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Posted Saturday February 08, 2014, About: Report: Nats could take late run at A.J. Burnett
This is a dumb nonstory. The Nats dont need him.
Posted Friday January 24, 2014, About: Tanaka deal has 'serious inflationary consequences'
The problem in baseball is and always has been that the owners cant govern themselves. It has nothing to do with players, agents, other countries, or anything else. One owner does a greedy desperate move and the rest have to deal with it. The other 29 teams can OUTVOTE the Yankees on any proposal. But then the Yankees remind the Dodgers that they arent so unsimilar and they cycle continues. There is no correlation between high spending and winning the world series. That is what makes the game great! TEAMS win world series. Not collections of 25 high paid stars.
Posted Monday June 10, 2013, About: A new bit of bad news for Braun
If he is found guilty in the Miami thing , I want him suspended a whole year. Because he wasted the time of MLB officials giving him an appeal on the first time he failed a piss test and whined about it.

That was mocking the league, the media, and the fans. And it should be punished.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: Yankees owner takes his shots at A-Rod
ARod was coming off an MVP year in 2007 when he signed the contract. So that factored in. The Yankees figured they would have Jeter chasing 3000 and ARod chasing 800 together and it would be a bonanza to fill seats. That was the thinking.

They figured he would drop down to 20 homers a year eventually, and he would still get the record. They didn't anticipate the dropoff would be as severe as it is. Though, they should have when they witnessed first hand what happened with Giambi stopped juicing.

I don't believe it was Cash who made the deal. Cash was fine with ARod opting out. Cash has proven himself over and over as a shrewed GM and you see this year again he got great productivity out of overlooked players.

This has Steinbrenner all over it. FATHER Steinbrenner. Who did more or less the same thing all the time, with players. Big Risk , Big Reward. Reggie Jackson, Danny Tartabull, etc etc. Sometimes it works , sometimes it doesn't.

Right now the Yankees are playing a smart waiting game. If ARod gets convicted of misconduct coming out of the Miami thing, they will end his contract on the clause about 'player misconduct'. And it will be a big legal fight. In the end, the Yankees will renegotiate a new contract with alot less money and ARod will have to accept it with little leverage. Because the Yankees can always say "you will be on the team, but not play". This will overcome the gripe of the MLBPA, but ARod's ego wont let him sit on the bench so he will opt to renegotiate.

Mark my words, this is how it will play out.

As far as Cano, since the Yankees pipeline is so bare, they will be forced to give Cano what he wants. They will probably let another team set his market value, and then top it.
Posted Sunday May 26, 2013, About: Matt Kemp: Outburst not directed at Don Mattingly
Like it wasn't completely foreseeable that the Dodgers were going to blow this year from 50 miles away.... Eventually , in another 100 years or so, certain owners will understand you can't buy the pennant.
Posted Tuesday May 07, 2013, About: Manziel merely a marginal pro prospect
Eric Crouch, Jason White, Doug Flutie. College Heismans, Great college players. Not built for the NFL. Manziel is just like that.
Posted Wednesday April 24, 2013, About: Chiefs preparing to shock the world?
**** Celtic! Here is what is obvious: The Chiefs will maximize flexibility. Neither of the tackles is Joe Thomas. So they wait and see if anyone wants to trade up til the bitter end. If noone does, their draft a tackle. If they get an offer, they will trade down, and then sign Brandon Albert long term. They are set either way. Then you just have to hope Andy Reid is smart enough to let Jamaal Charles have 25 touches a game.
Posted Sunday April 21, 2013, About: Chiefs still unsure about who to pick No. 1
They definitely should go OLine. Cassell had no time to throw last year. The Defense is fine. As far as joeckel or fisher. Joeckel battled much better college competition in the SEC, so he would seem more like a proven commodity, but he really doesnt look that big uptop. Fisher is more solid, physically, but obviously battled much less top competition. I don't know why they are so quick to want to move Brandon Albert. I would want to wait a year and see if whoever they draft pans out, and let Albert go in free agency next year.
Posted Monday April 08, 2013, About: Rams believe they can win the RGIII trade
The Problem the Rams have is that , yes, they got lots of picks, but San Francisco and Seattle are LOADED with current talent and also have tons of picks still to go as well.

So the Rams will make progress but will be overshadowed in what I expect to soon be the best division in the NFC. Starting in 2013. The once boring , everyone near 8-8 is going to now be a power division.

RG3 is no guarantee to have a long career. Running QBs miss ALOT of games to injury. I expect this to be the case with him too.
Posted Wednesday March 27, 2013, About: Soriano: Night games more important than Wrigley reno
Yogi is right , where the first two posters miss the ACTUAL POINT. The Cubs should be playing their midweek games at night like everyone else. The only reason I can think of that this doesn't happen is that Chicago doesnt mind having a bad Baseball team and Wrigleyville is really just to take a day off work and drink. Woops.
Posted Wednesday March 20, 2013, About: Rodgers could cost Pack $160M
All you have to do is look at the Cowboys as an example. You cant do two things in todays NFL: a) have more than X% of your team in their second contract - they need to be in their rookie deals - ie, draft well for starters and b) not overpay one position - Including QB. Or you end up deficient in one position or more. And the rest of the league looks at the tape, spots the achilles heel and take advantage of it. It will be years before Jerry Jones grasps this concept and years before Dallas wins anything significant. The Chiefs will win the division over Denver and their 19 million dollar QB for the next several years running.
Posted Wednesday March 20, 2013, About: Rodgers could cost Pack $160M
All these QBs are foolish. They all want the maximum payday as some sort of D*ck showing contest about who is the biggest man.

