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Posted Sunday June 24, 2012, About: Youk to the Dodgers Makes the Most Sense.
If Youk wasn't making so much money he ptobably would have been released so the Red Sox getting anything back is a plus even if it's two lower tier players. The Red Sox just wanted to dump salery and needed the roster spot as well when guys come off the DL.
Posted Friday May 04, 2012, About: top 10 worst franchise names
Actually it was changed because the a friend of the teams owner was shot to death and he didn't feel the name Bullets was appropriate any longer. Though I don't think Wizzards is a very good choice.
Posted Friday May 04, 2012, About: top 10 worst franchise names
The old ABA used to have some pretty bad team names. Memphis Tams, Pittsburgh Pipers, St.Louis Spirits & Denver Rockets. The NBA had the San Diego Rockets and Chicago Zephers.
Posted Monday February 06, 2012, About: How will this SB be remembered?
If I were the Giants I would have been a lot more worried about giving Brady the ball with a one point lead and over twenty seconds left where any fluke play could have put New England in field goal range.
Posted Monday February 06, 2012, About: How will this SB be remembered?
I can't say that the Bradshaw play was bone head. He scored what turned out to be the winning touchdown when a FG would have given the Giants a 1 point lead and still left enough time for a possible run back into FG range or a couple of quick passes by Brady to do the same thing. I figured it this way, the Giants held the Patriots to one 2nd half touchdown in 29 minutes of play so you put it on your defense. And as far as the Patriots being a half a foot of winning, the replays show the ball was never that close to be caught.
Posted Sunday June 05, 2011, About: Greatest NBA player ever Chamberlain VS Jordan
Both were great players in different eras. Anyone that saw Chamberlain play in his prime will remember that when he started his best shot wasn't the dunk but a fall away jump shot from the outside. Also for one of the more physical players of his era he never fouled out. The one glaring difference was free throw percent as Wilt always had a tough time at the line. But if you look at field goal percents Wilt does lead and Jordan has more lifetime assists though Wilt had over 700 in one season.
Posted Friday February 04, 2011, About: YOU! Rank the top 5 bandwagon jumpers!
I was surprised no one mentioned the Bulls before and I agree they should be #1. I still believe the Yankees should be up there with the Red Sox as far as band wagon fans. There sure seem to be a lot more Yankee fans since they started winning again in the mid 90's than there were before then. Also look at the boards and all you'll get out of most of the pro Yankee posters is they have 27 championships but I'm sure most really have no idea about Yankees history. I'm not talking about the lifetime fans like you but the new breed.

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