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Posted Friday April 05, 2013, About: Wings ready to debut heralded NCAA addition
They might need a few down years to rebuild/reload.
Posted Friday April 05, 2013, About: Wings ready to debut heralded NCAA addition
Sppellling isn't as impotant as it use't ta be...its da messege that's impotant...

The message here might be we need to do something or we aren't going to be playing in the post season.
Posted Monday March 18, 2013, About: Insurance plans may make visor decision for players
take away the gladiator type shoulder pads, elbow pads etc they wear as well. Oh and while I'm ranting incorherently about stuff, get rid of the composite sticks or let the goalies wear as much and as big as they want equipment they want. Oh and make them wear visors and take away the full cage in minor hockey - girls dig scars and guys without teeth - seriously, remove full cages at a younger age so kids start to play the game without their stick at their shoulders all the time.

There, I've said it and feel better for saying it.

Now heading for the Konitsin line change and hanging my fellow team mates out to dry.
Posted Monday March 18, 2013, About: Wings GM: No Western team is unbeatable
Best ever example of selfishness and should be viewed by every kid who plays the game...This is how not to conduct a line change.

But in his defensive, I heard his game GPS wasn't working properly and as a result he couldn't find his own end of the ice. Had to go get it fixed.

I'm sure his team mates are enamored with him right now. Especially the tendie.
Posted Monday January 28, 2013, About: Texas loses another prospect to Norte Dame
Or did he commit to Nor' Te' Dame and they put the wrong picture in?
Posted Tuesday January 08, 2013, About: How many players are leaving 'Bama?
watched the game until it got out of hand....9:00 pm'ish. Was hoping they'd keep showing the fan in the stands, the girlfriend, instead of the game. It would have provided better ratings.
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: Owners have 'the hill we will die on'
Anything more than a 3 year contract is too long. How many deals have been signed and then the players go into the tank until, strange enough, the renewal season. I guess they want to pace themselves for the duration and not exhaust themselves too much when they have to sign.

And if the owner is dumb enough to sign for a 5, 7 or longer deal, their own fault. **** they are.
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: Owners have 'the hill we will die on'
The owners and players may have met, but the puppet masters Fehr and Bettman still control the strings - purse strings that is. At this point in time, throw away the season and put on the WHL, OHL, QMHL, NCAA etc in its place. I am officially tired of the Billionaire owners and Millionaire players arguing over money, contracts and all the other "issues".
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: Te'o makes college football history
He'd rather have the National Title than all the other awards?
Posted Thursday August 16, 2012, About: New, vocal leader on the Notre Dame D
If he showed you, would that imply he was from Missouri, The Show Me state....just asking
Posted Monday June 04, 2012, About: Irish recruits becoming recruiters
and it results in a great pick up line ... didn't we shower together...ya, remember, after that football game we had a shower together, you were great, the water was cold but that didn't stop us...you don't remember...wow
Posted Monday April 23, 2012, About: Flyers tapped into Talbot's to defeat Pens
Haven't been on for a long time, but it is nice to see that FN is full of provactive sports reporting. A head coach talking to a former player of the team that he is about to play against. Worthy of a pulitzer prize. It would have been more of a shock if the head coach didn't talk to the player. It wouldn't matter either way. Defensive schemes change, power play schemes change, penalty kill schemes...you guessed it change, that's what video is for.
Posted Monday April 23, 2012, About: Flyers tapped into Talbot's to defeat Pens
the way the series was going at the beginning, they may have had to cancel the post series handshake. It could have been old time Eddie Shore fistacuffs in the handshake line.
Posted Monday April 23, 2012, About: Flyers tapped into Talbot's to defeat Pens
No gnus is good gnus.
Posted Monday April 23, 2012, About: Wings ready to open the vaults for Parise?
Hopefully the wings won't make any rash decisions and start throwing money around like a bunch of drunken (insert favorite line here) in order to "improve" their chances for next year.
Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Miller's concussion especially disconcerting
seen the hit on the reruns...who was on the ice from the Sabres and didn't step up. Where there any "non-skilled, semi-skilled, skilled challenged" players on the ice who could have stepped up?And to say the Miller should have braced himself to prepare for impact...what the **** are you smoking casue I sure need some. How the **** do you brace yourself when someone outweighs you by 50+ lbs, skating at full speed (okay it's Lucic so we can limit this factor) and you are in a vulnerable position. It is too bad that there are no longer the Rays, Proberts or Laroques around anymore. It would have been settled the next shift and someone would be leaking.

Question to be asked, what would have happened if Miller spears Lucic at the last second and drops him like a bad habit? Would Lucic be accused of diving, embelishing or put himself in a vulnerable position?
Posted Wednesday September 07, 2011, About: Time running out for Coyotes prospect
Still working on the teleportation device?
Posted Wednesday September 07, 2011, About: Vokoun wanted Cup, turned down Wings for Caps
Travel schedule easier...please....it's not like he has to worry about running through the airport to catch a last minute flight only to end up at some second rate hotel room. Maybe he was concerned that if he ended up in Detroit, he might get called out in the dressing room if he stinks out the joint a few too many times.
Posted Monday August 29, 2011, About: The most explosive player in college football

Premature dentonation....the season hasn't started yet.
Posted Tuesday July 05, 2011, About: Burke reshaped Leafs ... for the better?
I liked Reimer and how he played. (I can't believe I said that being a Red Wings fan) Lets hope that he isn't burnt out by being over played, over scrutinized, over analyzed, over interviewed etc and thus is subjected to the curse of the Toronto Tender.
Posted Tuesday July 05, 2011, About: Burke reshaped Leafs ... for the better?
There could be some players who don't want to go to TO due to the ownership. According to some of the Leafs' Nation, the owners, and by owners I refer to the Teacher's Union, don't want to win the Stanley Cup because they already make enough money during the regular season. And who in their right mind would want to extend the season, make the playoffs thereby driving more dollars with TV revenue, merchandising, ticket sales etc. What company in their right mind wants to make money?
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