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My athletic career began at birth, with a God-given natural ability and like many children, playing ball with my dad. At age 8, I won my first athletic competition: the traditional Punt, Pass and Kick at the local Ford dealership. In the following years; I won, placed, or showed in that competition until my eligibility expired. In grade school, I excelled in virtually every sport: football, basketball, baseball and track and field; I also participated in intramural volleyball, wrestling, golf, tennis, and even dodge ball and bowling; rolling my first 200-game (201) as a 13-year-old. In High School, I earned a total of 12 letters, playing football (center, receiver, punter, and safety), basketball (center, forward, and guard), baseball (first base) and running track and field (long jump and triple jump; at one point, breaking the school record). In my senior seasons; I made multiple All-Area football teams and lead my area (63 schools) in receiving. In basketball, I made the league All-Star team, and in baseball led my team in batting and fielding. I turned down regional football scholarship offers and an opportunity to play basketball and Minor League baseball to attend a local junior college. At Hudson Valley Community College, I played football (receiver) before being injured in my first game as a starter. I also played baseball (first base), hitting a homerun in my first collegiate at-bat before becoming injured. At the University of Miami, I "walked-on" (tight-end and wide-receiver) for Head Coach, Howard Schnellenberger before missing a season due to the death of my mother. I then "walked-on" again, for the National Champion Miami Hurricanes, playing for Head Coach Jimmy Johnson and coaches Butch Davis and Marc Trestman; and with Heisman Trophy winner, Vinny Testeverde; and Hall-of-Famers Jim Kelly and Michael Irvin. Ultimately, I earned a scholarship before being declared ineligible. I then played two seasons of Semi-Pro football. My playing days ended with an injury during a try-out for the Anaheim, California Arena Football team. I attribute any athletic achievements I may have had or will have to Almighty God, genetics and practice.


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  • 01:19 PM ET  02.21
If NFL-ESP had to compare...

Johnny M. is Cam Newton; who I also loved, and maybe better...why? Class.

Class in the horse-racing sense that he is a Freshman Heisman winner who played
in the SEC and led his team to beat the NCAA's best team, Alabama; and did so as the clear star of his team.

Secondly, he has Christian class and the perceived trouble is his popularity; that is far from criminal or troublesome. The NFL is a sports, pop-culture, entertainment and business league and JM scores at the top of all of this. Not only in the sense he "sells tickets"; but
more so he enhances a team's…
  • 10:59 PM ET  02.03

Well, NFL-ESP predicted a Seattle over Denver win at the start of the season, unlike the minority of prognosticators who finally may have picked Seattle in the end.

Here is an early look at the 2014 season; although I need to review the draft, free agency, scheduling, and any additional coaching changes.NFC East:  PhiladelphiaNFC North:  DetroitNFC South:  CarolinaNFC West:  SeattleWildcards:  Arizona and San Fran 60% / New Orleans 40%AFC East:  New EnglandAFC North:  Baltimore AFC South:  HoustonAFC West:  Denver Wildcards:   Indy and SD 80%…
  • 03:22 PM ET  01.31

As a strategist, media member, consultant, former collegiate player and preacher; I am prayerful I may offer some unique and truthful perspectives.As a strategist, I can write that Denver is the highest power-ranked team.  As I wrote a couple of articles back; there have been a couple of alterations at the top.  As it stands, the top three teams are Denver, New England, and Seattle.In addition, while Seattle has a top-ranked defense by most peoples standards; Denver's top-ranked offense is relatively better because they played a tougher schedule.  As I noted, the worst…

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