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Posted Monday January 21, 2013, About: Suggs blasts 'arrogant [expletive]' Pats
since we want to dwell on past mistakes lets talk about Ray lewis and his past!!! Involved in an incident where a man almost lost his life and he has 6 kids by at least 3 different women but now he mentions God in every other sentence but that is OK for him. Yes the PATS had spygate but the Ravens have Ray and his stellar past with and his baby mamas on the most penalized team in the league!!!
Posted Wednesday January 11, 2012, About: Gundy: 'We'd have thrown it 50 times'
if they would have tried to throw it 50 times Alabama's Defense would have made at least 30 sacks!!!!
Posted Thursday October 27, 2011, About: Tebow changing his train-wreck style?
why do people compare Vick and Tebow? Mike has a much better and arm and is much faster than Tebow. Tebow was surrounded with good players at Florida while Vick had very few and a bad offensive line.
Posted Wednesday October 26, 2011, About: Big East on life support
Maybe the less competitive team in the SEC can leave because the suck almost every year. Like Kentucky and Vanderbilt.
Posted Wednesday April 13, 2011, About: Suh loves him some pedicures
talk about a slow news day!!!!
Posted Tuesday April 12, 2011, About: Vick planning workouts with Eagles teammates
I agree!!! Big Ben never gets slammed like Vick. I know he (Big Ben) was never convicted but he has been involved in quite a bit since turning Pro but no one ever seems to question his leadership or character and this guy was accused of rape!!!
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: Former key cog on Pats' D now on bubble
Pats have mutiple picks in the first round so they need to grab a D lineman that can rush the passer!!!!!
Posted Tuesday January 18, 2011, About: Pats receiver: Jets 'classless' in victory
Pats defense needs a lot of work. If Tom Brady tucks that ball and scrambles 3 times in that game it loosens that coverage a bit and he makes a few plays that may have changed the game. Look for Big Ben to scramble when everyone is covered and if he does Steelers win.
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Kolb wants to start, or he wants out
Vick hobbling after every game is due to the offense line or lack there of. Kolb is less mobile and less of an athlete than Vick he may not even be able to walk of the field!!!
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Kolb wants to start, or he wants out
When both Vick and Kolb are at 100% Vick is better
Posted Friday January 07, 2011, About: Vick played 'on one leg' vs. Vikes
You obviously did not watch Clay Matthews workout for NFL scouts or him play in college. He is not considered fast for a linebacker in the NFL and has even admitted this interviews that he is not one of the faster or quicker linebackers in the NFL.
Posted Thursday January 06, 2011, About: Vick played 'on one leg' vs. Vikes
The only way Clay Matthews catches Mike Vick is if he does not see him coming. He is too big and slow to be in pass coverage that is why he always blitzes. Any linebacker should be able to run around an offensive tackle in the NFL.
Posted Tuesday November 23, 2010, About: Merriman may never suit up for Bills
Matthews (LB for Green Bay) will be next one to be hit for using 'roids.
Posted Friday November 19, 2010, About: Parcells wants back in
Maybe and a big maybe!!! Dallas as a consultant to Jerry Jones and a big help to a "new" Head Coach Jason Garrett. In this way Jerry can still say he did nto have to hire a GM but brought in a "Consultant" to help out Jason.

In this way Jerry saves his ego, Bill gets back "in" and Jason gets his shot at being a head coach like he was promised.
Posted Monday November 15, 2010, About: Which Cowboys have quit?
Brooking is the most overrated middle linebacker in football. In Atlanta his nick name was "Pile-On-Brooking". Not only is he slow and misses several tackles that he should make, he could not cover anyone with a blanket because he is so slow.

This will be his last year in "Big D"!!!
Posted Wednesday August 11, 2010, About: Revis, Jets tens of millions apart
Peyton Manning and the Colts are sleeping well tucked in thier beds with thoughts of a Super Bowl Birth dancing in their heads!!!!!

Posted Wednesday August 04, 2010, About: Haynesworth's treatment wearing on 'Skins?
just fine him $250,000 and get him on the field

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