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Posted Monday March 31, 2014, About: Report: Lakers assembling lottery package for Kevin Love
Cleveland didn't lose James for nothing, why do people always think this? They did a sign and trade with Miami for numerous draft picks as did the Raptors for Bosh. For the most part it has worked out for Miami, as they wanted to win now and in the following years (if looking at it from the beginning of the trades) and the trades to Cleveland may not pan out as something very valuable, but they did in fact not get anything in return.
Posted Sunday January 20, 2013, About: Falcons face push back on new stadium funding
Seriously, just renovate the current domed stadium to be a retractable roof stadium. How many seats does GT's stadium have or maybe play down in Athens while the dome gets retrofitted with a new roof.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Kobe tweaks LeBron in advance of showdown
Constructive criticism? Wow you must have been looking in the mirror when you said dumb statement then. Seriously, what was constructive about it? You threw out an opinion and seem to feel what you say is the end all be all, when unfortunately it is not. Facts are facts are facts. Spin them like most ignorant people these days do, it is right up your wheelhouse it seems.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Kobe tweaks LeBron in advance of showdown
In reality, Kareem played over 4 seasons worth of games more than Jordan, when minutes played are taken into consideration.

Broken down further, Kareem averaged .67pts/min played, Chamberlain .66pts/min and Jordan .79pts/min.

Want to bring rebounds into the equation, looking at just the 2 big men, Chamberlain had 6,486 more total rebounds than sweet Lou with the skyhook in 9587 min less time on the court. So, Guns N Guitars, do you want to revise your statement about the most dominant player ever in the NBA? No way to compare blocked shots between them as blocked shots didn't become a statistic till the '73~74 season.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Kobe tweaks LeBron in advance of showdown
How is it a dumb statement, I'm guessing your reading comprehension is what is dumb. The dude really is at the top of the scoring list because of his longevity in the game. He averaged not even 25ppg and played close to 6 season's worth of games more than MJ, 488 games to be exact. I was in no way taking anything away from his career, just simply stating facts. You seem to be they type of person that loves to spin facts versus just stating the fact. What I said is just that...FACT. He about played more games than anyone in the game, when you do that and average 24.6ppg, you are guaranteed to lead the scoring list.

The most dominating player in NBA history, I think Wilt the Stilt and quite a few others would disagree. You can take Alcindor's sack out of your mouth now.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Kobe tweaks LeBron in advance of showdown
Even Malone played close to 5 more years in total games played compared to Jordan. Kareem, hats off to him for his longevity in the game, only reason he is at the top really. He had almost 6 years more than Jordan in total games played. Did Jordan do himself a disservice when he took off for 2 years to pursue baseball, I say no. He was a grown man, he had nothing to lose really except marks in a record book and was top dog in the league who had just put on his third consecutive ring. I can only say that maybe we as fans lost out on what could have been an even greater dynasty, though with him out, it did allow my beloved Knickerbockers to reach the finals and blow it against the Rockets.

For someone to say he wouldn't have passed Malone if he played those 2 years, that is true actually as one has to remember, the one season was strike limited to just 50 games. So even if Jordan played all 132 games and kept with his career average of 30.12ppg, he would have accumulated just another 3976pts creeping in on Malone, but still well short, though he still would have almost 3 years less play in games overall.
Posted Sunday January 13, 2013, About: Increasing belief that LeBron James will return to Cavs
Like James cares that you have forgiven him for what he did. Like what he did was a crime, read your statement again, do you see how dumb it sounds? What was a crime was that franchise not putting real pieces around him. He is human afterall, no matter how good he may or may not be, 1 guy can not take on 5 and expect to win in a 7 game series against any team. And he gave 7 years to the franchise and knew if he stayed he wasn't going to win a title anytime soon. He didn't want to be another Malone.
Posted Thursday January 03, 2013, About: Bridgewater now the NFL's top 2014 QB prospect
Florida definitely didn't look like this game was where they wanted. I told my brother-in-law that the Gators were going to lose because this game was meaningless for them. I am disappointed as a Gator fan that the team didn't come out and just be Florida.

Definitely not taking away from Louisville, they won that game fair and square and as stated above, the first pass set the tone for the remainder of the game and then the dumb on-side kick to open the 2nd half followed by a personal foul...GAME OVER!!! Defense did its part actually, but with the offense floundering badly the time on the field was getting to them and the great starting position on field was asking too much of any defense really.
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Amare Stoudemire may work in Houston
Not just beat, but pummeled them. At least they already have 2 of the 4 games won this season against them. Could be important when that 82nd game is finished.
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Amare Stoudemire may work in Houston
Does the Knicks? I'll go with it and pan it to typical garbage speak and bastardization of the English language these days by the vast majority online. Right now at this very moment, 2 games against the Cold and +38 points for the Knickerbockers.
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Amare Stoudemire may work in Houston
Their opponents winning percentage this year not counting the games played against the Knicks is a .528. And that is taking the Wizards woeful record into account, who just happened to beat the Cold a few days ago. A cream puff schedule yet it is tied for 9th hardest in the league currently.

