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Posted Sunday December 02, 2012, About: Report: Angry Brian Wilson won't re-sign with Giants
"Its not personal, Sonny. Its just business..."
Posted Monday June 04, 2012, About: Soriano open to being traded to contender
More like "Sheeeet on a shingle," from last week... Rotten and putrid.
Posted Sunday June 03, 2012, About: Cubs likely to pursue Cuban free agent
I believe it was Ken Rosenthal from Fox who said it best about the Scrubs... "It takes a lot of work to be that bad for that long..." No fokking ****, man. They've sucked for the last 104 years and if they finally win another WS, you will know for sure its the end of times.
Posted Friday December 09, 2011, About: Cubs aim to deal next week
Eh, 3 years or another 103 years? World Series Smearies. Burn it all down and start from new seed. That strench? That smell? Yeah, that dead fish smell is from Rahm Emanuel and the buried corpses from the last World Series Champs in '08. That's 1908! Jetison that 3 year old masquerading as a professional pitcher Zambrano, ditch SorryAss Soriano (shouldn't Jim Hendry HAVE to come back as the jock washing ball boy for that and numerous other hideous contracts - think of the movie Groundhog Day), and bring them farm boys to the city and let em play. Spend the money on player development through the draft and international players. This will eliminate the lingering oder from Hendry reign of terror and at least the stink will be a newer, younger stink rather than that old, decrepit, rotting flesh stink that's been around Wrigleyville for the last century.
Posted Monday December 05, 2011, About: Cubs' trade block getting heavy
I believe that's a typo.... you meant to write 'the Cubs are 600 years away from contending...'
Posted Monday November 28, 2011, About: Prince avoiding dad's former teams?
RUN Forrest/Theo/Jed RUN!!!! as far away from this **** prima donna as fast as you possibly can without looking back. Cubs needs total overhaul from Class A Short Season to the Friendly Confines and this lardass has the body type that will NOT age well. RUN!!!!! Let the kids play and put that money into the draft, international scouting (just opening an academy in the D.R. to run year round), and player development. He's not worth $20 - $25 M/per and he will languish in a line-up without the protection of Braun and others. Best place for him ... Milwaukee with the rest of that young and hungry team, but there's no "i" in team and **** is all about the 'i"
Posted Saturday November 26, 2011, About: Does Sveum give Cubs edge in landing Fielder?
RUN! Forrest!/Theo/Jed RUN! as far as you can from this tub of lardass. Take the money and put it into the kids and let the kids play. Still got Soriass for another 3 yrs at $19 M per. Take the money and put it into the draft, international players and player development. RUN!
Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Brewers have no plans to pitch offer Prince
No, but he's as big as the dammm garden the veggies come from. Good luck suckers. Doubt seriously Theo n da Cubs sign him. They'll give him the sniff test, and pass quickly on this day old cheesy sample. Dude needs some serious conditioning help at 5'10" and 280-290+. I think he will dash for the cash (his right - he's earned it with time served and performance numbers) but will be hard pressed to find a better chemistry set than what he has in Brew Town. I think if they could find the cabbage to make it interesting, the Beer Boys could have something special with that everyday lineup for quite a while. But it looks like the man wants to be paid more than to give his old team a chance to compete over the long haul. Just my 2 cents worth but he's devastating in that lineup with Braun and others. Not sure he can find the magic elsewhere, but what the hell?
Posted Wednesday November 09, 2011, About: Theo unloading Zambrano on Royals?
Amen!!! The man/bot formerly known as Big Z is a colossal disgrace to the game, to the uniform, to the city that supported his 3 year old temper tantrums for far, far too long. Good riddance and happy trails, you friggin buffon! Grow the **** up and act like a professional.
Posted Tuesday November 01, 2011, About: McCourt ready to make $1B deal?
McCourt is a COLOSSAL DISGRACE. Send him through the wash and send his circus act on the road.
Posted Friday October 14, 2011, About: Giants already out of Fielder sweepstakes?
The Cubs need to forget Albert, forget the round tub of ****, forget the droopey eyed strike out machine. Get rid of Zambrano the 7 year old, Ramirex, and Sori-ass and LET THE KIDS PLAY while Theo stocks the farm with power arms and guys that will make the pitchers work like hell so their butts get on base.
Posted Wednesday October 05, 2011, About: Lee has chance to stay, but does he want it?
Put a fork in him... he's done.