But in reality, when there is a salary cap and you pay your QB 20 million, your team is going to be deficient in one or more other areas and you will not win the super bowl.

So apparently they choose money over winning. I wouldnt. Once you have 50 mill in the bank, what is 60 ? They only have a limited time to play the game, i would rather take a reasonable salary and win. I wouldnt need my manhood determined by a salary but rather my play and my winning and peformance on the field and how the guys in the locker room feel about me.

fools. Tom Brady chose winning over money. He is the man.
Posted Tuesday March 19, 2013, About: The Rosemont Cubs?
This is a stupid terrible idea that should NEVER be considered. The Cubs are a terrible baseball team. The Fans that show up are not drawn to the team. They are drawn to the wrigley/wrigleyville experience which involves lots of drinking. a) people are not going to drive to Rosemont. The fans want public transportation so they can drink b) they dont want to go far, because you need to pee after you have been drinking so they want to stay near downtown. This is a very bad idea- which means it will probably be implemented.
I think Jerry Jones would Trade Romo, but this isnt the year. Jones whole career has been built on risk taking, he would trade Romo in the right circumstances. But the draft is weak on QBs and backups are not plentiful. But if there was a year with an RG3 and Luck at 1-2, he would go up and get one, if the trade was sensible. He could spin it to not look like a donkey. All that said, the Cowboys had no running attack for alot of last year, and OLine problems, so its certainly not only Romo. They are not one-QB-away from the SuperBowl. They have many many needs.
Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Changes transform Dallas ... to a rudderless ship
The Cowboys are one of those rare things in life you never get to see. Retribution to the hated man. I love seeing the Cowboys implode every year and watch Jerry grimace. This is the karma Jerry has deserved ever since he fired Jimmy Johnson, who was the "real" builder of the Cowboy dynasty. Everyone knows this, Jerry fools absolutely noone in the sports world, then or now, that he is nothing but a money guy and thats it. He doesnt know anything about football, and the Cowboys will NEVER EVER win a Super Bowl on his watch. And I love that. It somebody getting whats coming to them right in front of our eyes. Every year. Love it.
Posted Monday December 10, 2012, About: Shields: 'Definitely a sad day'
The Royals have had near the top team Batting average for years and terrible pitching. This attempts to address that and make them balanced. The could afford to give up a bat with who they already have up in the show with Moustakas, Hosmer, Butler, Gordon.
Posted Wednesday December 05, 2012, About: Yankees put Granderson on the block
Before we write off Granderson, consider the possibility he just had an off Year this year. He had a monster year in 2011. Cash can see with Grandersons option year, whether 2011 or 2012 is the way Granderson will be from here on out. Giving up Austin Jackson and Ian Kennedy (who wasnt doing well at the time) seemed like a good move at the time, but now seems less good. I don't think the Yanks need to move Granderson, but they probably wont sign him long term either. ARod is certainly the biggest Yankee headache by a mile. I personally think we are going to see an unprecedented situation happen with ARod and his contract, especially for NY, but I will talk about that in another post. Michael Pineda's health is another bigger worry than Granderson's weak 2012 offensive production.
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: Jerry Jones is thinking about coaching change
I hope Jerry Jones never fires himself, never sells the Cowboys, and never comes out of his delusion. That way the Cowboys never win another Super Bowl. It was ALL 200% Jimmy Johnson responsible for their success in the 90's. Jerry Jones DID NOTHING to help that team win. Jerry Jones is a big friggin idiot. Cowboys will never win another SuperBowl as long as he is GM. He doesn't know the game enough to be GM. His ego just won't let him see that.
Posted Friday October 26, 2012, About: Rivera wavering on retirement
Mo does this often. Everytime his contract is up. He throws around the r word more than Brett Favre did. Then he eventually comes back.
Posted Saturday August 04, 2012, About: Nine future Hall of Famers in Yankees lineup?
Derek Jeter - first ballot no question , Mariano Rivera - first ballot no question, Alex Rodriguez wont get in, the baseball writers hate the steroid users, and hate his smugness even more, Ichiro -borderline candidate; had a great 10 year run but alot of guys in the hall had a much longer run of superbness , Robinson Cano - has had a nice run since about 2005, but certainly needs alot more years of dominating the game, Mark Teixeira - i dont see him as hall of fame worthy. he is a .250 hitter who is streaky, CC Sabathia - maybe, but more data points are needed. he has never been the franchise pitcher that pedro martinez or justin verlander or felix hernandez is, Andy Pettitte - probably will go to the hall with a good october this year and maybe another year in the majors in 2013. and Andruw Jones - probably a borderline case. if his braves teams won more rings, he would have a more solid case.
Posted Sunday May 20, 2012, About: A-Rod not worried by power outage
As a Yankee fan, I don't know which contract I hate more - ARod's or Tex's. They are both godawful. But a big Mouthful who keep posting all last year that Jeter was done. Doesnt look like it to me!
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