LGP: Pensational!'s Comments

September 1, 2010  02:44 PM ET

Good to see ya back here! And if you always remember that Ovie is better than Sid and the Caps are better than the Pens, then you'll go far :)

September 1, 2010  08:15 PM ET

Thank you, I figured you might have seen my "other" comments......Chuckle. And I don't need no medication check to tell me I'm delusional. It's how I like to navigate life.

Glad you like the Hitch. I got bored earlier in the summer and started adding music / movie / comedy pics to my profile page. It kind of took over........

Glad to have you back!

September 3, 2010  11:20 AM ET

Hey back. Let's Go Pens!!!

September 10, 2010  12:25 PM ET

oh brother i didn't know you were a s hts- burg fan...

September 10, 2010  03:21 PM ET

Oh no, there's that yellow-orange towel again! But that don't look like no puddycat. Meow.

September 10, 2010  03:58 PM ET

Just saw your comment......Boredom and ADD are a deadly combination........

September 10, 2010  04:01 PM ET

And no, I did it all by myself.......:)

September 11, 2010  10:11 PM ET

okay then. but if i ever see you in a rapelisburger jersey... we're gonna have words.

September 12, 2010  04:36 PM ET

hmm they done you well today, hope my ray ray one does me well tomorrow...

September 13, 2010  10:16 AM ET

Gooood eveeeening and thank you very much......:)

September 13, 2010  11:01 PM ET

Have you heard the rumor that Billy G. might sign with the Flyers? Say it aint so Billy.

September 13, 2010  11:04 PM ET

Write it down LGP. Pens win the cup again this year! Hold me to it brother...it is so!

September 13, 2010  11:27 PM ET

ugly game. ugh. but a win is a win.

September 14, 2010  05:42 PM ET

hmm. well true, but i was talking about us. we better get it together soon. and by we, i mean flacco, rice and mcgahee. ugh... don't get me started on mcgahee.

September 15, 2010  09:03 AM ET

we certainly should.

September 15, 2010  01:27 PM ET

Have you seen Slapshot's wonderful new Avatar? Now I know you would call that burgundy and yellow........:)

September 15, 2010  01:36 PM ET

Where did you get that pic of DWI? Always thought she'd look smokin' as a brunette :)

September 16, 2010  12:19 PM ET

From the Guerin thread I'd say that cat's outa the bag :) Did you provide her the outfit?

September 16, 2010  03:55 PM ET

Lucky man :)

September 16, 2010  04:26 PM ET

Actually Chip, I look washed out with any darker hair color, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

I only WISH I could look half as good as that avatar. :)


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