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Posted Friday July 15, 2011, About: Top player in the past 10 years
Go Gators!
Posted Thursday June 30, 2011, About: Krystkowiak giving in-state players a chance
BS&B, fantastic taste & Women of TV!
Posted Wednesday April 27, 2011, About: Tressel could lose millions if terminated
The issue here is NOT what the players did...but that once the coach learned they were involved with something not 100% above board then IT IS HIS DUTY TO INFORM THE COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT. That is why it is Tressel, and ONLY TRESSEL, that the NCAA is interested in at this point.

All sorts of non-compliant things happen every day in programs all over the country, and it's the duty of everyone in the program to report them and have them vetted. Either you get cleared, or you violated a rule and you pay the penalty, but you move on.

When you lie, obfuscate, and lie some more, then you're in trouble.
Posted Wednesday April 27, 2011, About: Tressel could lose millions if terminated
Man you are delusional. OSU boards must be a hoot: "I heard Coach found out who killed JFK and wanted to tell the whole world....but the AD and Pres. have a contract to have him killed if he blabs!"
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Tressel out ... Meyer in at Ohio State?
Yes, when the poster I quoted defined failure as anything but an N.C.

And your post reminds me that I should've included the sacred <sarcas> Rose Bowl as third behind beating Michigan and winning the Big10 in the list of things OSU fans care about.

And as anyone who watched the Sugar Bowl knows, even with about a dozen dropped passes by the Arky WR's, all they needed to do was walk in the blocked put to continue OSU's futility against the SEC. And for the love of God, no way does OSU win that one w/out those five players!!!!
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Tressel out ... Meyer in at Ohio State?
Ha-ha-ha, then you've had a LOT of failure recently. Your fan base is far more focused on beating Michigan--which NOBODY else cares about, and winning your conference--which is a punchline in this decade.

FYI, Braxton Miller looked like the poorest of all the QB's in the Under Armour game. He has a big upside, but he's not the starter that the UM guy on here thinks he is.
Posted Tuesday March 15, 2011, About: Florida shakes up QB depth chart
I'm psyched about Floyd & Easley starting at defensive tackle. Our D is going to be awesome. Powel is going to be a beast. Elam will have a learning curve at S, but is a play-maker.

Can't wait 'til the O&B game.
Posted Monday March 14, 2011, About: OSU fans force Herbstreit to move out of Ohio
Not that I would ever, ever stick up for fans from the state of're speaking of the actions of one lunatic fan vs. the actions of your beloved shool's players, coach and administrators.

I just read the article about Tressel 'apologizing'. He did nothing of the sort. The typical, 'sorry for what we're going through, sorry for sanctions', but never admitting wrong-doing, or taking any personal responsibility. What a complete and utter fraud.

I've always hated the Big 10, OSU in particular, and this episode just seems to be the exact reasons for that hatred.
Posted Monday March 14, 2011, About: OSU fans force Herbstreit to move out of Ohio
....Ohio State and the SEC Champ walk into the BCS Championship game...
Posted Saturday March 12, 2011, About: Ohio State tipster reports death threats
It cracks me up--Cicero was trying to be all slick and help out the football program like any crazed Buckeye fan--much like I'm sure basically everyone turns their head when they see any football player in Columbus doing any wrong. Tressel didn't do the right thing, got caught, and now the program is rightfully under the gun. Some Buckeye fans are so goofy, that they picture Tressel as Capt. America, helping out with some drug sting, and fighting evil. No. This was a dumb-ass fan, a dumber-ass coach, and some dumberer-ass fans. Any fan directing their anger at Cicero, should point it solely at their coach, AD, and president.
Posted Thursday March 10, 2011, About: Want to watch Florida this spring? Too bad
I'm excited to be on hand to watch the O&B game this year. And I like the closed door policy. The coaches will have more than they can handle in figuring out who's a player, and who's not, getting a new everything installed, and don't need jerk-wad journalists micro-guessing everything.

