiders showing interest in Tajh Boyd
The Raiders should show interest in EVERY quarterback entering this years draft.
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Johnny Manziel may not throw at combine
It's totally understandable why potential 1st round QB's refuse to throw at the NFL Combine.

The term "chemistry" comes up so often when we discuss successful NFL quarterbacks. We worry about timing when either QB or WR comes back from injury. We worry when new coordinators change schemes.
I believe all these things can factor into a young QB's decision to throw at the Combine.

That being said, I can not see Johnny's game translating well to the NFL. I'd be disappointed if my team drafted him in ANY round.
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Cowboys expect Tony Romo to be ready for training camp
Even though I thoroughly enjoy watching jerry jones cruise down the same road as Al Davis, I am leery regarding the "quality" of modern NFL owners.

Sure jerry jones is losing his grip on reality, but his passion for the game may be unmatched. Newer owners seem to be like politicians, hardly human.
Posted Sunday October 06, 2013, About: Hyun-Jin Ryu to start Game 3 of NLDS
Braves, please win this series. Not just for Atlanta, but for the whole country.
Posted Sunday October 06, 2013, About: Rangers GM denies rumors of alleged fight with Nolan Ryan
I absolutely LOVED seeing his fat red frowning face in the stands when the San Francisco Giants won the Championship in his house.
Posted Sunday October 06, 2013, About: Jaguars add Justin Blackmon to active roster
Jacksonville's offense will get going when Lewis gets on the field and MJD becomes a threat again. Trading Monroe is still a curious move, though.

IMO, trade MJD, cut every QB, draft Bridgewater, build into an SEC style, defense first grind house.
Posted Sunday October 06, 2013, About: Seahawks play to expand CenturyLink Field
seahawk fans, your crowd noise record is a sham.
Your stadium was designed that way. The engineers at Boeing deserve any credit.

BTW, Chief fans are the loudest.
Posted Monday September 09, 2013, About: Record-setting A.J. Pierzynski likely to re-sign with Rangers
Only Phillip Rivers and King Joffrey have a more punchable face than AJ Pierzynski.
Posted Monday September 09, 2013, About: Longest HR of the season travels nearly 500 feet
Remember when Sosa hit 520 footers in the Derby?
Corked bats AND steroids?! I'm still waiting for someone to hit the 501ft. mitt in LF at AT&T Park.

Speaking of the SF Giants...I've been hearing rumors (whatever that's worth) of McCann to the Giants either in a trade or FA. Some of the details make sense too. Like Zito's 20mil/year coming off the books, Posey's safety behind the plate, and Sandoval's need for a change of scenery.
Posted Monday September 09, 2013, About: Texans to use running back rotation
Kubiak's zone blocking scheme has always allowed for multiple backs to succeed. His time in Denver being the most obvious example. It's almost as simple as plug and play.
Posted Monday September 09, 2013, About: Mario Williams dealing with plantar faciitis
Wonder if moving from turf to natural grass has any affect on this kind of injury.
Wonder if the cold weather can affect it too.
Posted Monday September 09, 2013, About: Jags WR: 'I'm tired of losing'
Cecil Shorts doesn't sound like other unhappy floridian wideouts. Hopefully Caldwell and Khan start getting the message that this kind of football is not acceptable.

Unfortunately for guys like Shorts, this team is going to need a long time to turn around the mistakes of previous management.
Posted Friday August 30, 2013, About: Giants stars claimed, but going nowhere (for now)
It's big news to Giant fans because all three of those guys are beloved in San Francisco. Just hearing their names in any trade talk is concerning.

The Giants ownership have sold their fans on a "family" atmosphere where you really feel like you know these ball players. The organization has gone out of it's way to bring in "good character" guys as well. Heck, I've drank with some of them in the Marina and they're cool guys.

The San Francisco Giants are one year removed from beating everyone. It's news to hear the team may get torn apart.
Posted Friday August 30, 2013, About: Raiders believe Terrelle Pryor is best fit in system
What system? The raiders don't have a system; they haven't in over ten years.

The only positive thing out of oakland has been McKenzie getting rid of some bad football players over the past few.

I'd like to see the raiders do well. I do believe the league is a better place when the raiders perform well. It's just that they don't have a system in place. They don't have an identity.
Posted Friday August 30, 2013, About: EJ Manuel has yet to resume throwing
I find it difficult to root against the Buffalo Bills.
It's not just that they're lovable losers either. There are plenty of reasons to dislike some losers, like the bengals or redskins, but the Bills seem have to have a soft spot in most every fans' heart.
Posted Friday May 10, 2013, About: Speeding through rehab, Greinke primed for early return
mattingly can't control this group of mindless morons. The draft dodgers are in a tough place. They can't hire a no nonsense manager b/c their best players are too lazy to change. They can't keep a pushover like mattingly b/c the players don[t respect him.

Either way it's fun to see them in last place.
Posted Friday May 10, 2013, About: MLB admits blown call in controversial home run ruling
This should be a great opportunity for alan selig to shift his legacy from allowing steroids to allowing technology. He can be remembered as a "modern" commish by limiting the role of umpires and increasing the accuracy of calls.
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