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Posted Friday April 18, 2014, About: For Fleury, demons always around the corner
Fleury thinks too much; that's been the knock on him since he was in the juniors, that he gets so wound tight that the more pressure he's under, the worse he plays.

During their Finals years, Max Talbot was constantly chatting him up, playing stupid pranks on him, etc. to keep him distracted. The year after the Cup win, Talbot moves on to Philadelphia and Fleury crawled back into his own head. Seems silly that a veteran goalie needs a distraction puppy to keep focused, but there it is.
Posted Sunday April 06, 2014, About: Is Dan Bylsma on Pens playoff hot seat?
Biggest problem with the Pens isn't coaching; it's their lack of secondary scoring and the maddening tendency of Malkin to only play like an MVP when Crosby is out of the lineup.

Injuries haven't helped, but even without them, this team isn't built for a deep playoff run. (And it pains me to say that...)
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Sens openly mock Caps on Twitter
As a hockey fan living in Caps territory, it's pretty sad around here. Most people here don't give a ripe turd about hockey, and the ones that do love hockey - at least all the ones I know - are so apathetic to the Caps it's not funny. And none of them speak highly of Ovechkin, which also kind of surprises me.
Posted Tuesday January 21, 2014, About: Canucks have some fun with Torts suspension
15 days, only 6 games. Not nearly enough for the Grinch's heart to grow three sizes.

On a related note, can someone explain to me where the nickname "three fingers" comes from?
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: Ovi erupts: Talk is cheap
The team goes where the captain leads. If the guy wearing the C isn't going outside of his comfort zone, how can he hold the rest of the team accountable for not doing so?
Posted Saturday January 04, 2014, About: Why Chicago had to sign Cutler
"The Bears can't win a Super Bowl with someone as erratic as Cutler"

Hello, Chicago Sun-Times? Yes, I've got a Mr. Flacco on the line for you. Please hold.
Posted Monday December 30, 2013, About: McDaniels to Cleveland?
Only way I can make any sense of the Chudzinski firing is if the Browns are convinced that Bill Cowher wants to come out of coaching retirement and wants to be the Browns coach. But that makes little sense, since A) Cowher has said repeatedly that he's happy where he is, and B) Cowher would only consider returning to coaching in a situation where he has full control over personnel decisions. That wouldn't be Cleveland.
Posted Friday November 08, 2013, About: New home for Martin?
Found myself thinking the same thing when this story first broke, "Where could he possibly ever play again?"

And while the Steelers certainly could use an upgrade at tackle, and (I think) are progressive enough to give him a chance, the reality is that no locker room is going to welcome him. Either because he is perceived as too soft, or because he broke "the code" and should've handled it internally.
Posted Saturday November 02, 2013, About: Ray Emery starts goalie fight in 7-0 loss
I think both teams showed you something of themselves here: the Flyers lack class, and the Caps lack heart. No good reason for the Flyers to initiate this fight, and no good reason for the Caps to have let it happen. Yet here we are.
Posted Sunday October 20, 2013, About: Coyotes goalie Mike Smith scores goal
Great play. Wonder if we're going to hear Don Cherry complain next weekend that Smith's goal was "disrespectful" of the Wings, since the Yotes were up by 2 with less than 3 seconds left?
Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: Bryz already turned down one NHL offer
The Pens don't have the cap space. Besides, they really need to find out what they have in Zatkoff.
Posted Monday October 07, 2013, About: Tuck defends Giants' sputtering offense
Truer words have seldom been spoken.
Posted Monday October 07, 2013, About: Tuck defends Giants' sputtering offense
In an unprecedented move, NFL is using its flexible scheduling powers to arrange for Giants vs. Steelers in Week 6, or as it's better known, the "WTF happened? Bowl."
Posted Saturday October 05, 2013, About: Santonio Holmes isn't playing up to his contract
When healthy, the Steelers' starting O-line consists has on it 2 1st rounders, 2 2nd rounders, and an undrafted FA. Hasn't worked out too well to this point.

