Darth Bane's Comments

The raiders need a QB and this could have been an improvement to their current situation.
Posted Thursday April 14, 2011, About: Shaq vs Kobe: Who has had better overall career?
When Shaq can throw free throws I will vote left.
Posted Wednesday April 06, 2011, About: 99% of the time, fans have no right to boo their home team..
I live in Wilmington, De and have gone to many sports events in Philly. Yes they boo their own team but they everyone else too. They boo the opposing team, fans, kids, the cheerleaders, everyone. The city hates evryone equally. My wife was heckling the hockey bench at a phantoms game. Classy.
My thoughts exactly. So Cal is W-A-S-T-I-N-G time on this because left argees with him.
Posted Tuesday March 08, 2011, About: Top 3 sports moments that affected you the most personally
DJ could not agree more with Chick Hearn. I remember listening to the Laker games with my dad. Vin Scully is just as great. I loved listening to the Laker and Dodger games. The Raiders were sad when they moved but I understood. It was a great day when Georgia took the Lambs to St Louis.
Posted Monday March 07, 2011, About: LeBron James is the Peyton Manning/Jay Cutler of the NBA
I vote cake and boobie..............
Posted Monday February 21, 2011, About: Jamarcus Russell Is The Biggest Bust In NFL History
Brian Bosworth?
Posted Monday February 21, 2011, About: Why No Love
It was a homer argument anyway. He should lose points for that argument.
Posted Tuesday February 15, 2011, About: The Lakers Shouldn't Make the Trade for Carmelo.
Come on DJ make me proud. As an ex-southern cal boy please do us right.
Cavs are absolutly HORRIBLE and should be disbanded and discarded.
Posted Wednesday February 02, 2011, About: Do the Lakers need to make a trade?
The lakers need to do something. Fish kills me.
Posted Friday January 07, 2011, About: The gloves are off.
DJ was pointing out the defense was horrible NOT good. Look at it again.
Posted Friday July 02, 2010, About: Manny Ramirez : Hall of Fame?
Yoda that was great.
Posted Friday July 02, 2010, About: Manny Ramirez : Hall of Fame?
everyone hates manny. would you remove everyone who cheated that is in the hall? There are plenty. What about the people in the dead ball era who's era's are low because of that? Come'on and move on.

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