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July 10, 2010  08:23 AM ET

My gut reaction is that Kiffin is a good coach.

2 things are indisputable: he can recruit, and he can motivate.

It's hard to argue the excitement he generated in UT fans when proclaimed he'd be "singin Rocky Top all night long after we beat Florida next year." .... And this was after 4 straight losses to UF (including 2 blowouts).

Non-supporters point to his 7-6 record as a cfb head coach. I point to the fact that he was only 32 when he inherited a 5-7 Tennessee team.

I think Kiffin knew he didn't have the players to win 10+ games his first year. So he went for the next best thing - take down the SEC big boys. Beat UF and/or Alabama.
Imagine the fan support and recruiting that would have led to.

And he damn near pulled it off.

Of the 6 losses in 2009, none were all that surprising.

- UCLA by 4 pts. His 2nd game. 1 wk before UF.
- @ UF by 10 pts. Held Tebow and co. to 23 pts after some
.. hype about how UF was going to beat UT by 50.
- Auburn by 4 pts. 1 wk before UGA (beat soundly).
- @ Alabama by 2 pts. Last play of the game was a blocked fg
.. by Bama. Held Bama to 4 fg's. Outgained Bama 341-256.
- @ Mississippi. 2 days after the arrest of 3 UT players for armed
.. robbery. UM was coming off an FCS opponent the week prior.
- Va Tech in the bowl game.

I think Kiffin had a successful year 1 in Knoxville.
He did not beat UF or Bama. But, in this case, those close road losses were moral victories - for the fans, and for recruiting.

July 11, 2010  03:33 AM ET

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July 11, 2010  03:36 AM ET

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July 11, 2010  03:37 AM ET

July 11, 2010  03:39 AM ET

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July 11, 2010  03:57 AM ET

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July 15, 2010  03:52 AM ET

1. NCAA errors resulted in finding USC had knowledge of Bush family
- NCAA unable to establish the relationship between Reggie Bush,
.. sports marketer Lloyd Lake, and USC rb coach Todd McNair
- after reviewing the report, it is reasonable to conclude that USC
.. did not know about any Bush family payments
- USC did not benefit in any way from Lake's payments to the
.. Bush family (unlike other schools that received lesser penalties)

2. NCAA failure to control sports marketers is blamed on USC
- there is very little any university can do to control them

3. NCAA classified Michael Ornstein as a USC Booster with no precedent
- NCAA found that Bush's $8/hr internship with Ornstein
.. constituted illegal benefits - and classified him as a booster
- NCAA approved of the internship at the time
- NCAA never told USC Ornstein was considered a booster
.. until the findings were issued

4. Conflicts of interest bias the NCAA infractions committee
- Paul Dee (ex-Miami AD) headed the COI
--(Miami also recruited Seantrel Henderson)
- other COI members included reps from Nebraska and Notre Dame (main USC rival)
- loss of 30 scholarships, will benefit all top programs and USC's rivals

5. No precedent for loss of 30 scholarships and 2 bowls for reasons given
- Paul Dee justified loss of 30, saying Bush brought that many
.. recruits to USC - (so it wasn't other Heisman players -
.. Carson Palmer/Matt Leinhart, USC's storied program/coaching/
.. fair weather CA location/quality of the academics/etc)

- Paul Dee said 2 yr bowl ban was due to Bush playing in 2 bowls
.. while ineligible - yet USC also penalized by having wins vacated
.. and being required to return all $ received

July 15, 2010  04:00 AM ET

6. Experts say USC should have lost 2 scholarships

- NCAA usually reduces scholarships at the rate of 2 for every 1
.. ineligible player

7. NCAA archaic rules responsible for most major infractions
- the 'non-profit' NCAA is all about $$ - ($397M in net assets;
.. administrative budget is $29M)
- college athletes are not as able to have jobs/make $$ as other
.. students - yet the athletes make the $$ for the NCAA
- NCAA won't allow colleges to give athletes an allowance that
.. would eliminate most major infractions

8. NCAA ignored the character of witnesses
- NCAA believed testimony of a convicted felon (Lloyd Lake) over
.. that of USC rb coach Todd McNair
- NCAA accepted a doctored photo, presented by Lake, as
.. evidence that he knew McNair (the photo suggested only that
.. the 2 were in the same place at the same time)
- Lake claimed a 2.5 minute phone call to McNair was proof that
.. McNair knew about Bush family payments (only those 2 know
.. what was really discussed)
- NCAA did not give credit to USC or Pete Carroll for their multiple
.. community outreach programs or excellent academic record,
.. when making findings and issuing sanctions

9. Wrong people are punished
- Lloyd Lake, Mike Garrett, Reggie Bush, and the Bush family
.. received no 'penalties'
- those who did receive penalties:
-- student athletes who were in HS when the infractions occurred
-- 10 current players per yr who will not get scholarships
-- the Pac-10 (revenue loss from 2 bowls)
-- the fans

