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Posted Tuesday January 10, 2012, About: Where is Goodell's enforcers when you need them
Now you know how Seahawks fans feel :p

jk, but yes, the officiating was pretty bad for both teams.
Posted Wednesday January 04, 2012, About: Playoffs!
Posted Monday December 05, 2011, About: My Big Fat BCS Rant
With the bowl system, I have no desire to ever watch any college football. With a playoff system, I might. And I know I'm not the only one.
Posted Sunday November 27, 2011, About: NCAA football State of the Union
Teams go undefeated and still have absolutely no chance at winning the title. That's how.
Posted Saturday November 26, 2011, About: NCAA football State of the Union
As someone who has no wish to ever see any college football, if there was a playoff system put in place, then I would have some interest in it. I've heard people say that a playoff system would make the regular season meaningless, well, it's meaningless now. When a team can go undefeated and not even have a chance at winning everything, then something is wrong.
Posted Wednesday November 16, 2011, About: NFL Strength of Schedule After Week 10, 2011
Just looked up their schedule for he rest of the year, there's a problem if they don't go at least 12-4. Wow they have it easy.

CCC, that's interesting, and a problem with strength of schedule that I hadn't really thought of before, but as far as I can tell, there's no way to correct for it.
Posted Thursday October 13, 2011, About: Tom Brady's dazed and confused week is coming up.
I guess we'll see on Sunday.
Posted Tuesday October 04, 2011, About: Time for Cowboys Nation to step back in off the ledge.
Can't speak for anyone else, but yes. Of course, I would have said the same thing before the Bills game, but still. Say all you want about Rob Ryan, but he needs the team to actually perform.
Posted Tuesday September 20, 2011, About: Another rant about posters...
I agree. (tee-hee)
Posted Thursday May 19, 2011, About: Is Brian Cashman a good GM?
Whether he overpayed or not...he's gotten star players and the Yankees have won championships and remained very lucrative. I don't like the Yankees, but that's end of story imo.
Posted Thursday February 17, 2011, About: Why do baseball fans hate Barry Bonds ?
I hate Bonds because he's an unbearable **** who never let reality get in the way of what he did.

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