Posted Friday September 02, 2011, About: Cubs chances of signing Ramirez drop without GM
Yeah, that azzwipe can stay with the Scrubs.... as the jock washin laundry boy. Name one other WINNING organization would have put up with one-tenth of what the Scrubs/JIM HENDRY made his teammates and fans endure from this 7 year old masquerading as a "professional" athlete? Answer: NONE. Oh, wait, the Scrubs are NOT a winning organization. Nevermind.
Posted Sunday August 28, 2011, About: Wrigley Field long way from getting All-Star Game
ZING SHAZAM!!!!!!!!!
Posted Sunday August 14, 2011, About: Yankees, Red Sox blocking waivers
Hey, I hear Psycho Zambrano is available. That is, once he's released from the witness protection program.
Posted Monday July 25, 2011, About: Cubs drawing little trade interest
Amen to that! When the Ricketts get over their 'committment to empty seats,' maybe they'll wake up and discover they truly SUCK from the top down. The Cure - Fire the circus performers known as Hendry and Quade then hire the latest HOF inductee in Gillick as team president, or at least that guy in Atlanta sweatin his ass off on the golf course (Bobby Cox) to rebuild this 102 year old train wreck from the ground up. Hire Ryno to run the show on the field and groom Greg Maddux to take over the reigns from the old Jedi masters Gillick and/or Cox. All the while pushing the Chicago Mafia of Rahm and his thugs to let the frickin team play NIGHT games Thursday- Sunday in addition to Monday-Wednesday. Yeah, can you believe it? The Cubs are not "allowed" to play night games Thursday-Sunday because of some ridiculous "noise ordinance." Utterly pathetic. Tell ya what, keep your noise ordinace, your crumbling decrepit stadium, and pay homage to those ever increasing empty seats. See ya, Suckers! Go Red Sox! Go Yankees! Go Cardinals! Showing the Cubs how to get it done since 1918
Posted Tuesday June 07, 2011, About: Zambrano wants out of Chicago
Z should go and take his $18-19M, Sorriass Soriano should go and take his $18-19M, Ramirez is toast but a hard worker and a no BS guy, but is TOAST. There's almost $55 M off the books and then throw in that embarrassment in RF named Fukudome, there's another $14M off the books. Ricketts should tell all these clowns and circus performers to leave town with Hendry and Quade leading the caravan. Hire Greg Maddux as GM, Ryno as Mgr, hire that genius in Atl named Bobby Cox and Pat Gillick as Special Assts to GM, OR send the entire front office on a year long internship to Boston, New York, St. Louis, Tampa, Minnesota, & Philadelphia to learn how to put together a winning franchise. There's reasons why they've SUCKED for the last 102 years. The latest example is that thing they call a team. Empty the books and let the kids play. S. Castro and Barney are solid young players gettin better every week. LET THE KIDS PLAY and spare us the bs and the overpriced circus performers.
Posted Tuesday May 10, 2011, About: Bradley's MLB career in peril
Anyone else that pulled the amount of bs he pulled and then blamed every freakin person, place, and/or thing under the sun for his chit, would have been a poster child for the heavily sedated and multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies.
Posted Saturday April 09, 2011, About: Cubs blame Manny's PEDs for '08 sweep
We have a winner!!!!!!! Look no further than a juiced ManRam for your team's complete State of SUCK....... for the last 103 YEARS! Couldn't be the fact that DeRosa and DLee were the only ones that strapped it on in '08 while the rest of the team was busy with tee times and vacation plans. Then Hendry trades DeRosa that winter... for 3 minor league pitchers now enrolled in the Witness Protection Program and will not see the insides of a major league clubhouse unless they're on the overnight janitorial crew. Yep, gonna be another 103 years before they're relevant again. Use to be a fan, now they're not even fodder for the late night network clown circuit. Sorry, sorry state of affairs for this sorry, sorry franchise.
Posted Tuesday March 22, 2011, About: Coach unlocks secret to dominant Dice-K?
Its SPRING TRAINING. Damn these boys have too much time on their hands. This is only news if its October and Game 4 of the WS.
Posted Friday February 25, 2011, About: Selig rejects proposal to loan McCourt $200M
I believe they're on life support now, underwater to the tune of $430M as of Nov. 09. Sounds like they're breathing through a snorkel with a noseful of saltwater. Bud Light needs to step up and demand this clown leave the circus before the big top comes crashing down on this storied franchise. The O'Malleys are broiling in their graves over the complete idiocy of the McCourts.

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