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Born and raised in Miami, I am a die-hard Dolphins fan. You can find me any given Sunday sporting a Dolphins jersey, a Dolphins hat and maybe some face paint (if I'm really desperate :P). People make fun. A winless season isn't something most people support I guess. But they'd talk sh.t if I wore that jersey only during winning seasons. I'm a fan. I stick by my team when times are tough. And god damnit, as long as they win a Super Bowl before I die, it'll all be worth it. I'm still young :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And other than football (What? There's life outside of football?) Some random thoughts: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I drink a 2 liter of Pepsi a day. I only write in blue ink. I have a thing for lefties. I am passionate about things I love. I love dogs. I pretend to hate cats, but I think they're pretty cool. I like letting people in in traffic. I love when people thank me for letting them in in traffic. I hate feet so please don't touch me with them. I love to laugh. :) People that don't use their blinkers tick me off. People that use them but don't TURN tick me off worse. I love vinegar. Peanut butter is repulsive. So is mustard. One packet of ketchup gets me through about 3 fries. 8:58 is my favorite time of day. Without football, Sundays have no meaning (had to sneak that in). Middle- of- the- night phone calls excite me. I often carry a pair of socks in my purse. I am afraid of fire, sharks, bees, and money. I love people. Except for pedestrians. I have a really bad memory. Really. Bad. Doing nothing is my favorite way to spend a day. Reading in the car makes me sick. Rain makes me grumpy. I love hugs. I hate ice in my soda. I love sleeping on couches. I was actually 21 when I started drinking alcohol. I refuse to litter. I love to hear "bless you" after I sneeze. I snort. :/ I have a really bad memory. I spend hours at a time surfing the internet aimlessly. I am easily amused. I am afraid to wear my hair up. I love to sit Indian style. I drive on empty for as many miles as I can get away with. I like Lifetime movies. That's right. Kids stare at me on airplanes because I get hysterical. And all I really need to know I learned from my Dad.


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