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Posted Tuesday April 16, 2013, About: Bad Brad Mouth's off Again
Very True
Posted Monday April 15, 2013, About: Bad Brad Mouth's off Again
Yes Raistwalker, they will be hit with some France Penalties for sure, He don't like criticism. Good to see you Raistwalker.
Posted Sunday April 14, 2013, About: Rape of the Nationwide Series
I have said for a long time that the cup drivers with their experience, have no right infringing on the people that are in Nationwide racing, and taking the Money they need badly, if they want to race in Nationwide let them but NO MONEY, let them flit the bill.
Posted Sunday April 14, 2013, About: RICHARD CHILDRESS
Well said Sir, couldn't agree more. Thanks for your imput
Posted Sunday April 14, 2013, About: ???????????
Posted Wednesday April 10, 2013, About: RICHARD CHILDRESS
Always liked this guy, one cool ol man
Posted Wednesday April 10, 2013, About: ???????????
LOL I hear ya Wildfan, dog gone floaters are every where
Posted Wednesday April 10, 2013, About: ???????????
I own 3 private groups, just thought I would share some nascar stuff over here, why was the last time you commented in December of 2012????
Posted Wednesday April 10, 2013, About: ???????????
So very upsetting.
Posted Saturday April 06, 2013, About: Jimmy Johnson
I forgot to say thanks for checking out the blog sections, sometimes there's some good reading.
Posted Saturday April 06, 2013, About: Jimmy Johnson
I have a sneaking Idea why they were deleted, I'll leave it at that, I agree Little E, we need more blogs on T+R, I'll try to keep it up, I sent Fannation a E-Mail today about it, we'll see.
Posted Saturday April 06, 2013, About: Jimmy Johnson
Let see if this gets deleted.
Posted Friday April 05, 2013, About: Jimmy Johnson
I think Mr 5 time is looking to be Mr 6 time, heaven forbid..
Posted Friday April 05, 2013, About: Dale Jr
I see this guy has come a long way, top of the points, always in either the top 10 or top 5 in every race, that tells me a lot about his progress with HMS
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Wind Tunnel; Hendrick; NASCAR Screws It Up
I TOOK THIS OFF FROM T&R, And totally agree with this comment, what transpired was all Bullcrap Bowyer is a punk in My book, Waltrip should boot him out the door.
comment below

Back a few months ago when Gordon won a race, everybody said - way to go Jeff - because he got pis/sed off ( HUMAN Trait ) he all the sudden is a BAD MAN, so much for fair weather Fans, as far as being a Has Been, I think it's better than A Never Was. No body in the near future will beat his record or accolades. BUT, what he did was wrong, and someone could have got hurt bad, I would have made him sit the rest of the yr OUT period.
Posted Sunday October 28, 2012, About: NASCAR's Hall of Fame...
Thats the way Franceass wants it Don, just isn't right.
Posted Wednesday October 17, 2012, About: The Big NASCAR Concussion
What people don't understand is all brain injuries are different, so is concussion recovery. Most people with mild injuries recover fully, but it can take time. Some symptoms can last for days, weeks, or longer. As for Dale We ALL will have to wait along with him to find out what it's going to be. Good Blog Uncle Hubie.
Posted Sunday October 14, 2012, About: DALE JR
I never knew that about Evernham Little E, I just hope it don't come to that. I think I'll change my Avatar in support of Dale.
Posted Friday October 12, 2012, About: DALE JR
Great story, I hope and pray nothing becomes of this.
Posted Wednesday October 10, 2012, About: TEBOW - NASCAR - FORMULA 1
Im not to much on football, but a Nascar fan all the way, Kurt Bush needs to go away, and take his foul mouth with him,(no moxey), Dale Jr, BTW today is his birthday, since he went to team HMS has matured a great deal, this year has shown that, Hamlin, he starts out real good then for some reason chokes, Trevor Bayne, in a few years will hopefully be a good driver, he haqs shown a great deal this year, I like Keselowski, this kid is a true driver, granted he has a lot to learn, but so-far so good, he's got some big balls and knows where to put the nose of the #2. Nice Blog Uncle Hubie. Thumbs Up
Posted Sunday August 19, 2012, About: What In The World?
He or someone did it again,2 more blogs deleted, the hell with these people. I won't make another one. But I do thank you for your support.
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