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Posted Sunday November 25, 2012, About: New Marlins manager tries to calm angry Giancarlo Stanton
I work with his mom. He is heading to the Giants...
Posted Monday November 19, 2012, About: Philly loading up on big hitters?
Yes teams...keep over paying for these huge sluggers. Meanwhile the small ball teams will keep winning by playing sound, fundamental baseball.
Posted Sunday November 11, 2012, About: Los Angeles Dodgers targeting Kevin Youkilis
BIG TIME. Dude...they are spending money like a high-schooler with a new NBA contract.
Posted Sunday November 11, 2012, About: At least five teams interested in Melky Cabrera
Well...dude better play way away from SF. Scumbag betrayed those fans.
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: What's next for Lincecum?
I can also see the Giants trying to get a deal done with him next year and, if that doesn't work, trade him before the deadline.
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: What's next for Lincecum?
I know right? The dude has the worst ERA of all starting pitchers in baseball and he still gets standing ovations when he strikes someone out. Timmy is having location problems and endurance problems...and if he can solve that he will be fine. If not - he will be out of baseball in a matter of a few years.
As for demoting him to the bullpen in the ALDS - seemed to work fine from what I saw.
Posted Thursday September 27, 2012, About: Lincecum's playoff role in jeopardy
Hopefully his losing 40 lbs between last year and this year is lazyness and lack of work ethic....and not PEDs. Hopefully this season is a wake up call that he has to actually WORK OUT in the off season.
Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: Niners OT -- and Michigan native -- rips Lions
Die Hard niner fan here and I've met Joe a few times. He is a really nice guy - so this kind of trash talk seems a little out of character for him. Also, didn't he get OWNED by Clay Matthews a few weeks ago.

Careful Joe...watch the chatter...and just play Football.
Posted Wednesday June 06, 2012, About: Super Bowl favorites? Davis says Niners
I'm going with a Dolphins vs. Panthers Superbowl. Why? Because at this point NOBODY knows who the hell will be in the Superbowl.
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Time to panic with Tim Lincecum
Timmy's fastball went from 97 to 89. That doesn't have anything to do with hiding the ball well. I think he simply is getting a reality check on the fact that he can't rely on natural talent and may have to do some off-season conditioning. Same thing happened to Sandoval. Timmy needs to throw some weight on, find some strength and get that fastball velocity back.
Posted Tuesday May 15, 2012, About: Giants want lightning-rod Belt to make some changes
Posted Thursday March 22, 2012, About: Giants don't know what to do with Belt
Another moronic comment by a Phillies fan. It's good to see some things never change...like the Phillies losing in the playoffs.
Posted Thursday March 22, 2012, About: Payton ruling affects Brees' future
...well...I'm kinda glad it happened to the Saints. But, then again, I'm a d!ck and enjoy it when teams I hate fall apart.
Posted Wednesday February 29, 2012, About: Warriors ready to go all-in for Howard
The Warriors seem to cultivate misery in their organization. Thank god we have baseball, football and hockey in the Bay Area.
Posted Friday February 24, 2012, About: Giants working on Cain extension
I love how Lincecum has won 2 cy young awards and piched 200+ip, 200K and sub 3 to low 3 ERA for the past 4 years and people still question his durability.
Posted Friday August 05, 2011, About: Tebow edgy, showing signs of tension
Tebow...The Lord says, go to the 49ers! BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!
Posted Friday August 05, 2011, About: Tebow edgy, showing signs of tension
Go to the 49ers...we could use a QB.
Posted Sunday May 22, 2011, About: DeRosa's future in doubt
Yeah. Done. He seemed like a nice guy. Too bad the Giants will never know what kind of player he could have been.
Posted Saturday April 09, 2011, About: Cubs blame Manny's PEDs for '08 sweep
Wow...the Cubs are a bunch of whining little ****...
Posted Thursday March 24, 2011, About: Adviser worries about Dez without football
It is amazing how we "worry" about these millionare athletes when they are not playing football because they may get into trouble. Really? It seems we are talking about grown men with the intellectual capacity and social maturity of 5 year olds. They cant HELP but to get into trouble...so we assign them coach "nannies" to monitor them and make sure they don't do anything bad.

Am I the only person who sees how pathetic this is?
Posted Wednesday March 02, 2011, About: Source: Exasperated Giants may buy out Zito
That would actually be a good idea...provided he had minor league option years left. Once there let him burn out the rest of his minor league option years and, after nobody picks him up in the rule 5 draft, let him rot in the minors. Hopefully he would forgo his huge contract and ask to be released.

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