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Posted Thursday March 13, 2014, About: Best QB in the draft? Why not, says McCarron
I have a feeling AJ will never be without in "hot arm candy" department.
Posted Saturday March 01, 2014, About: Rangers to sell Russell Wilson merchandise
They wouldn't have souls to sell if people wouldn't buy them. It is a supply / demand thing. People will buy his merchandise. Can't blame people for making money if people are willing to give it up.
Posted Tuesday February 18, 2014, About: Stadium renovations cancel Aggies spring game
Man, all this time I was hoping our weirdness was honestly earned. Thanks doo doo.
Posted Wednesday December 18, 2013, About: Jerry thinks it's crazy to hire a GM
All GM's will have some misses, but JJ's track record speaks for itself. Our problem in Dallas is that the Cowboys are a business for the Jones family and business is good. While I'm sure they "want" to win games, they are winning in the real game and there is nobody holding their feet to the fire. You hire a real GM, and even run it through the system like Jones describes, that guy and his staff are motivated to succeed by the very fact they could be "fired". That type of redundancy can not only spur success if the new GM does half the job JJ/SJ have done, but it gives the Jones family a little buffer from the hot seat and they can always fire the GM and say "it was his/her fault". Dang egos killin' a franchise in front of our very eyes.
Posted Monday November 25, 2013, About: Is this the year Gundy goes?
I hear there is an opening at USC.....hope he gets it!
Posted Sunday September 22, 2013, About: Texas A&M confirms Ricky Seals-Jones to have knee surgery
Nice to see an A&M thread turn into a TU thread. This guy may have issues (that was an opening for you to make jokes about Aggies in general having issues), but you are probably more bummed he spurned the chance to play for Mack for one year.........
Posted Sunday September 15, 2013, About: UT fans boo Mack Brown PSA ad on Jumbotron
Rumor has been floating that Mack will replace Dodds as AD. That sounds warm and fuzzy for Brown supporters, but what top tier coach (Saban?) would want to come to Texas and work for their predecessor? Considering his contract and the loyalty Texas has to Brown, that is probably what they will try to do.....and it will cost them in the long run.
Posted Tuesday March 19, 2013, About: Texas AD: We decide when we play A&M again
I don't get all the scuddle butt about this now. Just because Dodds makes an arrogant statement? I am an Aggie, raised by a UT alumni (out of respect for my Dad I say UT, not TU) so I can see it both ways. Texas tried to manhandle the Big 12 and it backfired. They had that right because of the power their history and position brought them. It backfired plain and simple. Several schools, including us "little brothers' decided to get a fresh start. It appears (and I say that with a 1 year track record) to have worked so far for the Aggies.
Posted Sunday December 16, 2012, About: Angels hire Rangers accountability partner for Josh Hamilton
We will miss Josh's play on the field, but not the circus off of it. As a fellow Christian, I do pray he keeps his life straight. Baseball is just a small part of it. Look at the five people in the picture that he has to be accountable to and for......
Posted Sunday October 07, 2012, About: NL team may lure Zack Greinke from Angels
Posted Sunday October 07, 2012, About: NL team may lure Zack Greinke from Angels
I'm a big time Ranger fan and I'm coming out of morning to make this comment. I was at the a recent Angels / Rangers game in Arlington and while Greinke wasn't on the mound, my Dad and I noticed him in the dugout and I asked his opinion of whether the Rangers should go after him. He commented that we already had one head case in center field (while probably temporary) and we didn't need one in the rotation. Greinke and Hamilton will both probably be in the NL next year.....just a hunch.
Posted Tuesday May 15, 2012, About: Odds-on favorite to sign Hamilton
Texas will re-sign him. If they don't, then the fans here in Texas will crucify Jon Daniels. Remember he plays in the heart of the bible belt and has incredible support from many Christians who want to see him succeed in not only baseball, but in fighting his demons. While that isn't worth millions of dollars, it could definitely be an arrow in the Texas quiver if the money game is close.
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Book: Tiger's marriage cooled quickly
Let's pretend that I am an aspiring young golf pro with lots of game. There is no chance I hire Haney because of his recent history of airing personal information on his students. That was a bad long term move Mr. Haney.
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Napoli pans Wilson's Twitter stunt
I agree. Yu just don't do that kind of stuff to other people. That makes Yu look really bad.......sorry I couldn't resist. I hope Yu forgive an avid Ranger fan.......
Posted Tuesday February 08, 2011, About: Young: Sick of Rangers' treatment
I feel sick at my stomach. I don't like this at all.....not even a little bit.

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