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Posted Tuesday March 25, 2014, About: Mystery injury for Sedin twin
Cobie Smulders and Nicklas Hjalmarsson... now there are some hockey twins.
Posted Tuesday March 25, 2014, About: Mystery injury for Sedin twin
"...but I've been a guy who feels if you can play, you should play."

He's also been a guy who feels if you can't score, you should dive.
Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014, About: Another controversial Logan Morrison quote
Nobody is saying that his rights are being infringed on. Wait, scratch that, a few of you seem to be. The point is, when people in the public eye say stupid things, they will get called on it. If he tweets about the huge dump he took this morning, he'll get a similar reaction. It's not politics. It's called having class.
Posted Monday March 17, 2014, About: Will the Jets chase KHL stars?
Kulda is Latvian. I hope people can look beyond the "KHL? He must be Russian cherkoff" label and give him a chance.
Posted Tuesday March 04, 2014, About: Bears to target T.J. Ward, Jairus Byrd in free agency
Thank goodness Delmas isn't in the picture. The guy doesn't have a clue when it comes to sportmanship.
Posted Wednesday August 07, 2013, About: Tortorella inviting player conflict?
This article doesn't even say which team he's coaching now.
This was reported in the spring, shortly after it happened. Must be a slow news day.
Because in Russia, the role model is the richest, most selfish guy. Not like the US or Canada.
Posted Thursday July 04, 2013, About: Bruins confident in keeping Tuukka Rask
FTA: "...arguably the best goalie..." Amen to that. The "arguably" part.

Crawford ultimately had the best year overall. The Hawks traded Bolland and are letting Stalberg walk because both were disappointments. Bolland was expected to center the second line but was ineffective. Stalberg also didn't pan out like they'd hoped. Not a huge loss. In any case, the Hawks won't be looking to sign any big names, be they in net or elsewhere.
Posted Sunday June 16, 2013, About: Jonathan Toews doesn't think Bruins earned Game 2 win
No need to get your panties in a bunch, folks. Here's a captain trying to motivate his team. This exact comment has been made plenty of times before, and will be made again. It wasn't whiny or derogatory in any way. In fact, if anyone's whining here...
Posted Sunday June 09, 2013, About: Kimmo Timonen expects to retire after 2013-14 season
But, but... he's still be good! (FTA)
Posted Wednesday June 05, 2013, About: Stars to retire Modano's No. 9
They were called the North Stars, not the Northstars. Everybody in the Dallas-Fortworth area knows that.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: NHL, NHLPA to discuss hybrid icing, mandatory visors
Goalie equipment again? The last time they did this, goalies all over the world, from squirt to beer league, were forced to buy new equipment, too.
Posted Monday June 03, 2013, About: Tim Thomas may attempt comeback next season
But Finland has a socialist government. Could Thomas handle that?
Posted Saturday June 01, 2013, About: Injured Wing still bound for payday
Ken, if you consider Wally Phillips a first- or second-line player, you've got deeper issues to deal with.
Posted Tuesday May 28, 2013, About: Red Wings coach excited for Game 7
Yup, seems like it's always PP time.
Posted Saturday May 25, 2013, About: Dallas Stars logo leak?
They can still do what they should've done in the first place: rename the team the Dallas Lone Stars. The logo designs itself.
I don't buy the "strategic" whining theory. If you actually watched Game 2, you could see that Toews was talking to the refs while the Hawks were still up, and later while the game was tied.

Once was after clearly getting cross-checked in the back of the neck. I think you're allowed to "whine" about that.
Posted Friday May 10, 2013, About: Sweeping change in Minnesota may mean Yeo's job
If you fire Yeo, you have to fire Koivu, Suter and Parise.
Posted Tuesday May 07, 2013, About: Bieksa blasts Couture, Thornton
Pot, meet kettle.
Posted Friday May 03, 2013, About: Blackhawks, CSN were wrong to fire "sex" commentator
The photo is of Sarah Kustok, not Susannah Collins. Kustok left CSN Chicago about a year ago.
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