Even more sad is the fact that the undrafted FA is not the problem...
Posted Friday October 04, 2013, About: Aging defense crippling Steelers
Not that the comment was directed at me, but - speaking as a Steelers longtimer - it does my heart good to see the Clowns winning.

There is not a team in football I loathe more than the Cleveland (except for maybe the Old Clowns AKA Baltimore), but what Modell did to you wasn't right, and the new owners' inability to put even a competent product on the field has been disheartening. For a rivalry to mean something, there has to be competition, and that truly hasn't existed in a very long time. I hope having a former Steelers guy as your owner finally turns things around. ;)
Posted Friday October 04, 2013, About: Aging defense crippling Steelers
Agreed. Youth and rest allowed the Steelers D of old to go all out on every down; at present, age and lack of recuperation time between stands is hurting their ability to pressure the QB and attack the line. Used to hear announcers talk about how the Steelers D would "swarm to the football"; not hearing that much anymore...
Posted Friday October 04, 2013, About: Aging defense crippling Steelers
Quite the opposite; I don't have a problem with who they are drafting; I have a problem with what they are doing with those players once they are drafted.

You hear Tomlin talk about the "men" on his team, a word he stresses a lot in interviews. Men. As in, "not boys." Yet, Tomlin's got an awful lot of boys on his team, and I wonder if his hands-off approach is doing those guys any favors in bringing out their full potential.
Posted Friday October 04, 2013, About: Tomas Vokoun out three to six months following surgery
I love MAF, I really do, and I think he gets a lot of crap unfairly given the kind of defense the Pens typically play in front of him (one of the reasons they coaxed Jacques Martin to be an asst. coach this year, to help teach defensive responsibility), especially during that Philadelphia series where he had his first "meltdown."

But the reality is that MAF has always been twitchy, with a long history of being a talented goalie that loses his grip in high pressure games. The only time he was able to stay tight were the Cup years, and those years he had his best friend Maxime Talbot keeping him loose and relaxed. The minute Talbot leaves in FA, MAF became a headcase again.

So here's deal...the Penguins need to rent clowns, puppies/kittens, strippers, stand-up comedians, *ANYTHING* that will keep Flower distracted come playoff time and stop him from crawling into his own head.
Posted Friday October 04, 2013, About: Aging defense crippling Steelers
The Steelers' secondary is predicated on giving the opposing QB minimal time to throw, basically requiring their backs and safeties to really only provide 3-4 seconds of coverage. It's been like that for years, but you never really noticed it before because the Steelers did a superb job of pressuring opposing QBs. Except now, the front seven isn't pressuring anyone - despite being fairly youthful (notable exceptions are Foote and Keisel). That you can blame on the Steelers' failure to develop high defensive draft picks to their full potential: Hood, Heyward (although Heyward is playing much better this year), Spence (career-ending injury), Worilds, Davis - all of these gentlemen were drafted in the top three rounds, and none has become an impact player.

You can also put a lot of this on the same "failure to develop" high picks on the offense. For example, when healthy, the Steelers infamously bad O-line consists of 2 1st rounders, 2 second rounders, and an undrafted FA, yet stinks to high heaven. DeCastro, Adams, Gilbert, Urbik, Mendenhall, Sweed - again, all drafted in the top 3 rounds, all have failed to become impact players.

And yes, I do call this a "failure to develop" problem versus a "don't know how to draft" problem, because all of these names were seen on draft day as smart pickups, and a good number of them draft-day steals by football pundits. So if you really want to know why the Steelers stink, wondering why they can no longer develop talent is a good place to start.
Posted Thursday October 03, 2013, About: Bryzgalov to sign in ... Vegas
Proof that the KHL *won't* throw money at anything.

I congratulate Las Vegas on their fine choice, strictly for entertainment purposes.
Posted Sunday July 07, 2013, About: Jaromir Jagr taking time to pick new team
One thing is for certain: he'll go to whomever pays the most.
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