10. NCAA appeal process designed to be unsuccessful
- NCAA appeals committee includes reps that are peers of the
.. NCAA COI with existing relationships
- offended party must show "the penalty is excessive such that it
.. constitutes an abuse of discretion" by the COI.
- so the appeals committee can merely conclude that there was
.. no 'abuse of discretion'
- only 1 in the last 11 appeals has been successful
- no third party appeals process

August 4, 2010  10:52 PM ET


September 7, 2010  04:01 AM ET

Paws Up:

Oregon - took New Mexico to the woodshed in the season
...............opener (during the game, not after)
South Carolina/
Arizona - huge improvements after terrible bowl games last year
Jack Crowe & Craig Bohl - never heard of em? me neither. they're head coaches for Jacksonville State and North Dakota State

Paws Down:

Kansas - scoring 3 pts at home vs an FCS team is bad, m'kay?
Ole Miss - giving up 49 pts at home to an FCS team is bad, m'kay?

Paws Wavering:

USC's 'D' - it was a W, but it was ugly
Florida's 'O' - it was a W, but it was ugly
Oklahoma - got the W, but this almost turned into the Kansas & Ole Miss debacles - except they aren't top tier teams

September 18, 2010  02:18 AM ET

On a side note:
The definition of 'Loss of Institutional Control', as defined by the NCAA, is vague at best.

According to the NCAA Division 1 Manual:

Article 2 Principles for Conduct of Intercollegiate Athletics
2.1 The Principle of Institutional Control and Responsibility
2.1.1 Responsibility for Control. It is the responsibility of each member institution to control its intercollegiate athletics program in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Association....
2.8 The Principle of Rules Compliance
2.8.1 Responsibility of Institution. Each institution shall comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the Association in the conduct of its intercollegiate athletics programs....
2.8.3 Penalty for Noncompliance. An institution found to have violated the Association's rules shll be subject to such disciplinary and corrective actions as may be determined by the Association.

Article 6 Institutional Control
6.01 General Principle
6.01.1 Institutional Control. The control and responsibility for the conduct of intercollegiate athletics shall be exercised by the institution itself and by the conference(s), if any, of which it is a member. Administrative control or faculty control, or a combination of the two, shall constitute institutional control.

So in a nutshell,
The NCAA says that institutions must control themselves - within the rules of the NCAA - which are not specified.

There are no specifics as to how institutions must control themselves. There are no specifics regarding the conduct of student athletes. The 'Association's' manual, just says that athletes and institutions must abide by the rules of the 'Association.'

And if they fail to abide by the rules (what friggin rules?), and don't self-report - in a timely manner, they may be guilty of 'Loss of Institutional Control'.

And if an institution is guilty (as defined by whom?) of 'Loss of Institutional Control', they are subject to penalties to be determined by the 'Association'.

October 5, 2010  06:04 AM ET

Paws of the Week [5]

Paws Up:

Les Miles/Derek Dooley - for a comical ending to the LSU/UT game
... Barnum and Bailey couldn't have scripted it any better
Ben Chappell (Indiana) - 480 passing yds vs Meeechigan
LaMichael James (Oregon) - 257 rushing yds vs Stanford
Denard Robinson (Michigan) - 200 passing and 200 rushing
... yds in 2 separate reg season games - a first in cfb

Paws Down:

LSU's Offense - 3 pts in a span of 59:42 in Death Valley
... to a Tenn D that had given up 108 pts in it's last 3 hm games
The Big East - 2-12 vs BCS conf teams and not a single ranked
... team in weeks 4 or 5 (the 2 wins - Maryland and Vandy)

October 5, 2010  06:17 AM ET

Paws of the Week [5]

Paws Up:

Miles & Dooley - for a comical ending to the LSU/UT game
... Barnum and Bailey couldn't have scripted it any better

Ben Chappell (Indiana) - 480 passing yds vs Meeechigan

LaMichael James (Oregon) - 257 rushing yds vs Stanford

Denard Robinson (Michigan) - 200 passing and 200 rushing yds
... in 2 separate reg season games - a first in cfb

Paws Down:

LSU's Offense - 3 pts in a span of 59:42 --IN DEATH VALLEY--
... to a Tenn D that had given up 108 pts in it's last 3 hm games

The Big East - 2-12 vs BCS conf teams (Maryland & Vandy),
... and not a single team ranked in weeks 4 or 5

