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Posted Monday June 13, 2011, About: Why 2011 was THE Year for Miami, Not Next!
Decency beats arrogance. True TEAMS will always beat collections of self-absorbed stars. Anyone remember Red Auerbach's Celtics? Self-absorbers were not welcome.
Posted Sunday June 12, 2011, About: NBC VS Coverage of the Stanley Cup.
Wow! A real, thinking hockey fan. Awesome! Actually, I am a lifelong Bruins fan, but I will be happy if the Canucks win - if for no other reason than that these poor Canadian blighters can't seem to catch a break from the American sports world. They are a class team and, with the exception of the hit on Horton, play with a level of speed and talent that hasn't been seen in this league for a long time.
Posted Thursday June 09, 2011, About: Dirk better than Bird?
Dirk is maybe the best offensive big man the league has seen. How many 7 footers can stop and pop the "J" from 25 feet better than most guards? If I was calling a draft on existing players, I would take him in a heartbeat over James. BUT, better than Byrd - no way. Larry Byrd had that Red Auerbach intangible - the ability to WILL his way to win by competing fiercely in every facet of the game while perhaps not being the BEST in every facet. In this respect, I would argue that there is NO ONE in the league today who comes close to him.
Posted Tuesday June 07, 2011, About: NBC VS Coverage of the Stanley Cup.
Absolutely right about second-rate VS. Jones dithers and Milbury blabbers. There are a ton of colorful, knowledgeable hockey commentators out there. Why do these two homers get all the ait time?
Posted Sunday June 05, 2011, About: CANADA HAS A NEW MAJOR-LEAGUE CALIBRE NHL TEAM!!
Looks can be deceiving. Prediction: the Jets will finish ahead of the Leafs next year, and the two best Canadian teams will be the Stanley Cup Champion Canucks and the Habs.
Uhhhhhhhhhh...........NOT! The uber-obssessed threesome get outclassed by a true team.
Dallas in six.
Could there be a more air-headed comment than to base win expectation on a team's uniform? The Canucks will win this series (probably in 5 games) because they are the fastest, most talented club in the NHL. As far as uniforms go, take a look at them again. The native logo is not only super-appropriate to the geography, but combined with the blue for the
Pacific Ocean makes them arguably the most descriptive of their city and perhaps the BEST uniforms in the league. Go orca uniforms!!!
Dead wrong. Their uniforms are probably the most distinctive in the league and with the native motif reflecting the history of the area are perfect for the city.

And, oh yeah, they are worn by the most explosive team in the NHL.
Posted Monday May 16, 2011, About: Playoff Picks
Generally agree up to current situation. Canucks will power to a five-game series win. The Sharks surprised evryone (including themselves) with a "W" over the Wings. The Bolts are peaking at the right time and will take my Bruins in six. Then, are you ready for this, the Cup goes back to Canada. The President's Trophy winners ARE the best team in the NHL!
Posted Tuesday February 08, 2011, About: They Don't Get No Respect
They just keep winning, and no one cares. If they are 10 up on the rest of the league and enjoying a 10 straight streak, the only comment will be about how the Sedin twins had coincidental heartburn after last night's team meal.

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