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Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Can Denver keep winning with Tebow?
When has Tim Tebow called you to ask you to convert to Christianity? When besides his Super Bowl ad has he thrown it in people's faces? He quotes the Bible from time to time and prays...but no more than most athletes on the field.
Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Can Denver keep winning with Tebow?
Why is there so much hate for this guy? Hate the fans. Hate the team that took him. Why hate the guy that has done nothing to deserve this type of negativity? He doesn't speak out against his team. He doesn't bad mouth officials. He doesn't shine any negative light on the NFL at all. Yet fans hate him. Why? Did he ask to be famous? Did he give himself a nickname like "PrimeTime"? Or are all the nicknames he has received given to him by the fans? It should be the fans Tebow haters should bash.
Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Bucs' performance puts Morris on notice
Here is my take on the Tampa Bay Bucs. Last year they played an easy(ier) schedule and did well. The problem with that is they got a lower draft position and weren't really as good as their numbers stated. This year they are getting rolled as they face better offenses and defenses. The QB play from Josh Freeman is best. The play of the defense is best. Morris may have the respect of the players but is quickly losing respect from the NFL and fans. The Bucs seem to roll over anytime they have to play a decent team, is this coaching or talent? Personally, I think it is both. Williams is not a true number 1, last year he played like one but he cannot beat double coverage. The rest of the receiving staff are slot receivers at best, so where is the number 2 or number 1 receiver? You cannot fear the pass if the receivers are never open, giving you the ability to take out the running game.
Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Can Denver keep winning with Tebow?
Tebow showed in the second half of the Oakland Raider game that if he keeps his feet planted he can throw. Most of his passes that were off target in that game occurred in the first half. The BIG problem the Broncos have is that they throw out of the shotgun. Of the shotgun formations I saw yesterday, they threw about 80% of the time. This will give the defense and advantage as they know in the shotgun they stand an 80% chance that the Broncos will be throwing.
Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Can Denver keep winning with Tebow?
OK. It seems most people did not watch the game and are commenting on the production of Tim Tebow. Here are the facts:
1. If you are running and a team cannot stop it with 9 men in the box..why stop?
2. Tebow had at least 4 drops by his running backs/wide receivers
3. Tebow had one pass that was errant and no where near his receiver...this was done on the run

I was at the game. The KC Chiefs KNEW the Broncos were running and couldn't stop it. So why would a coach throw a pass if you can gain over 4 yards per carry on most downs? I know I wouldn' the clock and score using the run. This is obvious. When they did need to throw the passes were for the most part close with a few drops. Tebow is not a polished QB and I am not saying he is...but to state only the stat line when you didn't watch the game is ignorant at best.

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