Please keep spitting out more ignoramus comments, you never fail in that department.
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Amare Stoudemire may work in Houston
Slightly better than .500, yet since Woodson has become the coach they are 32-14 including the loss in the 1st round of the playoffs. Not sure about you, but a .696 winning percentage is not slightly above .500 in my opinion.
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Amare Stoudemire may work in Houston
If Anthony's finger causes him not to play or play in a diminished role this morning, the Cold can definitely win this game. To say that the Knickerbockers come back down to Earth and are just a slightly better than .500 team because they are playing the Cold is pretty ignorant, but you are one to always spill ignorance on these boards. Just a few weeks back, the Cold were manhandled by said Knickerbockers. It was not even close.

If they (Knickerbockers) win this morning, will you finally shut the **** up?
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: Race to be No. 1 pick wide open
I think you really missed the point of the post you quoted, he was agreeing with the post above his. You are using a form of English, but you may want to go back and look again at your post I am quoting.
Posted Wednesday March 21, 2012, About: Bynum's behavior irritates Brown
Actually 37% is much better than 15%, sure in your scenario 17 shots were missed in both instances, but with that logic, why not also say 83-100 isn't much better either, I mean just 17 shots would have also been missed.
Posted Tuesday March 06, 2012, About: Report: Brees 'livid' over franchise tag
How could that even be possible? If the contract is over it is over, so sure a contract can have a statement that says the player will not have a franchise tag placed after the end of this contract, but guess what the contract ended, all in that contract is finished. Game on to franchise tag for whatever team and player. One must be stupid to think that something in a contract that has expired has any meaning from the day the contract no longer exists.
Posted Sunday February 12, 2012, About: Yao wanted Lin for Chinese team
He wasn't trying to get him on the Chinese National team, first Lin is an American, born in the US and his parents are of Taiwanese descent, the real Chinese. I know some die-hard Chinese are going to hate that line, but it is what it is if one were to look at history and the Chinese that fled China after/during the war and brought Taiwan up to what it is now.

Anyways he was trying to recruit him to a CBA team.
Posted Saturday January 14, 2012, About: D'Antoni blows off Barkley
Let's see, AS was in foul trouble riding the pine, CA twisted his ankle and IS decided he had to be the go to guy. He had an off night, without a doubt, it happens. Though for somebody to say they are not playing defense is just stupidity. I know scoring is down amongst the whole league, but they have still only given up 100+ points twice in their first 11 games, last year in their first 11 games only twice did they hold under 100. Their PA/game is -13 this year so far. They are playing defense, still not as much as I want to see, but to discredit and say they are not playing is just asinine.
Posted Tuesday January 10, 2012, About: Stoudemire, Howard trade speculation swirls
Look back to Miami last season. Remember how they started out, I think they were 9-8 after 17 games. They had a true pre-season to sort of gel and it didn't happen right away for them, so why must it happen right now for the Knicks when they didn't even have a real pre-season to play together.

The biggest problem I see with the Knicks right now is the lack of pounding the paint and settling for long range jumpers, when those jumpers are not landing and the other team is grabbing the long rebounds and dropping easy transition buckets on the other end of the floor, they lose easily. This would be true for any team. Even when they are hitting their shots, I am still wishing for more inside play, force some fouls on the other team versus sitting back shooting long range jumpers and not even trying to get the other team into the penalty early.
Posted Wednesday December 14, 2011, About: Four-team blockbuster would send Howard to Nets
And just think, in 7 years those players will also want out of Cleveland.
Posted Tuesday December 06, 2011, About: Tim Tebow: MVP candidate
So I am tired of hearing about Denver's defense doing all the work, sure they have played a bit better than the first 5 games, but how much better? Since so many here are enamored with stats here are some for you. In Denver's first 5 games the defense allowed on average 385.8ypg, 26.6ppg (taking away special teams and defensive points by other team), averaged 1.4 takeaways and were on the field for 33:17. In the 7 games since Tebow has started the defense has averaged 352.57ypg, 18.71ppg, 1.29 takeaways and have been on the field for 30:35.

Now those same numbers for Denver, first 5 games 303.6ypg, 18.2ppg, turnovers 2.4ppg and on the field for 26:43. Last 7 games are 322.7ypg, 19.57ppg, 1 to ppg and 29:25.

To me it sure looks as though the defense has improved slightly, but the offense has improved even more by not turning the ball over nearly as much, 12 in the first 5 games versus 7 in the next 7. Also the offense has been on the field for nearly 2.75 minutes more on average. The defense took away 7 in the first 5 and just 9 in the next 7. So what side of the ball has actually improved more based on these FACTS?!?!?!

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