This far in advance, I put UF/FSU as even: home field for the Gators, rid themselves of the abortion that was the '09-'10 offense, and that D could be stellar; FSU has leveled the talent gap, they're several years into their 'system', and as always--the ACC doesn't throw much their way.
Posted Monday February 28, 2011, About: Report: Newton gets defensive during interview
My two cents is that the kid was a huge step above the competition at the college level, but I never saw him make any very difficult throws. He made some huge pass plays, and at the key times in the biggest games--but all seemed to be just putting air under the ball and his guy hauling it in. So his passing game has along way to go. Now his attitude is what seems to be toxic--cheating/stealing at UF, a recruiting pay-for-play scandal, and an oversized ego will doom him unless he has a total change of heart. To compare to Tebow, Tim for all his mechanical issues, did make some big-time throws (see the SECCG against Bama (first edition)) and is all heart and work ethic.
Posted Friday February 18, 2011, About: Muschamp comes up big where Meyer could not
Back to the topic...the SEC is moving from finesse back to a power offense, which is why the SEC West is so much ahead of the East right now. It's all cyclical.

And now back to the off topic...and yes Woody, OSU did beat Arkansas. Only by the futility that was Arkansas not picking up the punt block and calmly strolling into the endzone. Y'all almost gagged another one away!
Posted Monday February 14, 2011, About: Weis' project: To 'fix' Brantley
My prediction is that the offense will look significantly better than the last two years.
Posted Tuesday January 04, 2011, About: Muschamp assembling all-star cast
The SECw was hands-down the toughest division (hell, conference) in football this year. The SECe will be up again soon. UGA was a disaster this year, but still has talent. UT can only stay down for so long. And let's hope my Gators get back up to elite status w/in the next 2-3 years.
Posted Tuesday January 04, 2011, About: Muschamp assembling all-star cast
I sure hope you aren't referring to Brantley as the QB in place! I know o-line play, and play calling was for **** this year, but JB shows little leadership, fire, or the ability to withstand pressure. My hopes are riding on Jeff Driskell (the new QB coming in early) and Blakely (a top-notch RB coming in too).
Posted Thursday December 09, 2010, About: Gators' top target to stay at MSU?
If Foley (UF AD) calls Mullen and offers....Mullen will be the new coach. No way no how does any coach on the upward track (and Mullen is) not go to Gainesville from Starkville.
Posted Tuesday October 19, 2010, About: Meyer falling out of favor?
You're retarded. Three-time coach of the year--at three different schools. 2 NC's in the toughest league. Took Utah to an undeafeated season and busted into the BCS. Not even FSU fans are dumb enough to call Meyer mediocre.
Posted Friday October 15, 2010, About: Badgers primed for upset?
That was LAST year. If you want to go by that measuring stick, then BSU is a solid #1 as they haven't lost in forever. BSU beat VaTech on the road and beat Oregon State. That's at least one win better than OSU (Miami). Auburn, Nebraska and Oregon all have had more impressive wins so far than OSU. Only reason OSU is so high now, is because they started the season there! Personal note, I would be interested in an Auburn - Ohio State match-up, as I think Cam Newton is better than Pryor and would steal the show.
Posted Friday October 15, 2010, About: Badgers primed for upset?
It's because OSU hasn't beaten any quality opponent yet. UM was your most notable win, but they're clearly not a true quality team, with a suspect QB, and an embattled coach who is now drawing fire from high profile player-alum. The Big 10 is still a weak conference, and OSU has the benefit of not playing MSU who seems to have a complete team--unlike UM (just offense), Iowa (just defense). Wisconsin plays OSU tough in their stadium, so that's why it's an upset alert. But Wisconsin hasn't beaten anyone either!
Posted Friday October 08, 2010, About: Nebraska leaving the Big 12 embarrassed?
As a total SEC homer (die hard Gator), I love seeing Nebraska kicking ass. I think that conference up north is about to get a rude awakening. Bo Pelini is a great coach, and now he's got his players doing his thing. OSU will no longer have a one-game, uncontested chance at a Big 10 Championship.

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