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Posted Tuesday January 25, 2011, About: Criticism of Cutler Demonstrates Lack of Humanity in NFL
It's all about timing. Besides, what does all this rhetoric really accomplish, anyway? It's just noise and I decided to take a side I knew most people wouldn't take. Sometimes, to be successful in this life, one has to think outside of the box a little bit.
Posted Monday January 17, 2011, About: Why I'm I here?
The decision to let Cam Newton play was probably based on what they can't say in public: ratings and profits. It is what it is. Newton probably knew what was going on, but he didn't actually commit the act, so I guess that was good enough for the NCAA. Of course, in our legal system, that's called being an accessory. But, in the court of public opinion, it's a whole different ballgame.
Posted Sunday January 16, 2011, About: NFL Divisional Playoffs: Breakdowns and Predictions...
Actually, Saintgrl, Green Bay was the underdog in the Atlanta game, although not by much. But, historically and from my experience, of the four games that are played during the divisional round, 3 of the favorites usually win with one upset. If Chicago and New England win tomorrow along with Pittsburgh's win today against a game Baltimore team, then my predictions, including my upset special pick, will have been correct. And, my picks are usually derived from a combination of researching the matchups and trends surrounding the game, prior knowledge that has been gained from watching games over the years as well as odds. Besides, you never pick a team just for the sake of picking one. You pick a team because you really BELIEVE they are going to win, whether they are the favorite or not.
Posted Wednesday January 12, 2011, About: Villains Eventually Get Into Trouble, Lebron!
Very good point, Onetallflyer. He's had to grow up fast because of that money.
Posted Friday December 24, 2010, About: My problem with the BCS/ Bowl System: Too Many Champions!
Good points Onetallflyer and TigerBait. Maybe we go to an 8-team playoff format in which the championship game is played on New Year's Day, with all the other games played in December leading up to New Year's Day. Perhaps starting the season earlier would help. And, do we need all these bowl games we now have?
Posted Tuesday December 21, 2010, About: NFL: The NFC's Top of the Class...
The Bucs are a work in progress at this point. The season will end with a Super Bowl, but the Bucs aren't likely to be there. Making the playoffs this year represents significant improvement for them. You'll notice I also didn't mention Green Bay, who was favored by everybody and their mother seemingly earlier this year, but are about a year away I think from being ready for a Super Bowl run.
Posted Friday December 17, 2010, About: What's With the Yankee/ Red Sox Double Standard?
Good points, Akuse. That's why I don't like pre-conceived expectations. People ought to let the season come and go before they analyze and judge. But, that's wishful thinking on my part. It is what it is. Schadenfreude, there is a double standard when it comes to public perception, not the figures you put up there, which are very good by the way. I can tell you really did your homework. But, you know as well as I do that if the Yankees signed Crawford to the same contract Boston did, the public response would've been much different than it was when the Red Sox signed him. That's what I'm talking about. And, it all goes to how aggressive the Yankees are in the free agent markets and how much they are willing to spend to get a free agent as you said, also. But, there's nothing wrong with that. As far as the market being out of whack, that is a baseball problem, not a Yankee problem. The Yankees are operating their business within the system set up by Major League Baseball and are determined to put the best product possible on the field. It's up to baseball to fix the problem, if it can be called that, by coming up with a system that is as equitable for all the teams as possible. But, until they do, the Yankees are going to be the Yankees and the general public and the media, no matter how much they scream and curse at the system, can't do anything about it. So, they may as well just worry about their own lives and not worry about what the Yankees are doing. Life's too short for all this conflict and controversy, anyhow. In the end, it's just a game, not life and death.
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: What's With the Yankee/ Red Sox Double Standard?
True, Onetallflyer, but in a town like Pittsburgh, that is dominated by Steelers' football and Penguins hockey, the Pirates need to remember the best way to get the attention of the local populace: winning. Winning creates other revenue streams for teams that do it consistently and other opportunities as well. And, signing Lee for 24 million per year might've had a ripple effect as far as other free agents coming to Pittsburgh because a signing like that signals the Pirates are serious about being competitive. But, they aren't. So, it's okay they are profitable. But, why not use that profit to generate success on the field and become a more viable entertainment option for the people of Pittsburgh that will show up and support the team without fail if that happens? And, isn't the idea when it comes to competitive sports, anyhow?
Posted Tuesday December 14, 2010, About: Why Being an Alleged Sports "Fraud" Carries Honor.
I agree, Onetallflyer, they're not ready to win a Super Bowl as of yet because they lack focus and discipline at times, but they are still improving. They're just going through the lesson of learning to handle prosperity and high expectations. It takes time.
Posted Friday December 10, 2010, About: College Football and Integrity Don't Mix.
I agree with you, Catch 16, but the competitive aspect of all this doesn't make that conclusion so easy to accept. After all, in our system of law, you are innocent until proven guilty. In the court of public opinion, it's the exact opposite. And, I always give credit to those that would apply their principles and values to doing their jobs. But, the bottom line is, Newton is eligible and is going to win the Heisman, unless something very unexpected occurs.
Posted Wednesday December 08, 2010, About: NFL: AFC: This n' That
I'm convinced. The Pats are the best in the AFC right now. Thank you to those who reminded me of their previous wins that I kind of forgot about. They are definitely the team to beat given that resume of success.
Posted Tuesday November 23, 2010, About: The Answers to the Burning Questions.
You're right, Unbiased. The experts are only expert at twisting facts and influencing public opinion. After all, they're job isn't to be right. And, they're definitely succeeding at that.
Posted Monday November 22, 2010, About: The Answers to the Burning Questions.
No, Onetallflyer. I don't know what it is, but there's something missing with that Pittsburgh team. I think the AFC rep to the Super Bowl is coming out of the AFC East this season with either New York or New England. Baltimore is my sleeper pick. I think Pittsburgh is the 4th best team in the AFC right now. One thing's for sure: It's going to be a rock 'em sock 'em AFC playoffs this year.
Posted Monday November 22, 2010, About: The Answers to the Burning Questions.
Smilin' Steve is a genius and keeps it real. Literally!
Posted Wednesday November 17, 2010, About: Riles replacing Spoelstra? Not the Solution...
Probably so, Perfectpats, but I doubt they win because they don't have the necessary matchups to do so. But, I see what you're saying and agree based on what I've seen so far.
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: Firing Phillips is only a 1st step to fixing what ails Big D
Good points, Onetallflyer. The fantasy football comment regarding Snyder explains those acquisitions or hires of his, to be sure.
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: Meanwhile, back on the West Coast...
Yes, OM, I agree. And, the Warriors aren't off to a bad start, either. But, the East Coast bias is alive and well and it's all about numbers and the 3-hour time zone difference. Just silly stuff if you ask me.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Favre and Childress are Undermining the Vikings.
I'm not sure, Unbiased. It's a quandary to be sure. But, the results haven't been there with Favre so far.
Posted Friday October 29, 2010, About: Favre and Childress are Undermining the Vikings.
Thanks, Onetallflyer.
Posted Monday October 11, 2010, About: Jed York is Out of His Mind!
That's assuming they can do that.
Posted Monday October 11, 2010, About: NFL Bold Predictions 2010 Season...
Hey, Darski. You're just trying to make me look bad. Too funny!

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