November 3, 2010  05:02 AM ET

#232 Charleston Southern .... Kentucky
#206 Idaho St ....................... Georgia
#185 Georgia St .................... Alabama
#175 Memphis ....................... Tennessee
#174 LA Lafayette ................. Mississippi
#171 UNT ............................... Kansas St
#150 FAU ............................... Texas
#149 LA Monroe ..................... LSU
#137 UTEP ............................. Arkansas
#127 Weber St ...................... TX Tech
#108 Chattanooga ................ Auburn
#105 Troy .............................. South Carolina
#66 Appalachian St ................ Florida
#64 Fresno St ........................ Illinois

#117 Wake Forest ................ #97 Vanderbilt
#85 Boston College .............. #44 Syracuse
#74 USF ................................ #32 Miami
#67 GA Tech ......................... #42 Georgia
#57 Clemson ........................ #22 South Carolina
#31 Florida ........................... #19 FSU

November 4, 2010  10:59 PM ET



till Sat!

November 7, 2010  05:43 PM ET

Paws of the Week [10]

Paws Up:

JoePa - 45 years of being the class act of cfb, on and off the field

Les Miles - you are laughed at 1 min and hailed a genius the next
- fact is you keep winning. and you're entertaining as hell!

Gary Patterson & Chris Peterson - for accomplishing what should
... be impossible to accomplish at those schools

Paws Down:

Indiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, Wash St ??? the only BCS teams
... to have 0 wins over other BCS teams

November 9, 2010  01:14 AM ET

US News - '2010 National Universities Rankings':

Of the top 50 -
(of course Harvard, Princeton, Yale & Columbia are the top 4)

Pac 10:
5. Stanford
23. Cal - Berkeley
24. USC
25. UCLA
41. UW

Big 10:
12. Northwestern
29. Michigan
46. Wisconsin
47. Penn State
48. Illinois

17. Vanderbilt

Big 12:
45. Texas

The Pac 10 has won more NCAA National Team Championships than any other conference in history.
So 'The Conference of Champions' nickname has merit.

NCAA titles for the 08-09 school year:
- Pac 10 ............. 11
- ACC & Big 10 ... 5
- SEC & Big 12 ... 4

November 13, 2010  01:53 AM ET

I tried to use an unbiased approach to rate the coaches on a scale of 1-5. I then added up the pts and divided by the # of teams in that conf.

My rating opinion is based on the coaches' last few years - not their entire career. I also factored in location and the difficulty to produce a decent team at that school.

Big 12
Brown, Stoops, Pelini, Pinkel - 5
Gundy, Snyder - 4
Rhoads, Sherman, Tubbs, Briles - 3
Hawkins, Gill - 1
42/12 = 3.5

Saban, Meyer, Mullen - 5
Miles, Chizik, Petrino - 4
Spurrier, Phillips, Richt, Nutt - 3
Johnson, Dooley - 1
41/12 = 3.41

Pac 10
Kelly, Harbaugh, Riley - 5
Stoops - 4
Erickson, Tedford, Kiffin, Sark - 3
Neuheisal - 2
Wulff - 1
34/10 = 3.4

Big 10
Tressel, Bielema, Ferentz, - 5
Paterno, Dantonio - 4
Fitzgerald, Rodriguez - 3
Brewster, Zook - 2
Lynch, Hope - 1
35/11 = 3.18


Big 12 ... 3.50
SEC ...... 3.41
Pac 10 .. 3.40
Big 10 ... 3.18

November 16, 2010  05:03 AM ET

Paws Up:

TX A&M - after 3 straight losses, switched to QB Tannehill.
.... now have 4 straight wins (including OU and Baylor)
The Service Academies - Navy(7-3), Air Force(7-4), Army(6-4).
.... only the 2nd time in 50 years that all will have a winning record
Tennessee & Wazzu - 1st BCS wins. convincingly!

Paws Down:

Texas - from '09 title game, and #8 preseason ranking, to 4-6
Utah - combined score 362-113 in 1st 8 games.
.... combined score 10-75 in the last 2

December 8, 2010  07:43 PM ET

Last night I was in the checkout line at Walmart buying Christmas gifts for my nieces. As the clerk was ringing up my stuff, a young man came up next to me and set a movie on the counter. He was wearing a t-shirt from a local elementary school. We smiled at each other. Then he said that he was buying the movie for his sister for her birthday. I said, "Cool." Then the store clerk (kind of a grumpy guy) said, "No you're not." The young man said, "No. I'm gonna buy it, I have the money!" - as he pulled a waded up $20 and about 5 $1's out of his pocket. The clerk said, "You're not old enough."

So I picked up the movie and looked at the back. I said,
"It's PG-13." The clerk then said, "He's still not old enough."

The young man (very talkative, by the way!) looked at me and said, "You can buy it for me right? And I'll give you the money?" So of course I paid for everything, and then gave him the movie and the receipt. He gave me $21 and said thanks.

Then he ran over to his sister and showed her the movie. They were both all excited and told me thank you as I walked by.


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