Born in Lexington, KY I bleed University of Kentucky blue. Always, no matter what. But outside of college sports, who do you root for as a Kentucky native? We are an area that professional sports doesn't quite seem to touch. All around us there are professional teams. But we don't have a "home team". My favorite NFL team has been Green Bay since I was five years-old. Why? That season the Packers were winning games and on their way to the Super Bowl led by a man with the same first name I have. And how cool is that to a five year-old? Since then my affection and ties with the Packers have obviously grown deeper. (Especially since afore-mentioned quarterback no longer plays in Green Bay.) As far as baseball is concerned, I was born and raised a Reds fan, and pledge my undying allegiance to this day. Sadly, the last time they won the World Series is the year I was born. I'm currently looking for a favorite NBA team. It's a tough decision. I used to go with whichever team had the most University of Kentucky alums playing. (Celtics, childhood cerca: Tony Delk, Walter McCarty, Antoine Walker) Currently the Celtics have Rajon Rondo, and the Pistons have Tayshaun Prince. But this reason for fan-hood has started to feel lame. Which is why I'm looking for a new, absolute, favorite team. NHL .. eh, I've always been attracted to the St. Louis Blues. Don't ask me why though, because I don't really have a reason. Lexington, KY has the Lexington Legends (part of the Houston Astros organization. We also have the Lexington Horsemen, an Arena Football 2 team. And then of course we have UK. GOOOOO CATS!! (I'm currently attending DePauw University in Greencastle, IN. I guess I'm as much of a fan as you can be for Div. III sports teams.)

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Just a few nights ago I was watching the lvie ESPN play-by-play analysis of the scuffle that broke out during the 3rd quarter of the Rockets-Suns game, and one of the guys commentating says the following ... "Alston gets it in two places! First from the front, then from the rear, by Nash!!"After laughing at that for a pretty good time, I thought this would be a fun blog.---------------1) "This is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning during her warm up and it was amazing." - 2004 Summer Olympics2) "One of the reasons Arnie is playing so well is that,…
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I know a lot of people have been frustrated with posting arguments lately..Here is the solution..(just a helpful thing for people to read, to anyone that accepts this, I will expect you to accept/offer a draw)When using Mozilla Firefox the character count is incorrect. Internet Explorer has the correct count.Firefox counts paragraph breaks, or returns, as fewer characters than IE. Firefox's counter will let you get to the supposed 1200, but then when you submit it won't post because you are actually over the limit.Don't believe me?A good thing to do regardless is to copy/paste…
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Yes, I know the Titans are undefeated. Yes, I know the packers are only 4-3.  Yes I know the game is in Tennessee ... but still..  The combination of momentum and renewed health could add up to a potential second-half surge by the Packers, including a win over the league-leading Titans.  And here's why: Why?1st: Preparation - The Green Bay Packers are coming off of a bye-week which game them the chance to a) get healthy (0 players on the injury report) and b) prepare for two whole to take down the undefeated Titans. Everyone knows that the team with a zero in the loss…

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