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December 7, 2010  07:11 PM ET

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December 8, 2010  06:28 PM ET

Good to hear from you, man! I'm kinda disappointed in the McDaniels situation. I liked the guy, but it was doomed here. The stadium was incredibly empty against the Rams. They had to get rid of the guy. As for the Avs, if Chris Stewart never fights again in his career, I won't be disappointed. We're hurting without him in the lineup, but I think they can tread water until he comes back. I'm rarely on the site these days, but I'm glad I got on today. Hope you're doing well!

December 9, 2010  12:02 PM ET

Hey friend. Where you been? Penguins? What can anyone say? I am loving it! And Sid? There should be no debate. He is the best. Take care.

December 9, 2010  07:11 PM ET

I haven't been on much myself tribe, but it is great hearing from you! I predicted a Pens Cup victory before the season began, I hope they make me look good! Enjoy the classic, it should be one hell of a game. Take care.

December 15, 2010  07:27 PM ET

I haven't seen the Avs yet this year. We don't see much of the teams out west unless we play them. I know they are getting better and looking to make a cup run. Maybe we'll see each other in the finals!! That would be sweet.

Have a great holiday!

December 23, 2010  12:36 AM ET

Hey! Haven't checked those posts in a while. Other than those losses to the Bengals and Bills.... yuck. Better draft pick I guess. The ironic thing about the Browns is that in their 9 losses, they've had 4th quarter leads in 6.... except Buffalo, Cinci, and Pittsburgh. Bizarre.

And hey the Tribe did squat in free agency! I don't except them to be grabbing Carl Crawford or Adrian Gonzalez, but it'd be nice if they'd get somebody. Oh well. Not like they'll ever have a shot anyway.

And its 12:38 AM on Thursday, December 23, and Michigan still sucks.

January 29, 2011  08:04 PM ET

What a great matchup! I love the fact we are playing the Pack. Sorry we will have to make your Dallas trip a downer! LOL

January 31, 2011  10:15 AM ET

Word. A salary ceiling floor is necessary so that the small market teams aren't just farm teams.... Austin Kearns is our only offseason signing. Start printing off the World Series t shirts! But in all serious, I know Dolan's in a tough spot, but the trades Shapiro has made recently... he hasn't gotten much back IMO for guys like Lee and Martinez. The Casey Blake trade was a stroke of brilliance, but other than that....

February 3, 2011  08:08 PM ET

I think Sizemore might be done as an elite player, because of all the injuries. I wouldn't mind seeing him traded from a baseball standpoint, but not from a marketing one. They can't lose him. I mean, its not like we are contending this year though.... idk. Small market baseball still sucks.

February 4, 2011  02:51 PM ET

Try not to cry too hard when the Pack is very cold and your tears will freeze. ;)

February 7, 2011  12:03 PM ET

Congrats on the title 13! The Pack deserved the win. Enjoy my friend!

February 7, 2011  01:58 PM ET

Congrats, friend! Enjoy it. :)

February 8, 2011  12:09 PM ET

Hopefully. I don't expect us to contend for anything this year, but at least being .500 would be nice... you know they've spent 1.8 million this offseason? On a platoon outfielder, Austin Kearns. Shoot me now.

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