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Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: UNC has Big Ten offer on table?
I sense Delany's top targets are UVa, UNC and GT; it's #18 where things get tricky. He and conference athletic directors would probably prefer Florida State, which isn't AAU and probably still lacks the academic heft to please conference university presidents. Their choice for #18? Duke (or, as a dark horse, Vanderbilt, which might choose to leave the SEC in order to give itself a more national profile; right now, Vandy is perceived as a regional institution, more along the lines of Wake Forest than Duke). I'd be very surprised to see the Big Ten go to 20 members -- with 18, you can continue to have an 18-game men's and women's basketball schedule, playing one opponent home-and-home and the other 16 either home or away.
Posted Tuesday May 22, 2012, About: Final four all but guaranteed
The ACC better fall on its sword now and let the Big 12 (Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh or Miami), Big Ten (Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Duke) and SEC (Virginia Tech, N.C. State) divvy up the carcass. There's still some value in those bones, but not in the dying, impotent animal that is ACC football -- unless North Carolina is so committed to be an alpha dog it doesn't mind being reduced, in both football prestige and revenue, to East Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Posted Saturday May 19, 2012, About: Domino effects of Big 12-SEC Champions Bowl
I simply don't see ND joining a conference for all sports unless it has no other alternative to participate in the playoffs -- and if that turns out to be the case, expect the Irish to choose the Big Ten, if it agrees to add a few teams on the eastern seaboard to please its student/alumni base. (The Great Plains isn't exactly teeming with Catholics.) In that case, expect the Big Ten to pursue Rutgers, Maryland and Georgia Tech (a frequent ND) rival as members #14-16.
Posted Saturday May 19, 2012, About: Domino effects of Big 12-SEC Champions Bowl
Carving up the potential ACC carcass

N.C. State and Virginia Tech. Places Missouri in the West, where it belongs. The SEC would probably prefer UNC and UVa; unfortunately, folks in Chapel Hill and Charlottesville wouldn???t. So it???s Plan B, the Wolfpack and Gobblers.

Big 12:
Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Miami: Gives the Big 12 the Southeast in one fell swoop, in a conference stronger and more attractive than the ACC to SEC football-trained southerners. If it wants to go to 16, add Pittsburgh (reviving the Backyard Brawl) and Louisville (to placate basketball-oriented schools such as Kansas and Iowa State). Hey, who needs Brigham Young?

Big Ten:
Duke, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia: Locks down the Mid-Atlantic in a bloc whose synergy as a four-team unit would exceed the sum of its parts. Yes, it probably means giving up the Notre Dame white whale for Delany & Co., but it???s the same sort of impact with considerably fewer headaches (though UNC would probably agree to ditch Duke for ND if the Irish wanted spot #16).

That leaves Boston College, Syracuse and Wake Forest ??? all relatively small, private institutions ??? as leftovers. Looks as if they might have to return to BC and SU???s old Big East neighborhood, whose population would now include strangers such as Memphis and Central Florida.
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: FSU still open to Big 12, SEC overtures
Florida State and Clemson would complement West Virginia very well in the Big 12. As long as the ACC has a basketball-first perception -- something aided by the North Carolina "big four" that have wielded power in that conference since its inception nearly 60 years ago -- football-oriented schools such as Clemson and FSU will get the short end of the stick. Yes, the ACC has tried to overcome its weak football rep through expansion, but not only can't that stigma be erased, but it seems to stick on every new member. As a Maryland fan, I couldn't blame FSU and Clemson for leaving, and we in College Park hope that someday the Big Ten will come calling (to partner either Notre Dame -- I'll believe that when I see it -- or, more likely, Rutgers, to give the Big Ten two eastern complements to Penn State and get a major footprint along the NY-to-DC corridor.

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