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Posted Tuesday April 23, 2013, About: Big Ten's sleeper team
Vandy also backed out of a slate with the Buckeyes.
Posted Saturday February 02, 2013, About: Portland looming as Coyotes destination?
Big deal. Tens-to-hundres of thousands show up at golf tournaments in places like Greensboro, Akron, Rochester, Augusta and the Quad Cities too. These are not major league towns. Can't equate good turnout at a once-a-year event in an individual sport in a region whose climate attracts retired enthusiasts of said sport to being a good sports town. Pheonix is beyond awful in supporting its major-league team sports and is easily one of the worst sports towns in the USA.
Posted Saturday February 02, 2013, About: Portland looming as Coyotes destination?
I think both Buffalo and St. Louis have proven they can support an NHL club over the long-haul. Washington could probably stay around, too.
Posted Wednesday November 16, 2011, About: BYU, Big East talks heating up
Other way around. Pac-12 is made up of mostly secular, liberal schools and had rebuffed advances from BYU for decades due to their lack of fit as a very conservative, religious school. Thus, Utah.
Posted Friday August 26, 2011, About: Big 12 considering Notre Dame?
Ummm, they both have MLB and NFL teams and StL has NHL to boot. Unless you are limiting the term "big market" to NYC, LA and Chicago, I think this is evidence that they both qualify. They are also both larger than OKC and Austin, which are also mentioned in the post.
Posted Wednesday February 23, 2011, About: Falcons one step closer to $700M open-air stadium
The entire state of Nevada - especially the area around Reno - lies within a significant seismic risk zone. I also remember when The Strip in Las Vegas was flooded and flowing like a river. And all 50 states have experienced tornadoes.
Posted Wednesday September 29, 2010, About: Big East looking to invite TCU?
Here are the distances from Fort Worth to the Mountain West and Big East cities:

Albuquerque (MW) 557
Colorado Springs (MW) 592
Fort Collins (MW) 690
Laramie (MW) 747
Lousville (BE) 755
Cincinnati (BE) 842
Tampa (BE) 945
Las Vegas (MW) 1042
Morgantown (BE) 1078
Pittsburgh (BE) 1098
San Diego (MW) 1151
Boise (MW) 1266
Fresno (MW) 1302
Reno (MW) 1336
Syracuse (BE) 1352
New Brunswick (BE) 1373
Hartford (BE) 1486

Regardless of the conference they are in among the two, their closest rival is 557 miles away and the majority of their opponents lie more than 1000 miles from campus. Neither conference has a single team in TCU's time zone. Given the very, very slight geographic advantage found in the Mountain West, the better start times, TV contract, and automatic BCS qualification of the Big East warrants at least some consideration.

Yes, the Big XII would make the most geographic sense, but UT, TAMU, and TTU will not let a successful but smaller, in-state rival join and raid their recruiting territory even more effectively. That conference is not part of the equation. Given that, a move of TCU, Houston, Memphis and another southern C-USA squad (or Villanova for FB) to the Big East would be a sensible solution to the problem, although it may require the football BE schools to break away from the others.
Posted Thursday July 01, 2010, About: Rockets courting Bosh
List of US cities larger than Houston: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago. Period.

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